Fanatics CEO Becomes a Garbage Pail Kid

Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin is a Garbage Pail Kid. The company’s head hancho posted the photo to his Instagram account yesterday showing off the custom GPK that was created. Collectors are going to have a hard time getting their hands on this one though. The card was created for a Fanatics leadership conference. The card was done by longtime GPK artist David Gross. There is no information on how many of the card was printed or who was given a copy. No one is safe from becoming a GPK!

Topps Releases Checklist for 2023 International Trading Card Day

This Saturday, 8/5, is the annual tradition, 2023 Topps International Trading Card Day. Collectors visiting participating card shops are able to get a free 5-card pack of Garbage Pail Kids cards. Collectors can also choose from Baseball, UEFA Soccer, Formula 1, Bowman U Football, or Athlete’s Unlimited.

Topps has released the checklist, and once again there is a full 30 card GPK checklist, along with random artist autographs. The checklist begins with five brand new trading card related themes. The artwork is done by David Gross, Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, and Joe McWilliams. There are then 10 OS reprints, followed by 15 reprints from 2023S1. All artwork is on the Trading Card Day borders. There are also 10 randomly inserted artist autographs from 2023S1. Topps used left over stickers autos from last year’s set for the autos.

To find the participating hobby store in your area go to the Topps Ripped page for ITCD and scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your address and you can see the stores in your area. For the full ITCD checklist you can click here, otherwise see below for just the GPK portion.

1 Batty KATTIE
3 PETE S.A. 1




Topps VP of Licensing, Ira Friedman, Leaving Topps

Ira Friedman’s over 33 year career at Topps is coming to an end. In a farewell letter to fans, Friedman announced today his final day with Topps will be 7/31. Ira has been the Vice President of Licensing for a number of years for the company. His leadership over Garbage Pail Kids licensing has been one of the key reasons the brand has flourished over the past few years.

Below you will find his final farewell to not only Garbage Pail Kids but collectors as well. I can tell you from my personal experience, there has not been a bigger supporter of GPKs at Topps the past few years as I’ve ran this website. Ira always had collectors in mind while working there. That seems to be a rare quality these days. The brand won’t be the same without him. Thank you Ira!

It’s All About Fans First!
by Ira Friedman

Ever since my first publishing gig at STARLOG and FANGORIA sci-fi and horror magazines in the late ‘70’s, it’s always been about the fans. In 1980, when I worked atLucasfilm Ltd., I saw firsthand how much care and attention George Lucas placed on fostering an authentic connection with Star Wars fans everywhere. When I later branched off on my own, I produced official tie-in magazines for fan-fueled properties including: BladeRunner, The Goonies, Gremlins, Back to the Future, among others, and created the official E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Fan Club for Amblin Productions and Universal Studios.

When the Garbage Pail Kids blindsided the world in 1985, it didn’t take long for me to get hooked on everything GPK. In 1987, I acquired the publishing rights for an official “one-shot” magazine, based on the ill-fated Garbage Pail Kids movie. The film tanked at the box office yet has become a cult favorite to some many years later. While not particularly fond of the movie, it did not undermine my fascination with this quirky and outrageous property. Nor did it discourage the legions of fans who just couldn’t get enough of GPK.

In 1988 I joined Topps as the company’s Director of New Product Development. I got to ‘play’ in the firm’s non-sport ‘sandbox’ and spent much time immersed in things like Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, along with many outside licenses and other company creations, most notably Garbage Pail Kids. My obsession with this irreverent-yet-adorable, controversial-yet-hilarious brand was in full blossom. While I was technically in charge of the GPK trading card program, the bulk of the credit goes to the artists – both back in those halcyon days and to the current times – whose incredible artwork and boundless creativity hit a nerve that continues to reverberate throughout the fan community.

In more recent times I have functioned in the role of chief architect of the GPK licensed merchandise business. It’s been a blast working with like-minded partners from all areas of commerce as they’ve passionately translated GPK into a wide variety of innovative consumer goods. This diverse range ofofficial products span: Monopoly board games, 8-bit video games, middle-school books by R.L. Stine, comics written by Adam F. Goldberg, a stunning 78-card Tarot Deck and the upcoming, first-ever GPK Pop-Up book, plus a myriad of amazing toys and lots of other cool stuff.

My 33+ year love affair with GPK is about to come to its professional end as July 31 will be my last day at Topps/Fanatics. The company has assembled a competent team to carry the torch and I look forward to seeing GPK persevere, prosper and continue to charm and infatuate the “little kid” inside us all.

As for me, while GPK will always hold a special place in my heart, it’s time to move on and explore other opportunities. Thanks to every one of you for being a part of my GPK adventure and for allowing me to play some part in your GPK experience. In my book, it’s always been — and always will be –about fans first!

