No New GPK Chrome Being Planned/New GPK Set Announcement Coming Soon

chromeIts been nearly two years since GPK OS 2 Chrome was released. During that drought die hard collectors have been clamoring for OS 3 Chrome to be released. It appears collectors will not be getting their wish anytime soon. In a response to a question GPK News submitted to Topps GPK Brand Manager Mark Von Ohlen via Twitter, he responded that there was, “no chrome planned for GPK right now.” No other elaboration was made, but it looks like collectors will have a long wait even if Chrome ever makes a return to the GPK line.


The other bit of information Mr. Von Ohlen mentioned in his tweet was there will be an announcement soon for the next new GPK set. Since January’s release of American As Apple Pie In Your Face, Topps has been busy creating and selling various online exclusive sets. However, talk online in recent weeks say Topps artists have begun working on the next set. It shouldn’t be long until Topps releases the sell sheet for the next GPK installment.

6 Replies to “No New GPK Chrome Being Planned/New GPK Set Announcement Coming Soon”

  1. Chrome is a winner over these new releases . I’m more than sick of bonus cards and parallels . Topps is killing GPK and I’ve been collecting since 1985. Maybe the guys putting this stuff together are not the right people to do so .

  2. I agree, I refuse to buy any GPK cards since 2014 because the artwork is absolutely atrocious.