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What’s your history with Garbage Pail Kids? Like a lot of current collector’s I started collecting as an 11 year old in 1985. I can remember my parents buying me some packs of OS series 1-3. Just like most boys in the 1980’s I hated the Cabbage Patch Dolls, so these cards were perfect! After collecting baseball cards most of my life I rejoined the GPK hobby in 2012 during the Flashbacks sets. I’ve been going strong trying to catch up from the start. I’m active on EbayGPKUGGPK Marketplace on Facebook, as well as other Facebook groups.

What’s the goal of GPKNews.com? In the beginning I would like to get any and all Garbage Pail Kids related news posted as quick as I can. Of course I’ll focus mainly on card sets, but will also include anything else GPK related.

Does the world need another Garbage Pail Kids website? I think it does. For a while the message boards have been the leader in providing information. However, lately collectors have seemed to move on from internet message boards. It would appear Facebook groups are the place to be these days. Facebook groups are good for buying/trading, but horrible for sharing news. New items drop down quickly in the feed only to be lost within hours. Its nearly impossible to go back and find anything. I’ve found myself having to searching both message boards and Facebook groups looking for past recent information with frustrating results. So I turned to creating this site. Hopefully with using categories, tags, and the search box users will be able to quickly get information.

How often will you be posting news? The short answer is as often as it warrants. When I come across something new I’ll try to get it up as quickly as possible. They will be days where nothing gets posted. While we all love these kids they don’t necessarily make news everyday. Be sure to check in often during new releases. The site will be updated multiple times a day during release week as odds and card information start rolling in.

How does commenting on articles work? I’m a little new at creating a WordPress site. For now comments are turned on, I will have to approve the first time you post, but after that you should have access. There are kids who collect these cards so please keep things PG. However, I would love to see users discussing new items. I also will depend on others for alerting me to anything I might miss.

What else will GPKNews.com offer? At first not much. I do have a Links page set up that should give you everything you need to satisfy your GPK needs on the internet. In the future who knows? I want to try to stay away from duplicating anything else being offered today.

Will there be ads on the site? At first no, but in the future there might be. This labor of love costs money. I would love to be able to make enough off ads to break even at some point.

Are you affiliated with Topps or anyone else? Nope, although I am unemployed, so if anyone is hiring let me know! I have yet to receive anything free from Topps or anyone else to promote anything. If in the future I do get free stuff, I’ll disclose it.

I want to help, are you hiring? I encourage anyone who has a Garbage Pail Kids news item to e-mail me and let me know. I also would love some artistic help. I love looking at GPK art, but personally am the worst artist on the planet. The logo is my creation, can you tell? If there is anyone will to create a cool logo, or especially a banner for the site, I would love the help! There wouldn’t be any money in it for you, but you will have my forever unwavering gratitude.

—– is ruining the hobby! What aren’t you calling them out about it? Ok, so you might notice I’m trying to stay away from negativity on the site. I would like to stick to promoting new products and posting popular items on products that are released. For example if BNS 2 Silver Borders are missing from the product then I’m going to post updates about something like that. However, if you are upset because Topps is making a set with tons of parallels and inserts, well that type of post won’t be ran on the site. Message boards are perfect for that kind of discussion, and I would encourage you to post there.

Do you have Garbage Pail Kids you can give me? Do you want to trade? I have stuff I want to sell you? How much is my GPK collection worth? These types of questions are probably better left for other places on the internet. Want to know how much your stuff is worth? Ebay is your best bet, search completed items. Unless you have something on my needs list, I’m most likely not buying. If you do have something on my needs list then by all means please let me know! I’ll make it worth your while. Finally, sadly no, I don’t have any cards to give you.

My box was missing the huge hit! I demand you give me my cards! Hey now that’s not a question….I’m not the one you need to complain to. I don’t make Garbage Pail Kids, I just collect them. You are going to want to contact Topps. Their website has detailed instructions for claiming missing or damaged cards.

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