Topps Announces Print Run for April Primaries Presidential Candidates Set

ARTGPK-STIC-16GPKA-CS-SETSales ended yesterday on for the 5th online Presidential Candidates, and 8th American As Apple Pie online exclusive set, April Primaries. This time around Topps with with a 48 hour window for the five subject, ten card set. As promised Topps posted the print run information via their Topps Blog. Once again Donald Trump comes out on top.

Donald Trump: 288
Hillary Clinton: 276
Ted Cruz: 270
Bernie Sanders: 270
Josh Kasich: 269

Despite being on sale for 48 hours, this is the smallest of the print runs for the Presidential Candidate online sets Topps has offered. This is right in line with the entertainment themed sets. Topps has promised they will continue offering Presidential Candidates on through the election. Only a matter of time before the Vice President candidates get included.

Topps Launches GPK April Primaries Presidential Candidates Set

ARTGPK-STIC-16GPKA-CS-SETTopps was busy with their Garbage Pail Kids today. After sending out information on the next retail GPK release, they launched their 5th Presidential Candidates online exclusive set. This time around Topps is calling the set, April Primaries. There are 5 subjects in this set each having a/b cards for a total of 10 cards in the set. As before you can purchase individual 2 card sets for $9.99 each or the entire 10 card set for $29.99. As an added bonus Topps is offering free shipping on the sets for a limited time.

This time around Topps says the cards will be on sale for 48 hours. They stated they would announce the print run on their Topps Blog after the end of the sale. The April Primaries set is being sold along side the Hall of Lame set which remains on sale until the Rock and Roll HOF special airs on HBO on 4/30. See below for checklist and images.


  • 1a. Dirty DONALD
  • 1b. Tawdry TRUMP
  • 2a. Uptight TED
  • 2b. Creepy CRUZ
  • 3a. Con-JOHN
  • 3b. Klepto KASICH
  • 4a. Hoodwinking HILLARY
  • 4b. Cagey CLINTON
  • 5a. Birdbrain BERNIE
  • 5b. Birdie SANDERS


Topps Announces 2016 Garbage Pail Kids Prime Slime Trashy TV Set

image002Topps today announced the next retail Garbage Pail Kids set, 2016 Prime Slime Trashy TV. The set is based on the “current golden age of television”. Once again the base set will contain 220 cards in various subsets. The base set will feature subsets once again parodying many TV shows. Topps was not as forthcoming this time around with the information on the sell sheet as you will see below. The set appears to follow the same pattern as the American As Apple Pie set released earlier this year.

As with the AAAP release Bruised parallels fall 1 per Collector pack, while Spit parallels #’d /99 will come in both Hobby and Collector packs. Fool’s Gold parallels will appear through all pack types and are 3’d /50 again. New this set will be an GPK Wacky Packages insert set found in both Hobby and Collector boxes. As the previous releases Collectors boxes will guarantee 1 hit each and will find Parody Patch, Artist Relic, and Duel Artist Panoramic sketch cards. Artist autos and Printing Plates will be found in all pack types, while shaped sketches only in Hobby and Collector packs. Based on imageless releases it also appears Bathroom Buddies and Gross bears will continue in this set as part of retail offerings.

The newest GPK release is set to release on Oct. 5, 2016. See below for examples of new artwork as well as the Hobby/Collector Sell sheet.






New GPK Promo Card Live from Topps Mars Attacks Set

A new Garbage Pail Kids Promo card is now live thanks to the release of Topps Mars Attacks Occupation. This set is the first time Topps launched a brand on the crowd funding site Kickstarter. Originally set to release in Dec., 2015 a handful of production issues has led to first cards being shipped last week. The first 500 backers of the Kickstarter campaign that paid enough to receive a physical award received a copy of the GPK Promo card. There ended up being 525 total backers. So at least 500 copies of the promo card were made. However, Topps allowed collectors to add on additional copies of the promo card for $5 to their order. So there is no telling how large the print run was for this promo card.

The front of the card features Leaky Lindsay and Alien Ian in new artwork from GPK artist Joe Simko.

File Apr 24, 11 04 27 PM

The back of the card features a comic with promotional information for the IDW GPK Graphic Novel Collection.

File Apr 24, 11 13 34 PM

If you were part of this campaign expect your order to be arriving in the mail any day if it already hasn’t. If you didn’t participate in the campaign keep you eyes on eBay as copies should start showing up soon.

Topps Launches Online GPK Rock and Roll Hall Of Lame Set

setYesterday Topps official Facebook page teased a GPK announcement for today. Many people were hoping for Chrome OS 3, and expecting the next full GPK set. However, Topps went in another direction and announced the online exclusive Rock and Roll Hall of Lame set. Like the previous Not-Scars and Shammys sets the cards are only available online. The 20 card set features GPK parodies of various music acts. The 10 different subjects are available in separate 2 card a/b sets for $9.99, while the entire 20 card set can be purchased for $49.99.

There is some confusion as to how long the cards will be offered. The cards for Rick Carlos state they will be on sale until May 2nd, while the remaining cards sate they will be on sale until the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame special airs on HBO, which is scheduled for April 30th. This is a change from how Topps has previous been selling the Apple Pie online sets usually giving a 24 hour window. However like the previous sets Topps states the print run will be announced via their Topps Blog.

Here is the complete checklist along with pictures of the artwork.

  • 1a) “EAZY Does It”
  • 1b) “Errant ERIC”
  • 2a) “Ear Doctor DRE”
  • 2b) “N.W. ANDRE”
  • 3a) “ICE’d Cube”
  • 3b) “Cold CUBE”
  • 4a) “Dunked DEEP”
  • 4b) “Pyro PURPLE”
  • 5a) “CHICAGO Away!”
  • 5b) “On the LAMM”
  • 6a) “Tricked RICK”
  • 6b) “Cheap CARLOS”
  • 7a) “Struck STEVE”
  • 7b) “Mangled MILLER”
  • 8a) “Kudos KENDRICK”
  • 8b) “Lauded LAMAR”
  • 9a) “Crazy KID”
  • 9b) “ROCK the Boat”
  • 10a) “Duplicative DAN”
  • 10b) “Poser PATRICK”

Topps Teases GPK Announcement for Tomorrow

Earlier this morning Topps posted via the official Topps GPK Facebook page that they would have an announcement for GPK fans tomorrow, 4/8.


We have an announcement coming tomorrow for GPK fans!

Posted by Garbage Pail Kids on Thursday, April 7, 2016


Ardent GPK fans have taken to the comments on that post to demand Chrome OS 3. However, just last week Topps brand manager Mark Von Ohlen tweeted out that they would be announcing the next new Garbage Pail Kids set very soon. Could this announcement be that or something else?

No New GPK Chrome Being Planned/New GPK Set Announcement Coming Soon

chromeIts been nearly two years since GPK OS 2 Chrome was released. During that drought die hard collectors have been clamoring for OS 3 Chrome to be released. It appears collectors will not be getting their wish anytime soon. In a response to a question GPK News submitted to Topps GPK Brand Manager Mark Von Ohlen via Twitter, he responded that there was, “no chrome planned for GPK right now.” No other elaboration was made, but it looks like collectors will have a long wait even if Chrome ever makes a return to the GPK line.


The other bit of information Mr. Von Ohlen mentioned in his tweet was there will be an announcement soon for the next new GPK set. Since January’s release of American As Apple Pie In Your Face, Topps has been busy creating and selling various online exclusive sets. However, talk online in recent weeks say Topps artists have begun working on the next set. It shouldn’t be long until Topps releases the sell sheet for the next GPK installment.