MJ Holding Launches New Repack Garbage Pail Kids Blister Packs

It’s the second coming of the Trash Boxes! MJ Holdings has launched a new repacked Garbage Pail Kids blister product that so far has been found in Big Lots stores. Thanks to collectors, Donny Moffitt, Max Geronimo, and Gary Anderson for sending along pictures and being the first to find these in the wild. Each Blister pack advertises “2 Factory Sealed Packs” and that collectors can “look for seeded refractors”. The backs of the blisters show that these are repacked for MJ Holdings with packs purchased from either Topps or a third party. Pricing at big lots for these has been anywhere from $8-$9 each, which is considerably higher than the retail cost of GPK retail packs. So far, blisters with 2023S1 GPK Go on Vacation and 2022 Chrome 4 have been found on the fronts and inside. All packs opened so far contain Chrome 4 blaster packs and/or GPK Vacation Retail Display packs. Those two recent releases, along with other releases the past couple of years were produced in very large quantities by Topps. It appears MJ Holdings is repackaging retail packs that have gone unsold. The term refractor on the packs implies there are chrome cards in each one, but that isn’t the case as some blisters have two GPK Vacation packs inside. These blisters are similar to the original Trash Boxes that Excell Marketing launched in 2016, although in a much smaller and more expensive form.