GPK 30th Production Part 2

collectoroddsThis is Part 2 of a study on how large the print run was in the Garbage Pail Kids 30th Anniversary set. If you missed part 1 you can go here to get caught up.

In the first article, based on information from the odds and sell sheets, I wrote about how many packs/boxes/cases were made for Hobby/Collector/Retail for the GPK 30th set.

We have 577,000 Retail Packs + 51,000 Hobby Packs + 41,000 Collector Packs = 669,000 Packs.

I’ll be using those numbers to attempt to figure how how many of each card/parallel were made. This can give you a good idea how tough a set will be to put together or how rare that last card you need for your rainbow is! As a reminder I had to use some educated guesswork and assumptions to come to these numbers. But I’m pretty sure we are in the ballpark.

So how many of each card was made? We aren’t able to answer this for all cards. Some of this is easy, Topps gave away this information on the sell sheet! According to the sell sheet there are 384 Italian Stamp Relics, 500 Die-Cut sketches, 19 Pen Relics, 15 total Triple Autos, 40 total Duel Autos, etc.

Other card types are impossible to figure out because not enough information is provided. For example on the retail side its not possible to determine how many Wal-Mart Blue parallels there are, or how many Poop-allels there are. While we know how many retail packs were made, we don’t know the break down between Gravity Feeds, Blasters, Jumbo, regular retail boxes, and Wal-Mart packs. We can only figure out print runs for things that have the same odds across all pack types or items in Hobby/Collector boxes.

Let’s start with Collector Boxes. The Collector Box inserts are easy to figure out:

Medallions: 41,000 Packs / 92 Odds = 445 total medallions / 6 = 75 of each medallion made. So at most only 75 collectors will have a set of these.

Barf Bags: 1708 Boxes / 1 per box (duh!) = 1708 total Barf Bags / 10 = 170 of each bag made.

Artist Relics: 41,000 Packs / 28 Odds = 1464 total relics / 4 or 5 (Its tough here because there are no odds for the “celebrity relic” so is it already part of the relic odds or is it separate? We don’t know.) = 366 or 292 of each relic depending on if Goldburg is included in the odds.

Loaded Sketch Cards: 41,000 Packs / 831 Odds = 49 Total Loaded Sketches

Let’s get Hobby boxes into the mix here as well. How many of the popular Foreign Legion cards are there?

Foreign Legion: 92,000 total packs / 24 odds = 3833 Total Foreign Legion cards / 10 = 383 of each Foreign Legion card made.

Now let’s grab all the odds and see how many parallel cards and the common inserts were made. Remember due to Topps confusing wording on packs, listed pack odds are actually 1/2 of what’s printed. I’ll be using the real odds in my numbers below. Also note when looking at these, the sell sheet says there are 85 copies of each Gold Border card.

Sepia/Pink Border Cards: 41,000 packs / 24 odds = 1708 total / 220 = 8 of each card made, and that’s with me rounding up! I know this number is hard to believe, but unless Topps is completely lying on the odds for Collector boxes there are just not that many of these to be had. Get yours when you see it!

Red/Character Back Card: 41,000 packs / 1 odds = 41,000 total / 220 = 186 of each card made.

Silver Border Card: 92,000 packs / 24 odds = 3833 total / 220 = 17 of each Silver border made.

Green Border Card: 577,000 Packs / 1 = 577,000 total / 220 = 2622 of each Green Border

Black Border: 669,000 Packs / 2 = 334,500 total / 220 = 1520 of each Black border

Famous Movie Scene: 669,000 Packs / 4 odds = 167,250 total / 15 = 11,150 of each

Horror Film: 669,000 Packs / 8 odds = 83,625 / 5 = 16,725 of each

Super Fan Tattoo: 669,000 Packs / 12 odds = 55,750 / 5 = 11,150 of each

Interesting numbers I think. I was shocked to see how some of the numbers came out. Now don’t take these numbers as gospel because like I’ve stated some guesswork and assumptions had to be used. But I think these general numbers are close to what’s really out there. I’d love to hear your comments on the numbers, and the method I used. If I’m off anywhere please let me know!

Finally, can we figure out how man base cards were made? Not exactly, but I’ll make a guess. Collector packs have 3 base cards, unless a thick card is in the pack. Hobby/Retail have 8 or 9 base cards depending on number of inserts in the pack. Because of this, even using my rounded guesswork numbers its still not really possible. Let’s see what we come up with anyway. I’m going to use 8.75 base cards per Hobby/Retail pack and 3 base cards per Collector pack for my numbers.

Base Cards: 41,000 Collector Packs x 3 cards per pack = 123,000 Base + (628,000 Hobby/Retail packs x 8.75 cards per pack) = 5,618,000 Base / 220 = Approx. 25,536 of each base card made.

Plenty of sets to go around!