All the GPK to be Found at San Diego Comic Con

Once again the Garbage Pail Kids will have a good sized presence at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The show is set to kick off this Wednesday, 7/19, with preview night and goes through Sunday 7/23. There will be everything from licensees promoting current and upcoming products, freebies, and exclusive GPK merchandise to purchase. Collectors attending, read on to map out your strategy for the show.

Insight Editions (#2129)

Insight Editions will be promoting their upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Popup Book. The book, which is scheduled to be released this October, will be on display for collectors to checkout. They will also be passing out a promo card Friday and Saturday at their booth to promote the book. Longtime GPK artist, Joe Simko will be at their booth Saturday, 7/22, from 1:00-1:30 signing the cards.

Super Impulse (#1021)

Super Impulse will be setting up at SDCC for the first time. The company will be revealing a number of new products at the show, although it’s not clear is any of them will be GPK related. The third series of their PopTaters line will be revealed and go up for sale at the show. Additionally, the company will be revealing new figures in their World’s Smallest line, and debuting a new product, Three Point Seven Five. There will also be contests for prize packs daily at their booth.

Atomic Toybox (#3921)

Atomic Toybox will once again have a number of exclusive GPK items for purchase at their booth. There will be a new 24” x 18” poster, with art done by Joe Simko, available in two versions, snot green and eggplant. Each poster can be purchased for $60. They will have have two new GPK pins for $14.95 each. The pins depict the certified gross logo and also will come with a GPK Guts promo card. Both the posters and pins are limited to 150 copies. Artist Joe Simko will also be at their booth signing autographs on Friday 7/21 & Saturday 7/22 from 11:30-12:00.

Abrams Books (#1216)

Abrams Books will have a number of their previous GPK releases available at their booth. All three RL Stine books; Welcome to Smellville #1, Thrills & Chills #2, and Camp Daze #3, as well at the GPK Cookbook will be available to purchase. The company will also have a signed and numbered Jeff Zapata print featuring artwork from the books they will be distributing throughout the show.

Monogram (#3625)

Monogram will have their previously released GPK products at their booth for sale. They will have Series 1 & 2 of the foam bag clips, in addition to the Adam Bomb piggy bank.

ToyNK (#815 & #3749)

ToyNK will have the previously released GPK Adam Bomb Light available at both the company’s booths. They will also have the GPK Geekitikis available at their tiki themed display at booth #3749.

Greenlight (#834)

Greenlight Collectibles will be on hand at SDCC showing off some of their GPK die cast cars. Additionally, they will be handing out GPK themed vinyl stickers of Clint (Clutch Clint) Lafollette, Product and Design Manager and Tim (Tangled Tim) Bradley, Director of Global Sales.

More Details on Super Impulse World’s Smallest GPK & Wacky Micro Card Collection

Without much fanfare or marketing, details recently appeared on Super Impulse’s website for their World’s Smallest GPK and Wacky Packages Micro Card Collection. The card collection is now out in the wild and available. Although, so far only two small online toy websites, (Little Obsessed and Sweets & Geeks), have had any available, and both sold out quickly. GPKNews was able to get more details from Super Impulse on the set, and was sent some samples to checkout the new product. Read on for what is known so far about the series.

Each card measures 1” x .125” x 1.5”. The cards are similar in size to the small cards included with the micro GPK toys released in 2021. The GPK cards contain the full “Garbage Pail Kids” licensed banner. Perhaps the nicest part of these is they are each die-cut stickers! Both GPKs and Wackies come die-cut. Topps eliminated die-cuts from GPKs years ago, so it’s refreshing to see Super Impulse use them for this series. Each pack comes with 1 GPK 5-card pack (Pink or Blue), 1 Wacky Packages 5-card pack (Red or Yellow), and 1 mystery pack that contain either GPK or Wacky Packages cards. The color of the pack doesn’t appear to have an effect on the cards included. According to Super Impulse, and confirmed with pack breaks, the GPK and Wacky labeled packs contain Standard cards. The GPK mystery pack contains 5 Rare cards, while the Wacky mystery pack contains 2 Rare cards, and 3 Standard Wacky cards. Also according to Super Impulse, the complete set contains 50 Standard GPKs, 20 Rare GPKs, 47 Standard Wackies, and 10 Rare Wackies. Collectors are going to need to bust a lot of these to complete a set.

