GetAGrip Skateboards Set to Launch GPK Character Deck 4: Barf-A-Rama

GetAGrip Skateboards is back with all the body fluids you can handle. They are set to launch their newest Garbage Pail Kids skateboard deck, Character Deck 4: Barf-A-Rama. The new deck features the artwork of Rory McQueen. Each deck will come with a triptych card featuring the same deck artwork, one random character grip tape, and an exclusive barf bag. The decks will be hand numbered and limited to 200 copies. The decks can be purchased starting tomorrow, 5/13/22, at 1:00 PM EST at GetAGrip’s website. Here is the information from the company on the new deck.

Featuring the disgustingly brilliant art of Rory McQueen, we are thrilled to bring you our fourth installment from the Character Deck Collection. Our grossest drop yet and before we get cancelled – yes it’s: Character Deck 4: BARF-A-RAMA!

Rory couldn’t squeeze any more filth and puke into this Officially Licensed GPK Deck release. To say we’re excited about this one would be the understatement of the year. This bundle features only the second ever Trippy Triptych. A printed tri-fold Collector Card (each one hand numbered and signed by the man himself).

* EVERY bundle includes official color Ltd/200 artist signed Trippy Triptych
* Bundle includes 1x Character Deck, 1x exclusive random design grip tape PLUS BARF-A-RAMA exclusive Barf bag
* Limited Edition of 200 decks
* Hand-numbered sticker of authenticity – number matches Triptych
* Shape: Popsicle 8.25”
* Deck Construction: Traditional, Canadian 7-ply Maple
* Random stain color on the top of the decks
* Comes with Exclusive Adam Bomb Printed Poly Bag
* Exclusive chase deck (Ltd/8) PLUS ONE GOLD CARD!

GetAGrip Launching Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 3 this Friday

GetAGrip Skateboards begin teasing their upcoming launch of their Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 3. Series 3 you ask? What happened to series 2? Much like other companies in the US, they have had problems getting goods from overseas. According to the company, the series 2 wheels have been sitting on a ship in the ocean for months now. However, their series 3 wheels somehow made it through. Instead of waiting to release them in order, the company has decided to launch the series 3 wheels now. The launch is scheduled for this Friday, 11/26/21. There are no other details about the product available. The company’s MO is to release very little information on their products. Based on previous releases collectors can expect rare wheels, and unannounced special parallel wheels. Collectors will want to stay glued to their Facebook page for any updates prior to the launch.

GetAGrip Skateboards Launching GPK Adam Bomb Deck This Friday

GetAGrip Skateboards announced this week they will be launching their last Garbage Pail Kids skateboard deck of 2021 this Friday. The officially licensed Adam Bomb deck will be for sale exclusively on their website this Friday, 11/12, (no specific time has been announced). This deck will be limited and numbed /300 copies. Each deck will come with one of three random grip tapes. Collectors might get Adam Bomb, Nasty Nick, or Dead Ted grip tape with their order. An official trading card, poster, and wall hanger will also come with the package. Collectors will want to be on top of this one, previous sales have sold out quickly and crashed their website, expect more of the same this Friday.

GetAGrip Skateboards Teases New Guts Deck

GetAGrip Skateboards began teasing a brand new officially licensed skateboard deck just in time for Halloween. The “Guts” deck will launch tomorrow, 10/29 and will be limited to /100 decks. The company hasn’t revealed pricing or exact launch times yet. The deck appears to comes with a matching poster and trading card of Gory Rory. Be sure to follow GetAGrip on Instagram and Facebook for more info!

GetAGripSkateboards Launches Garbage Pail Kids Wheels

GetAGripSkateboards today launched their initial series of officially licensed Garbage Paul Kids themed skateboard blind bag wheels. Today’s launch was announced to collectors who were signed up to their VIP email list. The officially launch day is tomorrow, 5/1. There are eight base wheels, and one limited chase wheel to collect. The characters on the wheels are comprised of all OS 1 characters, except for one OS 2 wheel. Individual wheels are available for $11.99, or in a 10 pack for $100, or a 50 pack for $450. Wheels can be purchased on the company’s website. Wheels went on sale early morning and the website reports the 50 packs are already sold out. The website state the wheels will ship in mid-May. The company will also be selling a limited edition skateboard deck in the middle of May.

