GetAGrip Launching Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 3 this Friday

GetAGrip Skateboards begin teasing their upcoming launch of their Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 3. Series 3 you ask? What happened to series 2? Much like other companies in the US, they have had problems getting goods from overseas. According to the company, the series 2 wheels have been sitting on a ship in the ocean for months now. However, their series 3 wheels somehow made it through. Instead of waiting to release them in order, the company has decided to launch the series 3 wheels now. The launch is scheduled for this Friday, 11/26/21. There are no other details about the product available. The company’s MO is to release very little information on their products. Based on previous releases collectors can expect rare wheels, and unannounced special parallel wheels. Collectors will want to stay glued to their Facebook page for any updates prior to the launch.