Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Yearbook Available for Preorder

Insight Editions is back with their latest GPK offering. The Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Book is now available for preorder on Amazon. The book is created by paper crafter Matthew Reinhart, with all the GPK art by Joe Simko. The book is filled with dozens of pops, pulls, slides and other interactive features. This includes the first ever paper engineered cards. Each card is removable from the book and contains a pull tab that transforms the character from a dignified class photo into a GPK chaos. The book sells for $34.99 and is scheduled to be released on 10/17/23. Here is the book’s description from the publisher:

See the Garbage Pail Kids as you’ve never seen them before in the first official GPK pop-up book! Master paper crafter Matthew Reinhart brings foul, fan-favorite Garbage Pail Kids like Adam Bomb, Leaky Lindsay, and Bony Joanie to life in three-dimensional, gross-out glory with this 1980’s-style pop-up yearbook. Exclusive removable, interactive GPK cards make this a must-have for any GPK collector.

Garbage Pail Kids: The Pop-Up Yearbook showcases the grossest, most beloved characters including Patty Putty, Cranky Frankie, and Luke Puke in intricately designed pop-up scenes that burst, spew and ooze from the page. Pop-up legend Matthew Reinhart offers dozens of pops, pulls, slides and other interactive features in the wackiest yearbook ever. Including bonus removable, interactive GPK cards, this deluxe pop-up book is the ideal collector’s item for Garbage Pail Kids fans.

GET SCHOOLED WITH STINKY, SLIMY POP-UPS: Bring your favorite Garbage Pail Kids to life in 3D with vibrant, detailed pop-up spreads full of surprises—and snot—to discover. In this nostalgic 1980’s-style yearbook, you’ll see the Garbage Pail Kids get an education in wreaking havoc with vomit in the cafeteria, mucky experiments in science class, and stink bombs in the locker room!

EXCLUSIVE, INTERACTIVE GPK CARDS: Collect the first-ever paper-engineered GPK cards! Each of this book’s removable cards include a pull tab that transforms a dignified class photo into a scene of classic GPK chaos.

FUN FOR ADULTS AND (GARBAGE PAIL) KIDS ALIKE: This pop-up book is sure to delight GPK collectors of all ages.

DELIGHTFULLY DISGUSTING NEW ILLUSTRATIONS: Featuring original, spectacular artwork by fan-favorite GPK artist Joe Simko, this pop-up book captures the signature humor and over-the-top action of the Garbage Pail Kids.

MATTHEW REINHART’S LATEST AND GREATEST POP-UP BOOK: World renowned paper crafter Matthew Reinhart’s newest pop-up book joins best-selling titles including Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and BeyondStar Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up GalaxyStranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, and Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book.