Topps Planning Chrome 7 & 2024S2 in 2024

With recent changes after the Fanatics takeover of Topps, the company hasn’t produced the same yearly calendars as in the past, or at least made them public. Today distributors were sent the company’s plans for the rest of 2024 for retail card releases. Thanks for Jeff Pellegrino and Scott Calvert for sending along the info. For the GPK brand, there is finally official confirmation the company is planning a Chrome 7 set. Work has been well underway for the set now for a while. According to the document Chrome 7 will launch in Aug. 2024. Also on the document is 2024 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids, set for an Oct. 2024 release. (Ignore the Dune and Stranger Things Chome below. Those are not GPK releases, just regular Entertainment releases by Topps.) What collectors won’t see on here are online releases. Collectors can still expect plenty of regular online, expansion, and even Sapphire for the rest of 2024. Looks to be another year filled with GPK!