GetAGrip Launches Week 2 Discraft Buzzz Discs

GetAGrip today launched their second straight week of Discraft Buzzz golf discs. Today’s two news discs are of Fryin Brian and Live Mike. Both discs are limited to /50, and were available for $29.99 each. The disc’s sold out just after they went live on the company’s website. There are still three more weeks of discs coming from GetAGrip, collectors will have to be quick to get their hands on these!

GetAGrip Launches Wes Mess Skateboard, Watches, Socks Online & at Gross Card Con

GetAGrip skateboard today at Gross Card Con launched a new officially licensed skateboard deck. The Wes Mess deck featuring the artwork of James Warhola is available at the show and on their website for $150. The deck is limited to /50 copies, and comes with a Wes Mess card signed by James Warhola. The decks that were allowed for online have sold out already, but as of this posted a few remain at the show. The company also launched new versions of GPK watches and socks. The GPK watches are available in black or clear for $29.99. Socks come in a two pair of red and black, and in their own tin for $24.99. Both watches and socks are available online at their website and at their booth at GCC.

GetAGrip to Open “GPK Mart” at Gross Con Las Vegas

Update #4: Thursday’s reveal is a digital GPK watch! Watch comes in one of three colors; red, yellow, or white.

Update #3: Wednesday’s reveal is GPK Ouchies. Garbage Pail Kids themed bandages. They also announced each bag would contain a DeadWoodz pack, and skateboard wheel.

Update #2: Today’s reveal from GetAGrip is two pairs of socks, each in their own metal can.

Update: GetAGrip has revealed the first item in the Grossery Bag. Garbage Pail Kids Sunglasses! There will be /100 bags made. The company said they will reveal one item each day this week, prior to the bags going on sale this Friday.

This year’s Gross Card Con is right around the corner! The show is set to take place at the World Market Center in Las Vegas, 3/16 & 3/17. GetAGrip will once again be in attendance at this year’s show, and they aren’t coming empty handed. They will be opening up the first “GPK Mart”. Collectors attending the show will be able to pick up their Grossery Bag filled with all kinds of GPK goodness. The company has not revealed yet what will be in the bag, but they promise it will be the best, “POUND for POUND”, deal ever.

In a bit of a twist, the bag will only be offered as a Clink & Collect service. Bags will go on sale this Friday, 3/1/24, on their website. However, the company will not be shipping any. All orders must be picked up at the show in person. Contents, pricing, and rarity have not been revealed yet by the company, but they promise more information will be forthcoming. GPKNews will have another article later this week going over all the show details and guests!

Here is info from GetAGrip promoting the bag:

Get a Grip cordially invites all Garbage Pail Kids Collector’s to the grand opening of the first ever GPK Mart on March 16th. On the day of the show, you will be able to collect your exclusive Grossery Bag which they promise is POUND for POUND their best ever deal! Available exclusively as a Click & Collect service only, Get a Grip have said that the GPK Mart Grossery Bag will go live at  online at March 1st, but they will NOT ship these orders. All orders MUST be collected in person in Vegas. So if you’re not attending Gross Con this year (if not, why not?), make sure you find out who is, get your proxy in place, as you’ll need them to come and collect your order for you, from the GPK Mart stand. More information on what exactly is in this mystery Grossery bag will follow, but Get a Grip have promised us that you will not want to miss out on this unbelievably fun bag of tricks.

GetAGrip Launching Three Discraft Buzzz’s

GetAGrip is more than just skateboards. The company announced today on their social channels that they would be launching three new Discraft Buzzz’s tomorrow. Collectors can choose from frosbee golf discs featuring Nasty Nick, Dead Ted, or Grim Jim. The company previously launched two other Discraft discs earlier this year. Pricing has not yet been revealed. The discs will go on sale tomorrow, 12/1/24, at 1:00 PM EST on their website.

GetAGrip Launching Garbage Pail Kids DeadWoodz

GetAGrip revealed their latest GPK product today via their social media channels, Garbage Pail Kids DeadWoodz. DeadWoodz are designer woodcraft toys. The toys are double sided with a different GPK character on each side. There are 10 different wood toys to collect. Each toy also comes with one GPK card. There was no mention of the total number of cards to collect. Artwork for the series was done by Rory McQueen. The packs state there are 300 of each toy available. There are also chase variants in the packs, with their advertising video showing a pink version. No odds for variants have been revealed yet by the company. Pricing has also not yet been revealed. The toys go on sale on GetAGrip’s website tomorrow, 10/27/23 at 1:00 PM EST.

GetAGrip Launches Garbage Pail Kids Horror Artist Signature Skateboard

GetAGrip is back to combine a couple of GPK collectors favorite things. Today the company launched the Garbage Pail Kids Horror Artist Signature Series skateboard decks. This release is similar to the company’s release earlier this year featuring five different blind bagged skateboard decks from five different artists. This time the decks are ready for the fall season with some of the best horror themed GPK artwork. Each deck comes with an autographed companion card. The five artists represented are David Gross, Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, Tom Bunk, and John Pound. For the second time this year the company was able to get Pound to sign cards for the release. Each deck is limited and numbered to /75. The company did a slow reveal all week long, revealing the final deck just mins before the release. The decks can be purchased on GetAGrip’s website for $189.99 each. You’ll want to be fast, these will sell out quickly.

GetAGrip Launches Two New Garbage Pail Kids Neon Signs

GetAGrip is not just skateboards. The company today launched two new Garbage Pail Kids themed neon signs. The first is a neon OS1 pack sign. The neon is around the frame of this 12” x 16” sign. The sign is limited to 100 copies and can be purchased for $189. The second sign is the Mike Air Neon sign. This sign features GPK artwork on Michael Jordan. The neon also surrounds this sign that measures 12” z 18”. The sign is also limited to 100 copies and can be purchased for $250. Both signs are available now from GetAGrips’ website. Collectors have even more options for their collector cave now!

GetAGrip Launches Garbage Pail Kids ANS 20th Anniversary Deck

GetAGrip threw out a surprise Wednesday launch today of their Garbage Pail Kids ANS 20th Anniversary Skateboard Deck. The company says the blind bagged deck contains artwork from Rory McQueen to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of ANS Series 1. In a first, the company didn’t reveal the artwork on the deck. The package comes with a signed triptych card, and an Adam Bomb Discraft disc with John Pound’s artwork. The decks are limited to /120. Decks can be purchased from GetAGrip’s website for $150. The company also launched a separate Discraft Adam Bomb golf disc. Discs are limited to 300, and cost $29.99. The company says decks and discs will begin shipping in early August. Come celebrate the ANS years with GetAGrip!

GetAGrip Launches Garbage Pail Kids Peel Here Neon Sign

GetAGrip is more than just skateboards. The company today launched a Garbage Pail Kids Peel Here Neon Sign. This is the third neon sign launched by the company. The sign measures 16” x 16” and is a recreation of the peel here logo from GPK cards. The sign will be limited to 50 copies made. Cost for the sign is $199.99. Collectors can place their order now at GetAGrip’s website. Signs are made to order, so expect 3-4 weeks for delivery. Time to expand on your GPK cave!