GetaGripSkateboards to Release Garbage Pail Kids Wheels and Decks

GetaGripSkateboards announced in a press release today a new license agreement with Topps to produce Garbage Pail Kids themed skateboard wheels and decks. This will be the first release from the brand new company. The company will first offer a blind bagged individually themed GPK skateboard wheels on 5/1/21. There will be 8 wheels to collect with an Adam Bomb chase wheel as a limited edition. There will also be a 1/1 wheel inserted into the release. Then coming two weeks later on 5/14/21 will be the first deck release. This first deck will be limited to 300 copies only. The company says shortly after that will be five more decks, with other releases planned including more wheels, decks, and clothing in the coming months. The skateboard theme was hugely popular with collectors back in 2017 when Santa Cruz released themed blind bagged decks. No other details have been release including pricing. The products will be available to purchase from GetaGripSkateboards website. Here is the press release from today.


NEW YORK. April 21, 2020. Newly established Skate Brand GetaGripSkateboards and The Topps Company, creator of the renowned-yet-subversive Garbage Pail Kids® brand (“GPK”), have teamed up for a collaboration of epic and ground-breaking proportions.

The collaboration, licensed by Topps, will feature both classic retro artwork and photography, as well as all-new 1980s skateboard inspired artwork from renowned GPK illustrators. 

To kick-flip it all off, May 1st will see the release of a world first – a blind bagged, GPK collectible skateboard wheel set. Foil wrapped and blind packaged, each packet will contain one wheel featuring one of eight fan favorite GPK characters. Word on the street is that there will be a chase wheel to collect, as well as a “Super” rare, one-off wheel, hidden away in just one of these bags, ready to be busted out and released to the world.

Designed to be displayed as collectibles, these are 100% authentic, high performance skateboarding wheels, and so if the mood takes you, you can slap these 53mmx33mm street wheels to your deck and get riding.

As if that were not intriguing enough, just two weeks later, May 14th will see the first actual skateboard release from GetaGripSkateboards (“GAGS”). A Limited-Edition deck of just 300 quantity – USA printed and made. Expect a first glimpse of this deck design a week after the wheels drop – but wait, there’s more! We caught up with the two mysterious founders of GAGS, Ray Decay and Dead Ted (possibly not their real names!), and they let the cat out of the bag that there would be a further 5 deck release (with a twist!) very soon after that – and even more decks, more wheels and clothing too, in the pipeline!

Ray and Ted also explained how this unique partnership came about: “Get a Grip Skateboards was EXPLICITLY formed out of an incomprehensible addiction and passion for GPK. We liked what Santa Cruz did with their decks back in 2017, but we felt that the story was left unfinished. We approached Topps and asked them if we could write the next chapter in the GPK Skateboard history book, and luckily for us, they said, heck yeah!”

The GAGS founders went on to say: “We are collector’s first and foremost. We had a dream; we are living it right now, and it is time for you to get a grip, get on board, buckle up and join us for one helluva joy ride!”

Ira Friedman, Topps VP of Global Licensing, goes on to say: “The GetaGrip Team oozes tenacity and creativity, which is why we chose to work with them in the first place. Now that we’ve seen what they have planned over the next 12 months, we’re just super stoked to be on this journey with them.” 

Series 1 GPK Collector Wheels go on sale from May 1st – exclusively from

Mob Grip Offering More GPK Themed Skateboard Grip Tape

After being quiet on the market for the last six months, Mob Grip is returning with a new selection of Garbage Pail Kids skateboard grip tape. Mob Grip is a subsidiary of NFS, Inc. The same company that owns Santa Cruz skateboards. Last October Mob Grip launched their first wave of GPK character grip tape. The company is returning this summer with new styles and new characters.

Mob Grip is offering two styles of tape. The first features GPK characters on a black background. The characters offered are Fryin’ Brian, Boozin’ Bruce, Ailin’ Al, Corroded Carl, and Potty Scotty. The Bruce is a repeat character from their first offer back in October, while the others are new. The second group being offered is GPK characters on clear grip tape. Adam Bomb, Tee-Vee Stevie, Mad Mike, Wacky Jackie, Bony Joanie are the five characters being offered in clear. Both Adam and Stevie are repeat characters from their first offer. The tape measures 9″ x 33″.

Right now The Dark Slide online skateboard company is offering the grip tape for pre-order. They currently have both sets of grip tape available as a 5 pack for $59.99. The tape should be available for pre-order soon at many skateboard shops. The last batch of grip tape retailed for $11.99 each. According to The Dark Slide’s website the tape is scheduled to launch in July of this year.

Mob-Grip Launches GPK Skateboard Grip Tape

So you have your brand new Garbage Pail Kids themed Santa Cruz skateboard deck, and you are ready to ride! You are going to need some grip tape! Mob-Grip has launched officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids grip tape. Like Santa Cruz, Mob-Grip is owned by NFS Inc. The company is offering 5 different classic OS 1 characters for purchase. Characters offered are; Adam Bomb, Tee-Vee Stevie, Electric Bill, Dead Ted, and Boozin’ Bruce. The tape measures 9″ x 33″ and features the classic artwork with straight Garbage Pail Kids banner, and classic name plate.

