Check out the links below for the most popular Garbage Pail Kids information on the internet.

Reference/Historical Sites

gpkworldlinkAaron’s Garbage Pail Kids World website is the place to go for checklists, detailed information, and all historical information you could ever need.

geepeekaylink2Matt’s geepeekay website is the place to go for historical information. This is the goto site on the internet for images of almost every GPK ever made.

WGPKRlinkWayne’s website has a ton of historical information on it. The site is no longer being updated, but is great for information up through the ANS sets.


GPK Chase allows you to see what rare cards, printing plates and sketches, are pulled from new releases.


30 Years of Garbage is a documentary set to be released later in 2015. After running a successful campaign the producers are working hard to finish the movie. This is a must for all Garbage Pail Kid fans.

Discussion Message Boards/Facebook

gpkuglink GPKUG is the longest running Garbage Pail Kids message board on the internet, celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2015. Go here to talk/buy/sell/trade GPKs.


GPK Marketplace is the most active Garbage Pail Kids Group on Facebook. If you aren’t using Facebook to connect with fellow GPK collector’s you are missing out on a huge population of collectors.


Topps official Garbage Pail Kids Facebook page.

GPKUKlinkGarbage Pail Kids UK Collector’s Hub is a popular Facebook group for collectors living in Europe with a focus on the UK.

Buy/Pre-order Garbage Pail Kids

The links below are to three companies who are well know, honest, and offer great customer service for you to purchase or pre-order GPK products. There are many more out there, but these three will give you a good starting point.

blowoutlink dalink potomiclink

Topps also offers GPK products for sale directly on their website.



Check out the GPKNews Artist’s Directory for information and links for every artist that’s worked on a Garbage Pail Kid.


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