FYE Offering Exclusive Box for Upcoming GPK Tarot Set

FYE announced they are offering an exclusive box art for the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Tarot Deck and Guidebook. The set and book are being published by Insight Editions. Artwork on the cards was done by artist Miran Kim. The set has been available other places for preorder for a few months now, but collectors now have the chance to preorder this exclusive box set from FYE. The set can be preordered now from FYE’s website for $24.99. The deck and guidebook is scheduled to be released in 7/21/22.

FYE Exclusive Greenlight Garbage Pail Kids Diecast Car Available Now

FYE and Greenlight have been partners with Topps now for a few years. Now the two are teaming up to offer an exclusive diecast Garbage Pail Kids car. Today FYE launched the Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van. Each car comes with a Cotton Kandy GPK card. The car comes packaged in the familiar Greenlight GPK packaging. The car is exclusive to FYE and can be purchased for $12.99 on their website, and will be in stores soon. According to FYE, there will not be a “green machine” version of this car produced, only the base version.

FYE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Candy Bars

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with candy! After being teased a few weeks ago, FYE has launched two new Garbage Pail Kids candy bars in stores. Thanks to GPK collector Trenton McAnally for sending along pictures of these available in his local store. The Drippy Skippy Bar is a milk chocolate with peanut butter filling. While the Cotton Kandy Bar is a cotton candy flavored confection. FYE previously launched two other candy bars back in 2019. The bars retail for $3.99 in store.

FYE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Soda

FYE is at it again with the GPK consumables. Collector Nick Cornelison was first to spot a brand new GPK branded soda inside his local FYE store. Adam Bomb’s Nuclear Sunrise Orange Soda is being sold in individual bottles within the GPK section for $3.99 each. No word yet if the bottle will be sold on the FYE website. Be sure to check your local FYE to quench your thirst!

FYE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Playing Card Deck

The stream of GPK merchandise from FYE never stops. This morning FYE listed for sale a Garbage Pail Kids Playing Card Deck. The deck features the same artwork used for the GPKNation playing card coins, and is manufactured by Just Funky. The list price for the deck is $5.99. As of press time the listing shows unavailable, so keep checking to see if it goes back into stock.

FYE Offering Exclusive Garbage Pail Kids Promo Card With Mini Cereal

Update 10/4: There appears to be two different FYE cereal promo cards. GPK collector Matt Rocco pulled what appears to be the rarer Barf Bits cars. According to signage in the store the Barf Bits card is limited to 300 copies. Thanks to Matt for the picture!

FYE begin selling the previously advertised mini-cereal 3 pack in stores and online yesterday. If you purchase the cereals in store, they are passing out an exclusive Bony Tony’s Skull Crunch promo card. Artwork for the card and cereal boxes was done by GPK artist Joe Simko. The card comes wrapped in a silver wrapper. So far no other cards have surfaced. If additional cards surface this post will be updated. No idea how many cards will be available or if all stores received them. Thanks to GPK collector Kelly Eve for the pictures of the card and cereal! Get down to your local FYE now, to check availability!

FYE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Bowl/Spoon Set

The next round of officially licensed FYE merchandise looks to be hitting shelves. FYE has launched a Garbage Pail Kids bowl and spoon set. Thanks to GPK collector Wendy Miller for the picture who spotted these in her local FYE store going out of business. The bowl features green slime and a number of GPK characters on the outside. The store had these available for $14.99. Topps has already announced there would be a set of new mini cereals coming for FYE later this year. This bowl would make the perfect addition to your breakfast.

Topps Reveals Upcoming Licensed Merchandise

Topps today shared a Garbage Pail Kids September Newsletter that promotes both previously released and upcoming products. Everything GPK is included on the flyer. Both the upcoming 35th anniversary retail set, and WAX Blockchain set are advertised. There were some previously unannounced products revealed on the flyer. USAopoly will be launching a second 1000 piece puzzle in November. FYE is slated to launch mini-cereal boxes in stores and online on 9/17/20. Finally there are teasers for upcoming products in 2020 from Super 7, Geeki Tikis, and Mew Funkos! The 35th anniversary of GPK continues to be full of options for collectors!

FYE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Cereal Bar

FYE is back with the latest GPK consumable. FYE stores today begun selling Garbage Pail Kids Cereal Bars. The packaging advertises them as Crazy Crisps with Marshmellow Barf Bits. Retail price in the store is $7.99. Thanks to Collector Brad Lenheim who was first to spot these in the wild. The bars look very much like the cereal launched last year. Most likely you will be able to find these in stores across the country and online soon.

FYE Announces Garbage Pail Kids Hot Sauce

Yesterday was National Hot Sauce day. FYE is taking that to heart with their announcement that Garbage Pail Kids hot sauces will be coming soon. The sauces were first announced on their blog, but now are also showing up on their online store as coming soon. For $5.99 a bottle, collectors can get their hands on Hot Scott’s Infernal Fire or Adam Bomb’s Nuclear Meltdown sauces. There will also be Nasty Nick’s Mouth-Impaler Garlic and Fryin Ryan’s Tongue-Destroyer flavors available as well. While there is no release date announced these should be available shortly giving they are already listed in the online store.