Beyond the Streets x Garbage Pail Kids Returning for Second Year

The 2021 virtual art show, Beyond the Streets is returning and once again will feature Garbage Pail Kids. The show, which is scheduled for 12/1-12/2, is a celebration of graffiti and street art. Not much is known about the set yet. According an article in Men’s Journal, the show will once again offer a Garbage Pail Kids set with artwork done by the featured street artists. The article says, “Some product highlights include a new series of Garbage Pail Kids designed and inspired by the likes of Cleon Peterson, Maya Hayuk and Mister Cartoon.” The included card example looks to be a GPK rendition of a street artist, instead of the artists doing classic GPKs like they did in 2020. Once again the show will be exclusively on the NTWRK mobile app. The app currently has a place holder for the GPK sale set for 12/1/21 at 12:00 PM EST. No other information is available about the set. Much more to come in the coming days for this event.