GetAGripSkateboards Launches Garbage Pail Kids Wheels

GetAGripSkateboards today launched their initial series of officially licensed Garbage Paul Kids themed skateboard blind bag wheels. Today’s launch was announced to collectors who were signed up to their VIP email list. The officially launch day is tomorrow, 5/1. There are eight base wheels, and one limited chase wheel to collect. The characters on the wheels are comprised of all OS 1 characters, except for one OS 2 wheel. Individual wheels are available for $11.99, or in a 10 pack for $100, or a 50 pack for $450. Wheels can be purchased on the company’s website. Wheels went on sale early morning and the website reports the 50 packs are already sold out. The website state the wheels will ship in mid-May. The company will also be selling a limited edition skateboard deck in the middle of May.