Super Impulse Launching World’s Smallest GPK and Wacky Packages Micro Card Collection

So, does size matter? We’re about to find out. Super Impulse is launching the World’s Smallest GPK and Wacky Packages Micro Card Collection. Each package contains three 5-card packs of micro cards; 1 pack of GPK, 1 pack of Wacky Packages, and 1 Mystery pack containing either GPK or Wackys. Each card measures 1” x 0.125” x 1.5”. The cards look similar to the cards that came in the micro figure blind bags from 2021, with exception of the banner. Instead of the “GPK” banner the full “Garbage Pail Kids” licensing banner is used.  In images for the product on Super Impulse’s website there are two GPK packs shown, pink and blue, in addition to two Wacky packs. Promotional images show a number of different OS 1 cards. There is still a lot of information regarding the product that is unknown, from set checklist, to card backs, to card stock quality, and release date. GPKNews has reached out to Super Impulse for more information. So far GPKNews has been able to confirm with the company the MSRP will be $5.99 per pack. This post will be updated with any new information that becomes available.