Is Topps De-emphasizing GPK at NYCC 2023?

This year’s New York Comic Con is upon us, and once again congoers will be able to find a few Garbage Pail Kids items at the show. If it seems like there isn’t as much GPK at NYCC, you would be correct. For the first time in years, Topps/Fanatics has refused to promote GPK at this year’s show. Numerous email requests to the company from GPKNews have gone unanswered.  We’ve heard from numerous sources outside of Topps that the company would begin to demphasize GPK licenses, and this may be the beginning of that. What you won’t see this year? You won’t see a con version of a GPK Horror set. This has been a recent yearly tradition, but it appears there will be no exclusive con GPK sets for sale at the company’s booth. There also won’t be an artist signing at the Topps’ booth this year. Multiple artists offered but were told they weren’t needed this year.  So what GPK will be at NYCC?

The official NYCC store will once again have two exclusive Blacklight GPK prints done by artist Joe Simko. These 18” x 24” large prints will be signed and numbered, limited to 600 copies of each. The store will also have a t-shirt featuring the same artwork for $35.

Insight Editions (#3418) will hold an autograph signing with Joe Simko on Saturday, 10/14 from 2:00 – 2:30. Joe will be signing promo cards to help promote the launch of the GPK Popup Book. The company hopes to have copies of the book on hand as well.

GPKNews also just learned that cosplay extraordinaire Sam Gras will be at the Topps booth on Saturday, 10/14, in a brand new GPK costume! Which character will it be?

What else? That’s all GPKNews has been able to confirm. It’s worth it to drop by the Topps booth and ask about GPK. We’ve heard whispers of possible daily promo cards being handed out at the show. GPKNews has also attempted to reach out to other licensees, but haven’t heard back. Will ToyNK have anything? Will the Adam Bomb Fortune Teller be there? ToyNK didn’t respond to our email. Will Abrams be promoting the 2024 calendars? Abram’s also didn’t respond to our email. Will Dynamite Comics be promoting their upcoming GPK comic releases? Wait for it…Dynamite didn’t respond to our email. NYCC might have a number of unannounced surprises or be a little barren of GPK this year. Stay tuned to GPKNews as we will bring you info on whatever items do make an appearance.

Insight Editions Shares Preview Video of Garbage Pail Kids Popup Book

Insight Editions has shared a preview video of the Garbage Pail Kids Popup Book. The book is written and illustrated by longtime GPK artist Joe Simko with popups engineered by Matthew Reinhart. The video shows just how they made the GPK world come to life in 3D. The book will also include popup related GPK cards. The book can be preordered now wherever books are sold, and it set to hit shelves 10/17/23. Check out the video below!


All the GPK to be Found at San Diego Comic Con

Once again the Garbage Pail Kids will have a good sized presence at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The show is set to kick off this Wednesday, 7/19, with preview night and goes through Sunday 7/23. There will be everything from licensees promoting current and upcoming products, freebies, and exclusive GPK merchandise to purchase. Collectors attending, read on to map out your strategy for the show.

Insight Editions (#2129)

Insight Editions will be promoting their upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Popup Book. The book, which is scheduled to be released this October, will be on display for collectors to checkout. They will also be passing out a promo card Friday and Saturday at their booth to promote the book. Longtime GPK artist, Joe Simko will be at their booth Saturday, 7/22, from 1:00-1:30 signing the cards.

Super Impulse (#1021)

Super Impulse will be setting up at SDCC for the first time. The company will be revealing a number of new products at the show, although it’s not clear is any of them will be GPK related. The third series of their PopTaters line will be revealed and go up for sale at the show. Additionally, the company will be revealing new figures in their World’s Smallest line, and debuting a new product, Three Point Seven Five. There will also be contests for prize packs daily at their booth.

Atomic Toybox (#3921)

Atomic Toybox will once again have a number of exclusive GPK items for purchase at their booth. There will be a new 24” x 18” poster, with art done by Joe Simko, available in two versions, snot green and eggplant. Each poster can be purchased for $60. They will have have two new GPK pins for $14.95 each. The pins depict the certified gross logo and also will come with a GPK Guts promo card. Both the posters and pins are limited to 150 copies. Artist Joe Simko will also be at their booth signing autographs on Friday 7/21 & Saturday 7/22 from 11:30-12:00.