– Ira Friedman, July 2023

P.S. And may the Farts be with you, always! J


Garbage Pail Kids To Be Part of 2023 Topps International Trading Card Day

Garbage Pail Kids will once again be part of Topps International Trading Card Day. Topps is expanding the program for 2023. This time anyone who visits a participating hobby store on 8/5/23 will get their choice of a free pack. Collectors can choose Baseball, UEFA Soccer, Formula 1, Bowman U Football, Athlete’s Unlimited, or Garbage Pail Kids. Additionally, anyone spending $10 in the store on 8/5 gets a Mike Trout card, and can return on 8/12 for a free Adley Rutschman card. Topps will release a list of participating stores and a checklist just prior to the event.

The GPK portion appears to be different this year. GPKNews is aware of 5 new paintings that were created by David Gross, Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, and Joe McWilliams. It’s not yet known if there will be any other GPK cards as part of the set. The sell sheets for the product show one of the new GPK cards, Batty Kattie done by Smokin Joe McWilliams. GPK packs might be tougher to come by this year. Once again shops must purchase boxes to participate. Boxes cost dealers just over $50. Each 100 pack box contains; MLB (40), UEFA (20), Formula 1 (15), Bowman U (15), Athlete’s Unlimited (5), and Garbage Pail Kids (5). Each pack contains 5 cards. Get the family together and plan a Saturday searching all the Hobby shops in your area!

Topps Shares the Chris Mess GPK Holiday Guide

Chris Mess came early, and he’s sharing all the current and upcoming Garbage Pail Kid releases. Topps yesterday released the Chris Miss GPK Holiday Guide. The guide highlights 16 different GPK items that either have recently been released, or will be coming to a store/website soon. If you’re looking for a last second gift, or just want to keep updated on the current GPK merchandise let Chris Mess be your guide! The guide can be accessed here, or see below.

Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune Telling Machine Finds Temporary Home

Adam Bomb will be sharing his mis-fortunes with the fine folks of Algonquin, IL. The Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune Telling Machine, that is a partnership with Topps and ToyNK, will be taking up residency at the Bowlero family entertainment center in Algonquin, IL. The machine is setup now and ready to dispense its wisdom to all until the end of the year. Bowlero is a bowling center with arcade games and sports bar. The machine made its debut earlier this year at the New York Comic Con, with another appearance at the Motor City Comic Con. The machine dispenses one of 10 collectible GPK cards for a fee. It’s expected Topps will continue to use the machine throughout 2023 for promotional purposes. Collectors in the area can now grab a beer, bowl a few frames, and have Adam Bomb give you your mis-fortune!

Adam Bomb Misfortune-Telling-Machine at Motor City Comic Con

Collectors attending this weekend’s Motor City Comic Con were treated to a bit of a Garbage Pail Kids surprise. The Adam Bomb Misfortune Telling Machine, that made its debut at last week’s NYCC, is in attendance at the show. Thanks to Paul Scarborough for the picture. The machine is setup and working at the Geeki Tiki booth. The machine is dispensing the same cards that were at NYCC. There was no advertising of the machine’s appearance by either Topps or Bealine Creative. Motor City Comic Con isn’t known for a large GPK presence, so its appearance was a surprise. Where will Adam Bomb show up next?

Garbage Pail Kids NYCC Promo Cards

Update #7: Topps is handing out another Book Worms promo card, Adam Book, for their Saturday promo. Collectors must follow Topps on social media to receive the card. Thanks to AJ for the pictures!

Update #6: Couple examples of the Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine cards. $2 per turn.

Update #5: First look at Adam Bomb PopTater from Super Impulse, out later this year. Thanks AJ for the picture!

 Update #4: RL Stine signing posters for GPK Welcome to Smellville book. Thanks to AJ and Gerry for pictures!

Update #3: Large 5×7 Checklist card available for the Meeks 9 card puzzle.

Update #2: RL Stine large 5×7 card promoting Welcome to Smellville with free audio book offer on the back.

Update #1: Check out video of the Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling machine.

Topps didn’t quite reveal everything they had in store for this year’s NYCC. Collectors attending the show are already in’s showing off their giveaway from the first day. Topps is handing out a special Book Worms promo card at their booth. Collectors can receive a yellow border Book of the Ted NYCC promo card. There are sure to be more surprises revealed as the show goes on.

Topps Going All Out for Garbage Pail Kids at NYCC

This year’s New York Comic Con is upon us. The show is set to take place this Thursday (10/6) – Sunday (10/9) at the Jarvis Center in New York City. Topps will again have a big presence at the show. This year’s show may have more Garbage Pail Kids cards and merchandise than any show in history. Topps has really gone all out with the GPK! Read below to find out everything that has been announced for the show so far.

