More Details on Super Impulse World’s Smallest GPK & Wacky Micro Card Collection

Without much fanfare or marketing, details recently appeared on Super Impulse’s website for their World’s Smallest GPK and Wacky Packages Micro Card Collection. The card collection is now out in the wild and available. Although, so far only two small online toy websites, (Little Obsessed and Sweets & Geeks), have had any available, and both sold out quickly. GPKNews was able to get more details from Super Impulse on the set, and was sent some samples to checkout the new product. Read on for what is known so far about the series.

Each card measures 1” x .125” x 1.5”. The cards are similar in size to the small cards included with the micro GPK toys released in 2021. The GPK cards contain the full “Garbage Pail Kids” licensed banner. Perhaps the nicest part of these is they are each die-cut stickers! Both GPKs and Wackies come die-cut. Topps eliminated die-cuts from GPKs years ago, so it’s refreshing to see Super Impulse use them for this series. Each pack comes with 1 GPK 5-card pack (Pink or Blue), 1 Wacky Packages 5-card pack (Red or Yellow), and 1 mystery pack that contain either GPK or Wacky Packages cards. The color of the pack doesn’t appear to have an effect on the cards included. According to Super Impulse, and confirmed with pack breaks, the GPK and Wacky labeled packs contain Standard cards. The GPK mystery pack contains 5 Rare cards, while the Wacky mystery pack contains 2 Rare cards, and 3 Standard Wacky cards. Also according to Super Impulse, the complete set contains 50 Standard GPKs, 20 Rare GPKs, 47 Standard Wackies, and 10 Rare Wackies. Collectors are going to need to bust a lot of these to complete a set.

The company tells GPKNews there is no checklist available for the series. This is where things get confusing. It appears there was no rhyme or reason for how Super Impulse chose the characters to be included in the set. All Standard GPK cards appear to be reprints of OS 1 characters. However, if Super Impulse’s set size is correct, not all OS 1 cards were included. To add to the confusion, in some cases only “a” names were included, or only “b” names, or even both “a & b” names. Each Standard GPK card contains the original card number from OS1, so many numbers are skipped. The backs of each of the Standard GPK cards feature the classic award backs from the series. The Rare GPK cards are all reprints from the recent 2021S1 Food Fight set. Again, the choices appear to be completely random. What is even worse on the Rare GPKs are the numbers that appear on the cards. About half contain the original card number from the Food Fight, while the other half look to be assigned a random card number. Early results look like Super Impulse chose 10 a/b character sets from Food Fight to make up the 20 Rare cards. The backs of the Rare cards are puzzle pieces for two of the included Food Fight characters. The Standard Wacky Package backs all contain puzzles, while the Rare backs contain the Wacky Packages logo with a red or blue background.

There were a number of errors made by Super Impulse on the cards in the set. Perhaps the biggest is the “Loony Lenny” card. The Lenny name plate was put on the Dead Ted artwork with the 5b card number. Both 5a (Dead Ted), and 5b (Jay Decay), also have cards in the set. So there are three standard cards with the same artwork. Another mistake is the Food Fight Adam Bomb card is spelled “Atom” on the name plate. Finally, In addition to the random numbering on the GPK Rare cards, the Sour Scott card is actually numbered “49ba”. Each pack is wrapped in a sturdy paper stock “wrapper” that is closed by a tab and slot system. The quality of the cards out of the packs is poor. Almost no cards are cut cleanly with “hanging” pieces on many card corners or edges. Additionally, a handful of cards from pack breaks are coming with creases completely through the cards. There won’t be any PSA 10’s here.

Because there is no available checklist, GPKNews has been unable to confirm the set size supplied by Super Impulse. It’s also impossible to know which cards are missing. And don’t bother asking about print runs. There is no way to determine how many Super Impulse printed. However, when it comes to the GPK cards, because of set size and math, the “Rares” are most likely not rare, and could be slightly more common than the Standard cards. One other unknown is if any of the Standard cards are more rare than others. With the GPK Micro blind box figures from 2021, it was clear Super Impulse printed different amounts of some of the figures, but that info was never confirmed by the company. GPKNews, along with Wacky Packages collectors Andrew and Jacob so far have busted a combined 21 packs. We’ve been able to identify 37/50 Standard GPKs, 15/20 Rare GPKs, 40/47 Standard Wackies, and 10/10 Rare Wackies. GPKNews has created the following checklist for the release that will be updated as new cards are found. Please contact GPKNews if you find any new cards from the set.

Super Impulse GPK/Wacky Micro Card Checklist

Finally, if you want to get your hands on a couple of packs, go check out the GPKNews Facebook page on 5/30/23 and enter a contest to win two sealed packs!