Abrams Books (#1216)

Abrams Books will have a number of their previous GPK releases available at their booth. All three RL Stine books; Welcome to Smellville #1, Thrills & Chills #2, and Camp Daze #3, as well at the GPK Cookbook will be available to purchase. The company will also have a signed and numbered Jeff Zapata print featuring artwork from the books they will be distributing throughout the show.

Monogram (#3625)

Monogram will have their previously released GPK products at their booth for sale. They will have Series 1 & 2 of the foam bag clips, in addition to the Adam Bomb piggy bank.

ToyNK (#815 & #3749)

ToyNK will have the previously released GPK Adam Bomb Light available at both the company’s booths. They will also have the GPK Geekitikis available at their tiki themed display at booth #3749.

Greenlight (#834)

Greenlight Collectibles will be on hand at SDCC showing off some of their GPK die cast cars. Additionally, they will be handing out GPK themed vinyl stickers of Clint (Clutch Clint) Lafollette, Product and Design Manager and Tim (Tangled Tim) Bradley, Director of Global Sales.

Insight Editions Plans Garbage Pail Kids Promo Card for SDCC

Companies are starting to announce their plans for this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Garbage Pail Kids will once again have a presence at the show. Yesterday, Insight Editions announced plans for a GPK promo card via the SDCC Unofficial Blog. The company will be promoting their upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Book. The book is written and illustrated by longtime GPK artist Joe Simko, and designed by Matthew Reinhardt. Insight will be passing out the promo card at their booth (#2129) Friday and Saturday, limit one per person while supplies last. Saturday of the show, Simko will be at the booth signing autographs from 1:00-1:30. Additionally, collectors will get their first look at the book, which will be on display at the booth during the show. The GPK Pop-Up book can be preordered now, and is scheduled to be released in October. SDCC will take place form 7/20-7/23.

Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Yearbook Available for Preorder

Insight Editions is back with their latest GPK offering. The Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Book is now available for preorder on Amazon. The book is created by paper crafter Matthew Reinhart, with all the GPK art by Joe Simko. The book is filled with dozens of pops, pulls, slides and other interactive features. This includes the first ever paper engineered cards. Each card is removable from the book and contains a pull tab that transforms the character from a dignified class photo into a GPK chaos. The book sells for $34.99 and is scheduled to be released on 10/17/23. Here is the book’s description from the publisher:

See the Garbage Pail Kids as you’ve never seen them before in the first official GPK pop-up book! Master paper crafter Matthew Reinhart brings foul, fan-favorite Garbage Pail Kids like Adam Bomb, Leaky Lindsay, and Bony Joanie to life in three-dimensional, gross-out glory with this 1980’s-style pop-up yearbook. Exclusive removable, interactive GPK cards make this a must-have for any GPK collector.

Garbage Pail Kids: The Pop-Up Yearbook showcases the grossest, most beloved characters including Patty Putty, Cranky Frankie, and Luke Puke in intricately designed pop-up scenes that burst, spew and ooze from the page. Pop-up legend Matthew Reinhart offers dozens of pops, pulls, slides and other interactive features in the wackiest yearbook ever. Including bonus removable, interactive GPK cards, this deluxe pop-up book is the ideal collector’s item for Garbage Pail Kids fans.

GET SCHOOLED WITH STINKY, SLIMY POP-UPS: Bring your favorite Garbage Pail Kids to life in 3D with vibrant, detailed pop-up spreads full of surprises—and snot—to discover. In this nostalgic 1980’s-style yearbook, you’ll see the Garbage Pail Kids get an education in wreaking havoc with vomit in the cafeteria, mucky experiments in science class, and stink bombs in the locker room!

EXCLUSIVE, INTERACTIVE GPK CARDS: Collect the first-ever paper-engineered GPK cards! Each of this book’s removable cards include a pull tab that transforms a dignified class photo into a scene of classic GPK chaos.

FUN FOR ADULTS AND (GARBAGE PAIL) KIDS ALIKE: This pop-up book is sure to delight GPK collectors of all ages.

DELIGHTFULLY DISGUSTING NEW ILLUSTRATIONS: Featuring original, spectacular artwork by fan-favorite GPK artist Joe Simko, this pop-up book captures the signature humor and over-the-top action of the Garbage Pail Kids.