The company tells GPKNews there is no checklist available for the series. This is where things get confusing. It appears there was no rhyme or reason for how Super Impulse chose the characters to be included in the set. All Standard GPK cards appear to be reprints of OS 1 characters. However, if Super Impulse’s set size is correct, not all OS 1 cards were included. To add to the confusion, in some cases only “a” names were included, or only “b” names, or even both “a & b” names. Each Standard GPK card contains the original card number from OS1, so many numbers are skipped. The backs of each of the Standard GPK cards feature the classic award backs from the series. The Rare GPK cards are all reprints from the recent 2021S1 Food Fight set. Again, the choices appear to be completely random. What is even worse on the Rare GPKs are the numbers that appear on the cards. About half contain the original card number from the Food Fight, while the other half look to be assigned a random card number. Early results look like Super Impulse chose 10 a/b character sets from Food Fight to make up the 20 Rare cards. The backs of the Rare cards are puzzle pieces for two of the included Food Fight characters. The Standard Wacky Package backs all contain puzzles, while the Rare backs contain the Wacky Packages logo with a red or blue background.

There were a number of errors made by Super Impulse on the cards in the set. Perhaps the biggest is the “Loony Lenny” card. The Lenny name plate was put on the Dead Ted artwork with the 5b card number. Both 5a (Dead Ted), and 5b (Jay Decay), also have cards in the set. So there are three standard cards with the same artwork. Another mistake is the Food Fight Adam Bomb card is spelled “Atom” on the name plate. Finally, In addition to the random numbering on the GPK Rare cards, the Sour Scott card is actually numbered “49ba”. Each pack is wrapped in a sturdy paper stock “wrapper” that is closed by a tab and slot system. The quality of the cards out of the packs is poor. Almost no cards are cut cleanly with “hanging” pieces on many card corners or edges. Additionally, a handful of cards from pack breaks are coming with creases completely through the cards. There won’t be any PSA 10’s here.

Because there is no available checklist, GPKNews has been unable to confirm the set size supplied by Super Impulse. It’s also impossible to know which cards are missing. And don’t bother asking about print runs. There is no way to determine how many Super Impulse printed. However, when it comes to the GPK cards, because of set size and math, the “Rares” are most likely not rare, and could be slightly more common than the Standard cards. One other unknown is if any of the Standard cards are more rare than others. With the GPK Micro blind box figures from 2021, it was clear Super Impulse printed different amounts of some of the figures, but that info was never confirmed by the company. GPKNews, along with Wacky Packages collectors Andrew and Jacob so far have busted a combined 21 packs. We’ve been able to identify 37/50 Standard GPKs, 15/20 Rare GPKs, 40/47 Standard Wackies, and 10/10 Rare Wackies. GPKNews has created the following checklist for the release that will be updated as new cards are found. Please contact GPKNews if you find any new cards from the set.

Super Impulse GPK/Wacky Micro Card Checklist

Finally, if you want to get your hands on a couple of packs, go check out the GPKNews Facebook page on 5/30/23 and enter a contest to win two sealed packs!


Super Impulse Launching World’s Smallest GPK and Wacky Packages Micro Card Collection

So, does size matter? We’re about to find out. Super Impulse is launching the World’s Smallest GPK and Wacky Packages Micro Card Collection. Each package contains three 5-card packs of micro cards; 1 pack of GPK, 1 pack of Wacky Packages, and 1 Mystery pack containing either GPK or Wackys. Each card measures 1” x 0.125” x 1.5”. The cards look similar to the cards that came in the micro figure blind bags from 2021, with exception of the banner. Instead of the “GPK” banner the full “Garbage Pail Kids” licensing banner is used.  In images for the product on Super Impulse’s website there are two GPK packs shown, pink and blue, in addition to two Wacky packs. Promotional images show a number of different OS 1 cards. There is still a lot of information regarding the product that is unknown, from set checklist, to card backs, to card stock quality, and release date. GPKNews has reached out to Super Impulse for more information. So far GPKNews has been able to confirm with the company the MSRP will be $5.99 per pack. This post will be updated with any new information that becomes available.

Super Impulse to Launch Pop Taters GPK Adam Bomb Toy

Super Impulse, the company behind the GPK Micro Figures, will be using their GPK license in a new Pop Taters toy line. According to Transformers news site, Adam Bomb will be included in the toy line based off the popular Mr. Potato Head toys. In conjunction with Hasbro, the first wave of Pop Taters will include various characters from the licenses Super Impulse has. Some characters include Adam Bomb, Optimus Prime, Bob Ross and others. According to the first ad’s for the toys, they will include interchangeable parts. The toys will come in two versions, a 4” version with interchangeable parts and a 2” keychain version. No release date has been mentioned, although the advertisement mentioned they are new for 2022.

