Topps Digital Offering Daily GPK NFT At NYCC

Topps NFT digital cards are back. Topps Digital announced today they will be giving away daily Garbage Pail Kids NFTs at this year’s New York Comic Con. Collectors attending the show who already have a ToppsNFT account, or creates one at the show, can reserve a unique GPK “CMYK” variant each day of the show at the Topps Digital booth (#2819). Collectors will need to give their account information daily to a Topps Digital staff member to reserve that day’s NFT. The NFTs will be delivered to collector’s accounts prior to the end of 2022.

The NFTs themselves are “printing plate” themed motion NFTs of artwork that has been done by Joe Simko. Simko’s autograph also appears on each motion NFT. Thursday’s card is the Cyan version, Friday is Megenta, Saturday is Yellow, and Sunday is Key (Black). These are the first GPK NFTs Topps have released since the Food Fight NFTs in early 2021. Topps NFT business has under gone immense changes since that time. Previously, Topps launched NFTs on the Wax Blockchain. Topps now launches all their NFTs on their own website, which is on the Avalanche Blockchain. Their new website has gone through some growing pains since the launch. Many features collectors were used to on the Wax blockchain are still awaiting implementation, and are listed on the company’s roadmap. Collectors can buy and sell NFTs on the website using a credit card, no interaction with crypto currencies is required. After focusing mainly on Soccer and Baseball NFTs in 2022, Topps does have plans for a GPK NFT set. The roadmap for ToppsNFTs shows a GPK set listed under Q4 Content launches.