MATTHEW REINHART’S LATEST AND GREATEST POP-UP BOOK: World renowned paper crafter Matthew Reinhart’s newest pop-up book joins best-selling titles including Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and BeyondStar Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up GalaxyStranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, and Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book.

FYE Offering Exclusive Box for Upcoming GPK Tarot Set

FYE announced they are offering an exclusive box art for the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Tarot Deck and Guidebook. The set and book are being published by Insight Editions. Artwork on the cards was done by artist Miran Kim. The set has been available other places for preorder for a few months now, but collectors now have the chance to preorder this exclusive box set from FYE. The set can be preordered now from FYE’s website for $24.99. The deck and guidebook is scheduled to be released in 7/21/22.

Insight Editions Shares Image for Upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Tarot Deck & Guidebook

As GPKNews first shared last July, Tarot cards are getting the GPK treatment. Publisher Insight Editions, is now sharing the cover art and sample images of the cards with collectors. The set contains 78 cards, with 10 being brand new GPK characters. GPK artist Miran Kim did all the art for the set. Insight Edition is teaming with the GPK websites to offer a first look at some of the cards. GPKNews is sharing the Temperance card featuring Blob Betty.

You can check out two more cards at GPKWorld and GeePeeKay. The set retails for $24.99 and can be preordered now from Amazon. The Tarot deck and Guidebook is expected to be released on 8/9/22. Here is additional information about the set from the publisher.

Garbage Pail Kids: The Official Tarot Deck and Guidebook

By Minerva Siegel | Illustrated by Miran Kim

Bring the wild, wacky and weird world of the Garbage Pail Kids into your tarot practice with this masterfully illustrated deck inspired by the iconic trading cards!

Created by Topps nearly forty years ago, the Garbage Pail Kids have shocked, delighted, and entertained fans around the world through a trademark combination of gross-out humor, sharp wit, and amazing artwork. Now, tarot enthusiasts and card collectors alike can celebrate their Garbage Pail Kids fandom with this official GPK tarot deck.  Sure to delight GPK fans, collectors, pop-culture enthusiasts, and tarot practitioners alike, Garbage Pail Kids: The Official Tarot Deck and Guidebook is the perfect addition to your home library!

STUNNING ARTWORK: Every card is hand-painted in spectacular detail by fan-favorite artist Miran Kim. While remaining true to the brand essence, Kim’s mystical and phantasmagorical artistic style offers GPK fans and tarot practitioners a powerfully reimagined Garbage Pail Kids Universe.

FAVORITE CHARACTERS SEEN LIKE NEVER BEFORE: GPK fans and tarot practitioners will laugh out loud while being mesmerized by classic characters depicted as tarot icons such as Adam Bomb as the Emporer, Spacey Stacy as The High Priestess, and Rob Slob as the Fool.

UNIQUE TAROT EXPERIENCE: This deluxe set of 78 cards, with inspired text by tarot expert Minerva Siegel, consists of both major and minor arcana for anyone beginning their tarot practice, as well as for experienced practitioners.

DETAILED GUIDEBOOK: Includes a 128-page, full-color guidebook with explanations of each card’s meaning and simple spreads for easy readings.

10 ALL-NEW EXCLUSIVE CHARACTERS: Features never-before-seen additions to the world of Garbage Pail Kids, including Twist of Fate Kate, Hopeful Henrietta, and Wishin’ Willie.

About the Author
Minerva Siegel is the author of Tarot for Self-Care: How to Use Tarot to Manifest Your Best Self. She writes about tarot, witchcraft, and living with disabilities for print magazines and online publications. When not writing, she practices divination and drinks rose lattes in the Victorian house she shares with her husband and their rescue dogs. Instagram: @SpookyFatBabe.

About the Illustrator
Miran Kim is a painter, illustrator, and comic book artist whose numerous publishing clients include Marvel Comics, Absolut Vodka, Topps Company, Papercutz, IDW, and Éditions Glénat. In addition to commercial artwork, Miran’s personal paintings have been featured in group shows at the New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC), the Museum of Cartoonist and Comic Book Art (NYC), Galerie Huberty Breyne (Paris), and more.