Super Impulse Previews GPK Micro Figures Series 2

Collectors are busy buying up the Garbage Pail Kids Micro Blind Box packs as they have begun hitting stores across the country. Super Impulse isn’t done with GPK and they were nice enough to send preview packs of the upcoming GPK Micro Series 2 figures. Much like Series 1, the new series is comprised of six new figures, 3 characters with a/b versions. Characters in series 2 are; Brainy Janie, Jenny Genius, Damaged Don, Unstitched Mitch, New Wave Dave, and Graffiti Petey. Each character will come sealed, with its own display case, and mini card. While there is no official release date yet, Super Impulse is hoping the figures will hit stores towards the end of of the first quarter (March).

Super Impulse Garbage Pail Kids Micro Collection Mystery Packs Surface

Did Santa bring you all the GPK toys you wanted for Christmas? If not it’s time to go buy your own! The Super Impulse Garbage Pail Kids Micro Collection Mystery Packs that were announced back in July, are now live. Thanks to GPK collector Rachel Dahlke for sending along pictures of the toys she found at her local Meijer store today.  Each mystery pack contains 1 GPK Figure, 1 Wacky GPK Mini, 2 cards, and 2 checklist. Packs sell for anywhere from $4.99-$7.99 in the store. In total there are 31 different GPK figures, 23 Wacky GPK Minis, and 24 cards to collect. That includes parallel figures that are more rare than others. Keep your eyes out in retail stores that carry mini mustery packs, as these should start showing up in more places soon.

Super Impulse Launching Garbage Pail Kids Mirco Collection Mystery Packs

According to a listing on Toywiz, Super Impulse is launching Garbage Pail Kids Micro Collection Mystery Packs. GPKWorld was first to report on the listing this morning. Each mystery pack is shaped like a garbage can and will contain 1 GPK figure, 1 GPK Wacky Grocery Item, 2 mini original art cards, and a checklist. There are 31 total GPK figures to collect. Based on the picture on the listing, there appears to be 12 different characters each with two common variations. For 7 of the figures there will also be a chase version. There are also 23 different GPK Mini Wacky Grocery items based off of artwork used as part of GPK sets over the years. There will also be 24 different sticker cards. Like the previous released Micro figures, they measure approximately 1.25” tall. Toywiz has individual packs available for $5.99, and 24 pack cases for $129.99. Toywiz says the figures will be available in September.

Super Impulse Teases New Garbage Pail Kids Micro Toys

Update: Super Impulse shared with GPKNews that Series 1 of the toys will feature 3 characters available in a/b versions. The characters will be; ADAM BOMB and BLASTED BILLY, up CHUCK and HEAVIN STEVEN, TEE-VEE STEVIE and GEEKY GARY. The packs will carry a MSRP of $5.99. Each figure measures 1.25” tall and comes with a display case and mini GPK Sticker. The product will be available in stores in early March.

Super Impulse today begin teasing a new line of officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids micro sized toys. No details were released other than the teaser image with some silhouettes of GPK figures, headlined by Adam Bomb. Super Impulse released a similar line of Wacky Packages micro toys last year that measured roughly and inch and a half tall.

Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs Teaming Up for Massive Crossover Collaboration

Topps and Cloudco Entertainment announced a massive crossover collaboration today for the company’s iconic brands. 2021 will see a Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs gross out battle that will result in a number of new collectible products. According to the press release, collectors can expect to see cards, toys, clothing, pins, figures, and much more. New artwork will be done by original Madballs artist Jim Gorman, and longtime GPK artist Joe Simko. Characters for both brands will be featured in both group and individual one on one tongue in cheek battles. A number of companies were announced that will be releasing products as part of the crossover. Collectors can expect to see:

  • Topps (Trading Cards)
  • Megalopolis (2 pack action figures)
  • Mad Engine (apparel and accessories)
  • Chalk Line (jackets)
  • MishkaNYC (street wear, apparel, accessories, and vinyl figures)
  • Pinfinity (augmented reality pins)
  • Super Impulse (collectible toys)

There will be other partners announced shortly for mobile app, retail, and publishing. As part of the announcement Topps VP of Global Licensing Ira Friedman said, “Shared nostalgic roots and over-the-top zaniness make this collab a no-brainer. Our respective fan bases as well as pop-culture aficionados everywhere are going to have fun with this outrageous mash-up.” See below for the full press release from the companies.



LOS ANGELES. January 14, 2020. CloudcoEntertainment, owner of the venerable-but-irreverent Madballs brand, and The Topps Company, owner of the renowned-yet-subversive Garbage Pail Kids® brand(GPK), have teamed up for a collaboration that playfully pits classic 1980s icons andco-heavyweights of gross”against one another. The collaboration will feature all-new1980s inspired artwork from veteran Madballs and GPK illustrators and kick-off with a number of consumer goods partners, including trading cards, collector toys, soft lines, collectible augmented reality pins, and more.

