Details on Garbage Pail Kids NYCC Promo Set

Collectors visiting the Topps booth at this year’s New York Comic Con do indeed have an opportunity to obtain some promo cards. Topps has not done any advertising for the show, but there is a 10 card Garbage Pail Kids NYCC promo set. Collectors who play a couple of games at the booth are able to receive a mystery prize from the Topps vending machine. There appear to be two different GPK packs each containing 5 different cards that make up the entire set. There are also Star Wars cards and tshirts that can come out of the vending machine. The GPK set is made up of artwork from previous series with a New York theme. The card backs feature the NYCC banner. The booth had uncut sheets from the set on display. Employees at the booth are also wearing t-shirts featuring artwork from the set. Thanks to collector Adam Marks for sending along pictures of the cards! Here is the checklist along with pictures of the cards and booth.

  • GPKNY-1 Alice Island (OS 3)
  • GPKNY-2 Dinah Saur (OS 3)
  • GPKNY-3 Ashley Can (OS 4)
  • GPKNY-4 Homer Runt (OS 7)
  • GPKNY-5 Sprayed Wade (OS 5)
  • GPKNY-6 Brandon’s Bargains (2021 Bizarre Holidays)
  • GPKNY-7 Skye Scraper (2021 Bizarre Holidays)
  • GPKNY-8 Brewed Billy (2021 Bizarre Holidays)
  • GPKNY-9 Peg Piegon (2015S2 30th Anniversary)
  • GPKNY-10 Wallace Street (2016S1 AAAP)

Ongoing GPK at NYCC Post

Since Topps didn’t see fit to promote anything at this year’s NYCC we will reveal here what collectors come across at the show. This post will be updated throughout the weekend as new info is revealed.

Update #2 – There are cards! GPKNews was tipped off last night that there would be some GPK promo cards at the Topps booth. Collectors that signup and attend the “factory experience” at the booth, get a free pack of promo cards from the Topps vending machine. The factory experience is a very small part of the booth with some mini games to play. GPKNews was told the NYCC GPK promo set would be 10 cards, mostly of reprinted artwork that had a NYC theme, the cardbacks feature the NYCC logo. There appears to be two different packs available that make up the complete 10 card set. Additionally, the factory experience had an uncut sheet of cards from the NYCC set on display. Employees were also wearing shirts at the booth with artwork from the GPK NYCC set. Thanks again to Adam Marks for sending along info on the cards!

Update #1 – As usual Topps has large blowup cards on the walls of their booth. Some of the GPK cards feature new artwork that appears to be from the unannounced 2023S2 retail set. In the worst kept secret in the hobby the set will be a space/sci-fi theme, and is expected to release in late November. Thanks to Adam Marks for the pictures and info!

Is Topps De-emphasizing GPK at NYCC 2023?

This year’s New York Comic Con is upon us, and once again congoers will be able to find a few Garbage Pail Kids items at the show. If it seems like there isn’t as much GPK at NYCC, you would be correct. For the first time in years, Topps/Fanatics has refused to promote GPK at this year’s show. Numerous email requests to the company from GPKNews have gone unanswered.  We’ve heard from numerous sources outside of Topps that the company would begin to demphasize GPK licenses, and this may be the beginning of that. What you won’t see this year? You won’t see a con version of a GPK Horror set. This has been a recent yearly tradition, but it appears there will be no exclusive con GPK sets for sale at the company’s booth. There also won’t be an artist signing at the Topps’ booth this year. Multiple artists offered but were told they weren’t needed this year.  So what GPK will be at NYCC?

The official NYCC store will once again have two exclusive Blacklight GPK prints done by artist Joe Simko. These 18” x 24” large prints will be signed and numbered, limited to 600 copies of each. The store will also have a t-shirt featuring the same artwork for $35.

Insight Editions (#3418) will hold an autograph signing with Joe Simko on Saturday, 10/14 from 2:00 – 2:30. Joe will be signing promo cards to help promote the launch of the GPK Popup Book. The company hopes to have copies of the book on hand as well.

GPKNews also just learned that cosplay extraordinaire Sam Gras will be at the Topps booth on Saturday, 10/14, in a brand new GPK costume! Which character will it be?

What else? That’s all GPKNews has been able to confirm. It’s worth it to drop by the Topps booth and ask about GPK. We’ve heard whispers of possible daily promo cards being handed out at the show. GPKNews has also attempted to reach out to other licensees, but haven’t heard back. Will ToyNK have anything? Will the Adam Bomb Fortune Teller be there? ToyNK didn’t respond to our email. Will Abrams be promoting the 2024 calendars? Abram’s also didn’t respond to our email. Will Dynamite Comics be promoting their upcoming GPK comic releases? Wait for it…Dynamite didn’t respond to our email. NYCC might have a number of unannounced surprises or be a little barren of GPK this year. Stay tuned to GPKNews as we will bring you info on whatever items do make an appearance.

