Topps Launches 2023 MLB x Garbage Pail Kids Series 3

Baseball season kicks off for most teams this week. As part of that celebration, Topps today launched 2023 MLB x Garbage Pail Kids Series 3. This, now yearly, mashup of GPK with MLB players is the third series with all artwork for the set done by longtime GPK artist David Gross. The first two series were done by GPK first timers, Keith Shore and Alex Pardee. The large base set contains 50 cards, 25 new pieces with a/b versions. Each 7-card pack contains one insert card and one parallel card. Parallels for the set include Baseball stitching /199, Pink /99, Green /75, Orange /50, Blue /25, Purple /10, Red /5, Gold 1/1 . While inserts can be C Name (25), Wrapper cards 1:4 (25), artist card a/b 1:3, or Artist auto a/b 1:30. Three pack boxes are available for $54.99 or as a 10 box case for $524.99. Shipping is free when choosing the economy option. There is no time limit on the sale. The checklist can be found here. Here are pictures of some of the cards.