Details on Garbage Pail Kids NYCC Promo Set

Collectors visiting the Topps booth at this year’s New York Comic Con do indeed have an opportunity to obtain some promo cards. Topps has not done any advertising for the show, but there is a 10 card Garbage Pail Kids NYCC promo set. Collectors who play a couple of games at the booth are able to receive a mystery prize from the Topps vending machine. There appear to be two different GPK packs each containing 5 different cards that make up the entire set. There are also Star Wars cards and tshirts that can come out of the vending machine. The GPK set is made up of artwork from previous series with a New York theme. The card backs feature the NYCC banner. The booth had uncut sheets from the set on display. Employees at the booth are also wearing t-shirts featuring artwork from the set. Thanks to collector Adam Marks for sending along pictures of the cards! Here is the checklist along with pictures of the cards and booth.

  • GPKNY-1 Alice Island (OS 3)
  • GPKNY-2 Dinah Saur (OS 3)
  • GPKNY-3 Ashley Can (OS 4)
  • GPKNY-4 Homer Runt (OS 7)
  • GPKNY-5 Sprayed Wade (OS 5)
  • GPKNY-6 Brandon’s Bargains (2021 Bizarre Holidays)
  • GPKNY-7 Skye Scraper (2021 Bizarre Holidays)
  • GPKNY-8 Brewed Billy (2021 Bizarre Holidays)
  • GPKNY-9 Peg Piegon (2015S2 30th Anniversary)
  • GPKNY-10 Wallace Street (2016S1 AAAP)