Garbage Pail Kids Prints to be Available at Official NYCC Store

This year’s New York Comic Con is just a few weeks away, and the Garbage Pail Kids offerings are starting to surface. Once again the official NYCC store at the con will feature two prints from long time GPK artist Joe Simko. Both fluorescent blacklight posters measure 18” x 24”. The prints will be numbered and limited. GPKWorld is also reporting there is an NYCC GPK t-shirt featuring some of the same artwork that will also be available at the show. NYCC is set to take place Oct 12-15 at the Javits Center in New York City, NY.

Garbage Pail Kids NYCC Promo Cards

Update #7: Topps is handing out another Book Worms promo card, Adam Book, for their Saturday promo. Collectors must follow Topps on social media to receive the card. Thanks to AJ for the pictures!

Update #6: Couple examples of the Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine cards. $2 per turn.

Update #5: First look at Adam Bomb PopTater from Super Impulse, out later this year. Thanks AJ for the picture!

 Update #4: RL Stine signing posters for GPK Welcome to Smellville book. Thanks to AJ and Gerry for pictures!

Update #3: Large 5×7 Checklist card available for the Meeks 9 card puzzle.

Update #2: RL Stine large 5×7 card promoting Welcome to Smellville with free audio book offer on the back.

Update #1: Check out video of the Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling machine.

Topps didn’t quite reveal everything they had in store for this year’s NYCC. Collectors attending the show are already in’s showing off their giveaway from the first day. Topps is handing out a special Book Worms promo card at their booth. Collectors can receive a yellow border Book of the Ted NYCC promo card. There are sure to be more surprises revealed as the show goes on.

Topps Launches 2022 Garbage Pail Kids x Comic Con Oh the Horror-ible Online Set

New York Comic Con is here, and Topps is getting into the season with a horror themed GPK set. Today Topps launched 2022 Garbage Pail Kids x Comic Con Oh the Horror-ible online set. This 10 card set features characters from horror movies and TV shows in 2022. David Gross and Brent Engstrom did all the artwork for the set. Each set purchased online receives a Sepia parallel card. The set is also available at the Topps booth at NYCC. Collectors buying the set in person will receive cards 6a/b. The set can be purchased for $19.99 or in a lot of 10 for $179.99. Shipping is free when choosing the Economy/SmartPost option. The set will be available on for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run of the online sales at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist along with pictures of the cards.

1A Prey for FAYE
1B Preda-TORY
2A Grabbing Greg
2B Phoney Phil
3A Leather ACE
4A Orphan Anne
4B Evil Esther
5A Nope Nate
5B UFO Noah

Topps Digital Offering Daily GPK NFT At NYCC

Topps NFT digital cards are back. Topps Digital announced today they will be giving away daily Garbage Pail Kids NFTs at this year’s New York Comic Con. Collectors attending the show who already have a ToppsNFT account, or creates one at the show, can reserve a unique GPK “CMYK” variant each day of the show at the Topps Digital booth (#2819). Collectors will need to give their account information daily to a Topps Digital staff member to reserve that day’s NFT. The NFTs will be delivered to collector’s accounts prior to the end of 2022.

The NFTs themselves are “printing plate” themed motion NFTs of artwork that has been done by Joe Simko. Simko’s autograph also appears on each motion NFT. Thursday’s card is the Cyan version, Friday is Megenta, Saturday is Yellow, and Sunday is Key (Black). These are the first GPK NFTs Topps have released since the Food Fight NFTs in early 2021. Topps NFT business has under gone immense changes since that time. Previously, Topps launched NFTs on the Wax Blockchain. Topps now launches all their NFTs on their own website, which is on the Avalanche Blockchain. Their new website has gone through some growing pains since the launch. Many features collectors were used to on the Wax blockchain are still awaiting implementation, and are listed on the company’s roadmap. Collectors can buy and sell NFTs on the website using a credit card, no interaction with crypto currencies is required. After focusing mainly on Soccer and Baseball NFTs in 2022, Topps does have plans for a GPK NFT set. The roadmap for ToppsNFTs shows a GPK set listed under Q4 Content launches.


Topps Going All Out for Garbage Pail Kids at NYCC

This year’s New York Comic Con is upon us. The show is set to take place this Thursday (10/6) – Sunday (10/9) at the Jarvis Center in New York City. Topps will again have a big presence at the show. This year’s show may have more Garbage Pail Kids cards and merchandise than any show in history. Topps has really gone all out with the GPK! Read below to find out everything that has been announced for the show so far.

Topps GPK Trading Card Giveaway

Topps is duplicating the 9-card puzzle scavenger hunt they first did at this past year’s San Diego Comic Con. There will be 9 different cards at nine booths across the show for collectors to collect. Collectors can put the 9 cards together to reveal artwork with GPK’s taking over NYC. Once again artist Chris Meeks did the art for the puzzle, with his wife, Sandy Meeks, assisting on the coloring. Each booth will have a limited number of cards available each morning of the show. Collectors will want to be quick, as these went fast at SDCC.

