FYE Offering Exclusive Garbage Pail Kids Promo Card With Mini Cereal

Update 10/4: There appears to be two different FYE cereal promo cards. GPK collector Matt Rocco pulled what appears to be the rarer Barf Bits cars. According to signage in the store the Barf Bits card is limited to 300 copies. Thanks to Matt for the picture!

FYE begin selling the previously advertised mini-cereal 3 pack in stores and online yesterday. If you purchase the cereals in store, they are passing out an exclusive Bony Tony’s Skull Crunch promo card. Artwork for the card and cereal boxes was done by GPK artist Joe Simko. The card comes wrapped in a silver wrapper. So far no other cards have surfaced. If additional cards surface this post will be updated. No idea how many cards will be available or if all stores received them. Thanks to GPK collector Kelly Eve for the pictures of the card and cereal! Get down to your local FYE now, to check availability!