GetAGrip Launching Garbage Pail Kids DeadWoodz

GetAGrip revealed their latest GPK product today via their social media channels, Garbage Pail Kids DeadWoodz. DeadWoodz are designer woodcraft toys. The toys are double sided with a different GPK character on each side. There are 10 different wood toys to collect. Each toy also comes with one GPK card. There was no mention of the total number of cards to collect. Artwork for the series was done by Rory McQueen. The packs state there are 300 of each toy available. There are also chase variants in the packs, with their advertising video showing a pink version. No odds for variants have been revealed yet by the company. Pricing has also not yet been revealed. The toys go on sale on GetAGrip’s website tomorrow, 10/27/23 at 1:00 PM EST.

GetAGrip Skateboards Launches Squad Goals GPK Deck

GetAGrip Skateboards made good on their teases all this past week by today launching their officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids Squad Goals deck. The deck features the artwork of Rory McQueen with numerous classic GPK characters. Each deck purchased includes a Trippy Triptych card with the same artwork. The three panel card is numbered and signed by the artist. A random character grip tape, series 3 wheel, and wall hanger are also included in each bundle. The desk are limited to 200, and can be purchased for $179 while they last from GetAGrip’s website. Be quick, these will sell out.

GetAGrip Launching Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 3 this Friday

GetAGrip Skateboards begin teasing their upcoming launch of their Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 3. Series 3 you ask? What happened to series 2? Much like other companies in the US, they have had problems getting goods from overseas. According to the company, the series 2 wheels have been sitting on a ship in the ocean for months now. However, their series 3 wheels somehow made it through. Instead of waiting to release them in order, the company has decided to launch the series 3 wheels now. The launch is scheduled for this Friday, 11/26/21. There are no other details about the product available. The company’s MO is to release very little information on their products. Based on previous releases collectors can expect rare wheels, and unannounced special parallel wheels. Collectors will want to stay glued to their Facebook page for any updates prior to the launch.

GetAGrip Skateboards Launching GPK Adam Bomb Deck This Friday

GetAGrip Skateboards announced this week they will be launching their last Garbage Pail Kids skateboard deck of 2021 this Friday. The officially licensed Adam Bomb deck will be for sale exclusively on their website this Friday, 11/12, (no specific time has been announced). This deck will be limited and numbed /300 copies. Each deck will come with one of three random grip tapes. Collectors might get Adam Bomb, Nasty Nick, or Dead Ted grip tape with their order. An official trading card, poster, and wall hanger will also come with the package. Collectors will want to be on top of this one, previous sales have sold out quickly and crashed their website, expect more of the same this Friday.

GetAGrip Skateboards Teases New Guts Deck

GetAGrip Skateboards began teasing a brand new officially licensed skateboard deck just in time for Halloween. The “Guts” deck will launch tomorrow, 10/29 and will be limited to /100 decks. The company hasn’t revealed pricing or exact launch times yet. The deck appears to comes with a matching poster and trading card of Gory Rory. Be sure to follow GetAGrip on Instagram and Facebook for more info!

GetAGrip Launches Garbage Pail Kids Hat/Beanie

GetAGrip Skateboards is branching out a bit beyond just boards and wheels. Today the company launched an officially licensed SnapBack hat and beanie. Both of the all black hats feature the Garbage Pail Kids logo with GetAGrip’s logo just above. The snapback hat is available for $34.99, while beanie costs $29.99. Collectors interested in adding to their headwear collection can purchase the hats at GetAGrip’s website. Both listings say the hats will ship in 10-14 days.

Shipping and Availability Updates on Garbage Pail Kids Licensed Merchandise

Does it seem like you have 10 Garbage Pail Kids products on preorder? Read on for updates on when all the announced officially licensed products are expected to ship!


Pinfinity offered the first products to come from the GPK x Madballs crossover that was announced earlier in the year. Three different pin sets went up for preorder a couple months back. After initially expecting the pins to ship in May, they actually begin shipping last week. Collectors started receiving pins just in the last couple of days. Individual pins are still available for purchase at their website.