Topps GPK Trading Card Giveaway

Topps is duplicating the 9-card puzzle scavenger hunt they first did at this past year’s San Diego Comic Con. There will be 9 different cards at nine booths across the show for collectors to collect. Collectors can put the 9 cards together to reveal artwork with GPK’s taking over NYC. Once again artist Chris Meeks did the art for the puzzle, with his wife, Sandy Meeks, assisting on the coloring. Each booth will have a limited number of cards available each morning of the show. Collectors will want to be quick, as these went fast at SDCC.

NYCC Oh the Horror-ible Set

Artists David Gross and Brent Engstrom have
done the artwork for the latest Garbage Pail Kids Oh the Horror-ible expansion set. The set features characters that have appeared in 2002 horror film/shows. (Check out that B&W GPK banner and nameplate!) The 10 card set will be sold both at the Topps booth (#2819), and online at beginning Thursday. Collectors purchasing the set at the show will get the show exclusive 6a & 6b (Wicked Wednesday/Addy Addams) cards.

Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine

Step right up and have Adam Bomb tell you your mis-fortune! Topps will be debuting at their booth, (#2819), the Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine. This custom machine was built by the same company the built the popular Zoltar fortune telling machines seen in arcades and amusement parks. The 3D Adam Bomb has lights, sound effects, voice track, and pulsating mushroom cloud. After getting their misfortune told, collectors will receive an exclusive GPK card. Artist Neil Camera did the artwork on the 10 different cards that collectors can receive. Topps has not yet revealed pictures of the cards or pricing per misfortune. They did say credit cards will be accepted.

Meet & Greets, Autos, Promo Cards

What’s a Con without meeting your favorite artists?

Joe Simko has two different signings planned for the con. On Thursday Simko will be part of the Abrams Book Panel and Signing. Authors RL Stine (GPK novels), Liz Weinberg and Matt Stine (GPK Cookbook), and Simko will appear at a session titled GPK: A Gross Out Update, in room 1B03 from 5:15-6:15. A book signing will precede the panel from 4:00-5:00 in Hall A. Autographs will be free, and GPK books will be available for purchase from Barnes & Noble.

On Friday Simko will be at the Topps booth (#2819) from 1:00-1:30 signing a GPK Krashers Promo card.

David Gross will be at the Topps booth (#2819) on Sunday from 1:00-1:30 signing a GPK We Hate the 80’s promo card.

Saturday, artist Neil Camera will be at the show throughout the day. Camera is scheduled for two different signings on Saturday. Times, locations, and items being signed have not been revealed yet by Topps or the artist.

Adam F. Goldberg, the creator of ABC’s The Goldberg’s, and Hans Rodionoff will appear at the Midtown Comic’s booth (#3137). The pair are co-writers on the new GPK Origins comic series. They will be signing copies of Issue #1 on Sunday at 3:00 PM.

Author RL Stine will be appearing at the Blackstone Publishing booth (#3224) on Thursday from 1:30-2:30 signing Garbage Pail Kids: Welcome to Smellville posters.

Grossest Sketch Competition

Artists David Gross, Neil Camera, and Joe Simko will all be partaking in Topps Grossest Sketch Competition. Collectors can vote each day, tournament style for what sketch card the artists should draw live! Voting begins tonight on Topps social channels, and live sketch times are TBD, check Topps booth (#2819) for info.

GPK Simko Print & T-shirt

Joe Simko also created a black light silkscreen print with a GPK NYCC theme. The 18” x 24” prints are limited to 250, and will be available to purchase at the official NYCC booths (#1157 & #3900). A t-shirt featuring the same artwork will also be available at the same booths.

Meet Adam Bomb

Thats right, on Friday and Saturday at the Topps booth (#2819), collectors can meet and take pictures with Adam Bomb himself! Appearance times are not available yet for Adam Bomb.

And more….

There are rumors of contests at Topps booth throughout the show. There may also be a couple of other surprises. Collectors attending the show will have a full weekend of GPK waiting for them.

Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine to Debut at NYCC

Step right up and Adam Bomb will tell you your misfortune! Topps will debut their new Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine at this year’s New York Comic Con. The machine is built by the same company that built the Zoltar fortune telling machines. There is a full animatronic Adam Bomb complete with sound track. For a fee, collectors will have their misfortune told and receive a special Garbage Pail Kids misfortune card. No details on the cards or pricing are available yet. Collectors will want to be sure to visit the Topps booth (#2819) for all their misfortune telling needs. Here are the details as released by Topps:

Global Debut of Adam Bomb ‘Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine’ (Topps booth # 2819) – custom built by the same company who created the popular ‘Zoltar’ machine as seen in the 1988 hit movie BIG. This first-of-its-kind unit will feature an animatronic 3-D Adam Bomb character, complete with lights, sound effects, voice track and pulsating mushroom cloud. Players will receive a special GPK ‘Mis-Fortune’ Card upon completion of each turn. Credit card payment accepted.