NYCC Oh the Horror-ible Set

Artists David Gross and Brent Engstrom have
done the artwork for the latest Garbage Pail Kids Oh the Horror-ible expansion set. The set features characters that have appeared in 2002 horror film/shows. (Check out that B&W GPK banner and nameplate!) The 10 card set will be sold both at the Topps booth (#2819), and online at beginning Thursday. Collectors purchasing the set at the show will get the show exclusive 6a & 6b (Wicked Wednesday/Addy Addams) cards.

Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine

Step right up and have Adam Bomb tell you your mis-fortune! Topps will be debuting at their booth, (#2819), the Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine. This custom machine was built by the same company the built the popular Zoltar fortune telling machines seen in arcades and amusement parks. The 3D Adam Bomb has lights, sound effects, voice track, and pulsating mushroom cloud. After getting their misfortune told, collectors will receive an exclusive GPK card. Artist Neil Camera did the artwork on the 10 different cards that collectors can receive. Topps has not yet revealed pictures of the cards or pricing per misfortune. They did say credit cards will be accepted.

Meet & Greets, Autos, Promo Cards

What’s a Con without meeting your favorite artists?

Joe Simko has two different signings planned for the con. On Thursday Simko will be part of the Abrams Book Panel and Signing. Authors RL Stine (GPK novels), Liz Weinberg and Matt Stine (GPK Cookbook), and Simko will appear at a session titled GPK: A Gross Out Update, in room 1B03 from 5:15-6:15. A book signing will precede the panel from 4:00-5:00 in Hall A. Autographs will be free, and GPK books will be available for purchase from Barnes & Noble.

On Friday Simko will be at the Topps booth (#2819) from 1:00-1:30 signing a GPK Krashers Promo card.

David Gross will be at the Topps booth (#2819) on Sunday from 1:00-1:30 signing a GPK We Hate the 80’s promo card.

Saturday, artist Neil Camera will be at the show throughout the day. Camera is scheduled for two different signings on Saturday. Times, locations, and items being signed have not been revealed yet by Topps or the artist.

Adam F. Goldberg, the creator of ABC’s The Goldberg’s, and Hans Rodionoff will appear at the Midtown Comic’s booth (#3137). The pair are co-writers on the new GPK Origins comic series. They will be signing copies of Issue #1 on Sunday at 3:00 PM.

Author RL Stine will be appearing at the Blackstone Publishing booth (#3224) on Thursday from 1:30-2:30 signing Garbage Pail Kids: Welcome to Smellville posters.

Grossest Sketch Competition

Artists David Gross, Neil Camera, and Joe Simko will all be partaking in Topps Grossest Sketch Competition. Collectors can vote each day, tournament style for what sketch card the artists should draw live! Voting begins tonight on Topps social channels, and live sketch times are TBD, check Topps booth (#2819) for info.

GPK Simko Print & T-shirt

Joe Simko also created a black light silkscreen print with a GPK NYCC theme. The 18” x 24” prints are limited to 250, and will be available to purchase at the official NYCC booths (#1157 & #3900). A t-shirt featuring the same artwork will also be available at the same booths.

Meet Adam Bomb

Thats right, on Friday and Saturday at the Topps booth (#2819), collectors can meet and take pictures with Adam Bomb himself! Appearance times are not available yet for Adam Bomb.

And more….

There are rumors of contests at Topps booth throughout the show. There may also be a couple of other surprises. Collectors attending the show will have a full weekend of GPK waiting for them.

Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine to Debut at NYCC

Step right up and Adam Bomb will tell you your misfortune! Topps will debut their new Adam Bomb Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine at this year’s New York Comic Con. The machine is built by the same company that built the Zoltar fortune telling machines. There is a full animatronic Adam Bomb complete with sound track. For a fee, collectors will have their misfortune told and receive a special Garbage Pail Kids misfortune card. No details on the cards or pricing are available yet. Collectors will want to be sure to visit the Topps booth (#2819) for all their misfortune telling needs. Here are the details as released by Topps:

Global Debut of Adam Bomb ‘Mis-Fortune-Telling Machine’ (Topps booth # 2819) – custom built by the same company who created the popular ‘Zoltar’ machine as seen in the 1988 hit movie BIG. This first-of-its-kind unit will feature an animatronic 3-D Adam Bomb character, complete with lights, sound effects, voice track and pulsating mushroom cloud. Players will receive a special GPK ‘Mis-Fortune’ Card upon completion of each turn. Credit card payment accepted.

Topps Reveals 9-Card Puzzle Giveaway for NYCC

Topps today revealed the artwork being used for their Trading Card Giveaway at this year’s New York Comic Con. Collectors can collect all 9 pieces of the puzzle at various booths around the show. Once put together, the image reveals GPKs taking on New York City in a spoof of the NY Post. Artwork for the puzzle was done by artist Chris Meeks. Each booth will have a limited number of cards available each day of the show. Collectors will want to make it a priority to arrive early as these cards will go quickly. The list of booths is in the picture below. NYCC is fast approaching, scheduled to start in just 10 days taking place 10/6-10/9.