It appears two online skateboard companies began offering the tape this weekend on their websites, only for the listings to sell out quickly, and disappear. However, online retailer The Dark Slide, shows a listing for the tape with a “Coming Soon” label. The tape appears to retail for $11.99 per character. (Update: Price is now higher at $14.95. If buying from The Dark Slide you can use discount code GPK10off until 11/1.) The NFS Inc. B2B site also has pictures of the grip tape with the SKU #. I’ve reached out to the manufacture for more information, I’ll update this post with anything I find out. Keep your eyes open online and in skateboard shops around the country if you are interested in adding this to you collection.

Update: The Mob-Grip Brand Manager reaches out to GPK News to confirm that this is indeed an officially licensed product. The GPK themed grip tape officially launches on 10/23 in skate stores around the country.

GPK Guide to New York Comic Con

This week’s New York Comic Con is set to have a big Garbage Pail Kids presence. The show is set to take place Oct. 5-8 at the Javits Center. Topps, Santa Cruz, 30 Years of Garbage, and Wish Factory will all have heavy GPK presence. Read on for what you can expect and where to find it!

As usual Topps will have a booth at NYCC this year. Topps skipped GPK at this past year’s San Diego Comic Con, but GPK is back for NYCC in a big way. Topps has big plans on Saturday for GPK. For the first time since 2014, Topps will be handing out a promo card for 2017S2 GPK Battle of the Bands. Topps will hand out the Katy Perry parody on Saturday to show goers, while supplies last. GPK artist Joe Simko will also be signing the promo cards on Saturday from 1:30 – 2:30 at the booth. Topps will also announced they will be busting GPK boxes on Saturday at the show. You can find Topps at booth #454.

Santa Cruz skateboard company will be selling their blind bag GPK themed skateboard decks at the show. Set to officially launch on 10/9, collectors can get their hands on these boards at Topps’ booth (#454). Santa Cruz artist Pitchgrim posted on Facebook that Santa Cruz will have 400 boards on hand to sell. As a special bonus only for the show, each board purchased will come with an exclusive Heaving Hand enamel pin.

The excellent GPK documentary 30 Years of Garbage will also be featured at the show. Directors Joe Simko and Jeff Zapata will be interviewed on the NYCC Livestage, booth #174, Sunday at 12:00.

Wish Factory will also be at this year’s New York Comic Con in booth #243 selling their Kawaii Cubes plushes. They will have both the small (2 inch) for $5 and medium (4 inch) for $10 GPK plushes available for sale at their booth.

Creepy Co., another Topps GPK licensee, will be sharing a booth at NYCC with Toy Tokyo (#588/688). They will not have any GPK merchandise at the show, instead focusing on their My Pet Monster line. But the company is offering discount cards to show goers. They also would love to hear from GPK collectors at the show, be sure to stop by and say hi.

If you are going to the show, keep your eyes open for all the GPK goodness!

Santa Cruz Details GPK Themed Skateboard Deck Launch

Last May skateboard resellers begin taking pre-orders for Garbage Pail Kids themed decks made by Santa Cruz Skateboards. Santa Cruz’s license with Topps doesn’t stop at boards, they are also offering GPK themed t-shirts. This week on their website, Santa Cruz released some details on these blind bag decks.  In the video posted below, Santa Cruz Brand Manager, Andrew Cannon, opened up five of these blind bags and revealed what could be found inside. As released earlier collectors will be able to find 9 different types of skateboard decks all varying in rarity. The seven most common decks feature Adam Bomb, or variations like Hazardous Hand and Radioactive Rob.

As detailed in the video, the final two types of decks are both 1of1 varieties. There are 24 Artist Boards randomly inserted in the run. These 1of1 boards were hand painted by the following Santa Cruz artists; Jimbo Phillips, Tallboy, Pitchgrim, Horsebites, Suzanne Fiore, Keith Haupt, Aye Jay, Esayde, Pseudo5, Bart Saric, Tyler Emanuel, Lucas Musgrave, Ted Cocuzza, Ben Raney and Funeral French.

There are also 40 Background Boards. These are also 1of1’s that feature the classic Adam Bomb character but the backgrounds are all different.

In addition to the decks, collectors will also get an exclusive GPK card of Hazardous Hand, as well as a Heaving Hand sticker. The artwork for both the card and sticker was done by Santa Cruz artist “Pitchgrim” Cody Melick.

Santa Cruz has not revealed what the print run or odds of the various decks are. The GPK themed decks and t-shirts are set to be released from retailers on 10/9/17.