Super Impulse Teases New Garbage Pail Kids Micro Toys

Update: Super Impulse shared with GPKNews that Series 1 of the toys will feature 3 characters available in a/b versions. The characters will be; ADAM BOMB and BLASTED BILLY, up CHUCK and HEAVIN STEVEN, TEE-VEE STEVIE and GEEKY GARY. The packs will carry a MSRP of $5.99. Each figure measures 1.25” tall and comes with a display case and mini GPK Sticker. The product will be available in stores in early March.

Super Impulse today begin teasing a new line of officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids micro sized toys. No details were released other than the teaser image with some silhouettes of GPK figures, headlined by Adam Bomb. Super Impulse released a similar line of Wacky Packages micro toys last year that measured roughly and inch and a half tall.