Topps Releases 2017 Series 1 GPK Adam-Geddon Checklist

2017 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Adam-Geddon has released to stores as of 1/18, and with it comes the latest checklist from Topps. As with the last few sets, Topps doesn’t included checklists on card backs anymore. However, they have been nice enough to provide collectors with the information. Topps has made some changes to the set configuration compared to previous sets, and even the sell sheets. The base set only contains 180 cards in 9 different subsets. A set size nearly 20% smaller should make it easier for collectors to put together. The Collector “bonus” set, (Best of the 2016 Presidential Election), is 10 cards this year, up from the usual 8. Also the Collector only Patch insert set is now 20 cards, (10a/b) all numbered to /50.  Gross Bears, Bathroom Buddies, Classic Adamgeddon retail bonus sets also appears on the checklist. Here is the checklist in PDF format.