As an original “gross out” brand of the 1980s, Topps released its Garbage Pail Kids series of trading cards in 1985, featuring hilariously revolting characters with appropriately irreverent names. Fifteen different card series were produced over the next three years in addition to a Garbage Pail Kids animated series and a full slate of globally-licensed consumer products, with ongoing product lines that continue to the present day. For its part, Madballs launched its irregularly-shaped toy foam balls in 1986, featuring its own proprietary and often-socially-inappropriate characters with ghastly faces, grotesque names, and disruptively funny attitudes to match. Madballswent on to sell tens of millions of toys, inspire a series of animated specials, and launch an extensive consumer products program that included comic books, softlines, video games, collectibles, seasons, and back-to-school products.

For over three decades, Madballs and GPK have both been known as the “grossest of the gross”, co-ruling counterculture with their pun-heavy names and subversive humor, and this collaboration features all-new artwork that pits entire groups of Garbage Pail Kids and Madballscharacters against one another, as well as individualcharacters from each brand in fun and tongue-and-cheek one-on-one face-offs. Artwork will remain “authentically 80s” via all-new imagery from long-time veterans of each brand like Jim Groman, who worked on the original Madballs brand launch in the 1980s, and Joe Simko, a fan favorite and master illustrator of Garbage Pail Kids whose GPK artwork has been prominently featured in the brand’s trading cards and packaging.  

Consumer product launch partners include: Topps (trading cards), Megalopolis (two-pack action figures), Mad Engine (apparel and accessories), Chalk Line (jackets), MishkaNYC (streetwear, apparel, accessories, and vinyl Medicomfigures), Pinfinity (augmented reality pins), and Super Impulse (collectible toys), with specific mobile app, retail, publishing, and other partnerships to be announced shortly.

Madballs and GPK are of the same era and share tons of irreverent attributes so we love the idea of a fun ‘confrontational collaboration’ that plays off the two brands as competitors,said Robert Prinzo, CloudcoEntertainment’s Head of Global Licensing.  “Whether its Hollywood monsters, horror icons or comic book superheroes, fans always want to see ‘impossible’ match-ups from different universes, so we’re grateful to partner with Topps and deliver the ‘grossest’ possible version of that here.”

“Shared nostalgic roots and over-the-top zaniness make this collab a no-brainer,” said Ira Friedman, Topps VP of Global Licensing. “Our respective fan bases as well as pop-culture aficionados everywhere are going to have fun with this outrageous mash-up.”

“This is one of those crossovers that many of us have imagined since we were kids collecting both lines. I’ve had these match ups in my imagination since the 80s,” said Ben Westover, MegalopolisCreative Director. “Garbage Pail Kids is a timeless treasure, and one of my absolute favorite properties from childhood. I’m thrilled that we have the chance to introduce the GPK and Madballs universes to one another. It’s a perfect, monstrous synergy!” added Matt Westover, Megalopolis’ CEO.

“Here at Mad Engine we are thrilled to be part of this very fun and unique collaboration of Mad Balls vs. Garbage Pail Kids brands. We can’t wait to present this kitschy collection of tees, hoodies, joggers, headwear, and other accessories to our retailers. The celebration of these two iconic pop culture brands from the 80s is just what we all need right now!”Cindy Levitt, SVP of Licensing, Mad Engine Global LLC

We are humbled to be a part of The Madballs x Garbage Pail Kids brand collaboration, it represents the ultimate nostalgic marriage as two powerful properties of our youth collide. Having worked with the Garbage Pail Kids brandalready, we are thrilled to pick up from where we left off while adding an incredible partner like Madballs into the mix!” Ilan Friedman, Co-Owner, Chalk Line

Mishkais excited to be part of the Madballs x GPK collaboration project! We grew up collecting and obsessing over both the Madballs & Garbage Pails Kids brands. They have heavily inspired us as a brand as well as artists and creatives. We can’t wait to mix our world with the GPK x Madballs world incorporating our characters and design sensibility for graphics that will excite fans as well as opening an entire new crowd to these classic properties.” Greg Rivera, President, Mishka NYC

“We are excited to be a part of theMadballsx Garbage Pail Kids brand collaboration and helping fans relive the 80s and 90s through disgustingly awesome augmented reality pin badges.” Caleb Paullus, Founder, Pinfinity

“We at Super Impulse are absolutely appalled at the pairing of these despicable creatures, and cannot wait to bring our collectible toys to the grimy little hands of kids and kids-at-heart everywhere.” Alan Dorfman, CEO, Super Impulse