Topps Looking for New GPK Brand Manager as Jessica Kanzer Leaves Topps

GPKNews has learned that Garbage Pail Kids Brand Manager Jessica Kanzer is no longer with Topps. Sources say Jessica left Topps a couple weeks ago for an opportunity in another field. Jessica had been leading the retail releases for GPK. She took over for previous brand manager Colin Walton in mid-2018. She oversaw all the retail sets since 2018S2, including the recently released 35th Anniversary and Chrome OS 3 releases. In addition to GPK, Jessica worked on Topps’ entertainment properties like Wacky Packages, WWE, and Star Wars.

According to a Topps spokesperson, the Brand Manager team is working to cover Jessica’s former responsibilities until a replacement is hired. There is currently a listing for Brand Manager – Entertainment on Topps’ job website. The change in leadership is not expected to cause any delays with releases. Work was already completed on 2021S1 Food Fight before her resignation. While no future sets have been officially announced, work continues uninterrupted on 2021S2 by the GPK artists. The GPK brand is exploding in popularity, whomever takes over will have the chance to lead Topps’ entertainment properties through these times.