Topps Announces 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s

Time to bust out your Pogs, listen to a little grunge, all while eating a Lunchables. Topps is taking on the 90’s! Topps artists have been finished painting the finals for the next set for a few weeks now. Today today officially announced the next retail set, 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s. This set is a bit of a sequel off the popular set from earlier this year, We Hate the 80’s. This time the set will feature parodies of cartoons, toys, TV, films, video games, fashion, everything 90’s. This is the last set featuring Colin Walton as Art Director/Editor. The set was nearly complete when Colin left Topps.

Just like with the upcoming Oh the Horror-ible set, the next set will feature 200 cards, made up of 100 new pieces of artwork available in a/b versions. The set will continue the practice of being broken into various subsets. The familiar parallel format will return. All Hobby and Retail packs will contain one Puke (Green) parallel. Fool’s Gold parallels will once again be numbered /50, and are available in all pack types. Also, Bruised (Black), Spit (Blue) /99, and Bloody Nose (Red) /75 parallels will only appear in Collector packs. There are two types of insert cards mentioned on the Hobby sell sheet. 90’s Wax Pack Parodies, which will fall 1 per collector box, and also Classic 90’s Stickers. The Classic inserts in the past have been a retail Fat Pack exclusive, but it appears they might be appearing in other pack types this time around.

Artist autographs and printing plates will continue to be found in all pack types. Collector boxes are once again guaranteed one hit per box, either a shaped sketch, artist auto, printing plate, or patch card. Regular sketches can be found in retail pack types, while shaped sketches and triptych sketches are collector box exclusives. Patch cards will also be found only in collector boxes.

Once again the overall construction of the set is familiar to the other theme sets released the past few years. Once we get retail sell sheet info, I will pass it along. For now you can see the sell sheet here in PDF form, or check out the pictures below. 2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s is set to hit stores on Jan. 16, 2019.