GetAGrip Launching Garbage Pail Kids DeadWoodz

GetAGrip revealed their latest GPK product today via their social media channels, Garbage Pail Kids DeadWoodz. DeadWoodz are designer woodcraft toys. The toys are double sided with a different GPK character on each side. There are 10 different wood toys to collect. Each toy also comes with one GPK card. There was no mention of the total number of cards to collect. Artwork for the series was done by Rory McQueen. The packs state there are 300 of each toy available. There are also chase variants in the packs, with their advertising video showing a pink version. No odds for variants have been revealed yet by the company. Pricing has also not yet been revealed. The toys go on sale on GetAGrip’s website tomorrow, 10/27/23 at 1:00 PM EST.