2024 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 Kids At Play Hobby Sell Sheet

It’s been over a month since Topps first announced the next retail set, 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 Kids At Play, by releasing the retail sell sheet to distributors. With just over three weeks until the scheduled release date, the company today finally released the Hobby sell sheet. Once again collectors can expect a 200 card base set, 100 new pieces in a/b versions. The theme is everything related to children’s playtime and activities.

There will once again be Collector boxes, and Retail Display boxes. The Retail Display boxes will also be sold under the “Hobby” label, continuing to confuse collectors and allow companies to charge more money for the same thing. The usual parallels will return. Booger Green parallels can be found one per pack in all retail pack types, while Black parallels can be found one per pack in Collector packs. Blue parallels (/99) are exclusive to Retail Display packs, while Red (/75) will be exclusive to Collector packs. Grey (/199), Fool’s Gold (/50), and Printing Plates (1/1) can be found throughout all pack types. Like 20223S2, there will once again be artist autographs of the base cards in addition to Fool’s Gold autos (/50), and Foilfractor Autos (1/1). The sell sheet also advertises a whopping five exclusive inserts for Collector boxes. The Game Over insert set features iconic video game characters from the 1980’s. Bored of Board Games are new and previous GPK characters in famous board games. Wacky Packages: Playthings will features famous toy and game themed packaging. There will once again be patch cards, as the GPK Scouts Patch Cards will once again be a hit in boxes. The patches also have a number of parallels; Green (/150), Blue (/99), Red (/75), Fool’s Gold (/50), and Foilfractor (1/1). There will also be the GPK “TCG” Cards, these “First Edition” trading cards feature GPK characters that mock TCG cards. The TCG cards will also have Foilfractor (1/1) versions. There is no mention of the insert sets found in the “Hobby” boxes, but the Retail sell sheet does mention the Tom Bunk Let’s Get Physical set that will be found in Retail Display boxes. Sketch cards of course return with regular sketches in Retail Display boxes, while Shaped and Triptych sketches will be in Collector boxes.

You can view the sell sheets below or the PDF can be found here. 2024 Garbage Pail Kids: Kids At Play is still set to release in just over three weeks, 1/24/24.