Topps Reveals Checklist for 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 6

This week’s latest GPK Chrome release will mark the third GPK Chrome release in the past 53 weeks. Due to catching up after Covid and production delays Chrome collectors are getting more than they bargained for. Today, Topps finally revealed the checklist for 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 6. There aren’t a lot of surprises with the checklist, which in one major part is a big bummer. The base set once again contains 100 cards, 88 cards from OS 6 (44 original characters with a/b versions), and 12 cards featuring brand new artwork (6 new characters with a/b versions). New characters were completed by Joe Simko, Joe McWilliams, Brent Engstrom, and David Gross. Once again, the powers that be have decided to completely ruin the numbering of the set. With Chrome 5, instead of numbering the new artwork with an “AN#”, the company just continued the numbering. As expected, that will now cause confusion as numbering for this set starts at 207a. That’s means both Chrome 5 and Chrome 6 have 207a/b-216a/b as part of their sets. You would think the same mistake wouldn’t have been made again. Well you’d be wrong, as once again the new artwork cards just continue on with numbering. For Chrome 6 the new cards are numbered 251a/b-256a/b. So when Topps launches Chrome 7 next year, we will see the same doubling up of numbers in the sets. There are once again 50 C Name chards randomly inserted into packs. Each artwork has a third brand new name for collectors to find.

Artist autographs are back again. There are a total of 23 autos in the set. Longtime original artist Tom Bunk signed the “A” names for the 7 cards he painted in the set. First time Chrome signer James Warhola signed the “A” names for the 10 cards he painted in the set. The 6 new cards also feature sticker autos from the artists of those cards. John Pound did not sign any autos for the set. There is also a new type of card called, Color Error. A collector has already pulled an example of these, the name plate and banner are different colors, in addition to being numbered CE-#. There is one CE per “A” card in the set similar to the No Blue Errors from C5. You can check out the complete checklist here. 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 6 is set to be released, tomorrow, 8/30/23.