The second product to use the GPK x Madballs crossover is Mishka. A t-shirt and promo card, (to the first 300 buyers), was sold via the NTWRK app back in early May. The shirts are no longer available for sale. The company tells GPKNews they expect to start shipping later this week.


Greenlight Series 3 diecast cars have been out for a few weeks now. However, collectors have been waiting even longer for the GPK Mack Truck. The truck was offered for presale by back in Sept. 2020! The original expected ship date was Mar/Apr. That date slipped to May/June a couple months back. Just last week word came out that the ship date has once again slipped, now to July/Aug. Will Greenlight beat the one year mark? Collectors can still preorder the truck at

The Loyal Subjects

TLS is taking advantage of the GPK x WWE crossover with four new figures of wrestlers based off of artwork previously used on cards and clothing. The figures are a Wal-Mart exclusive and first went up for sale in early April. Wal-Mart preorders still show the original delivery date as 7/9/21, while new purchases show delivery as 7/15/21. Collectors can still preorder the figures at Walmart’s website.


The game and puzzle maker are going all out this summer with new puzzles and games based on Garbage Pail Kids. The Thrills & Chills puzzle is out now and recently started shipping to collectors. The 4th GPK puzzle, Home Gross Home, is available for preorder on Amazon with an expected shipping date of 7/19/21. Finally, USAopoly will be coming out with a GPK Rubik’s Cube, which is also available to preorder on Amazon. Shipping on the cube is expected for 9/6/21.

GetAGrip Slateboards

GetAGrip opened up preorder sales recently for their second deck, a double Semi-Colin deck set. The decks are limited to 300, and the company sold the last available decks this past weekend. Collectors who were able to grab one can expect shipping towards the end of August.


Last on the preorder bandwagon is the third book in the RL Stine Garbage Pail Kids series. Camp Daze is currently available for preorder with an expected release date of 10/12/21.

There will be many more Garbage Pail Kids items launching in the Fall and Winter. With Comic Cons opening back up, you can expect companies to return to traditional Con exclusives and launches. Buckle up it’s going to be a busy remainder of 2021.

GetAGrip Launches GPK Double Skateboard Deck

Fresh off the sellouts of their skateboard wheels and first deck, GetAGrip Skateboards is back with the next release. Today preorders have opened up for the Semi-Colon double deck set. The two set deck features the artwork of Rory McQueen. Each order also will come with an exclusive trading card with the artwork on the deck, and a sell sheet poster. The set is available to purchase from for $235. The preorder will be open for 10 days. The number of desk produced will be based on the number preordered. The company expects decks to ship at the end of August.

GetAGrip Skateboards Launching Heritage GPK Deck Today

The wait is almost over for collectors looking to purchase the first officially licensed skateboard deck from GetAGrip Skateboards. The company revealed the first pictures of the Heritage Deck this morning. The deck features pictures of all the Original Series boxes. The deck will go on sale beginning at 1:00 PM EST later today, and will be limited to only 300 copies. Pricing for the deck has not been revealed yet by the company. Head over to to their website to get all The skateboard goodness.

GetAGripSkateboards Launches Garbage Pail Kids Wheels

GetAGripSkateboards today launched their initial series of officially licensed Garbage Paul Kids themed skateboard blind bag wheels. Today’s launch was announced to collectors who were signed up to their VIP email list. The officially launch day is tomorrow, 5/1. There are eight base wheels, and one limited chase wheel to collect. The characters on the wheels are comprised of all OS 1 characters, except for one OS 2 wheel. Individual wheels are available for $11.99, or in a 10 pack for $100, or a 50 pack for $450. Wheels can be purchased on the company’s website. Wheels went on sale early morning and the website reports the 50 packs are already sold out. The website state the wheels will ship in mid-May. The company will also be selling a limited edition skateboard deck in the middle of May.