Topps Releases Checklist for Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 3

Better late than never! Despite cards showing up on store shelves this past weekend, today Topps finally released the checklist for the set. The base set contains the original 82 cards from OS 3, (41 with a/b versions). In addition there are 18 new cards, (9 with a/b versions). David Gross, Joe Simko, and Joe McWilliams did two new chrome themed paintings for the set, while Brent Engstrom did three. The checklist also shows there are 50 “C” name variations, one for each card, that can randomly be found in packs. There are also artist autographs from Tom Bunk, Gross, Simko, Engstrom, and McWilliams. Topps previously said they were unable to get John Pound to sign cards for the set. You can check out the complete checklist here. GPK Chrome 3 is set to officially release 12/2/20.