Topps Teases 2023 MLB x Garbage Pail Kids

Now batting third…David Gross. Topps today teased the next online release featuring MLB players turned into Garbage Pail Kids. In an email to collectors Topps announced 2023 MLB x Garbage Pail Kids Series 3. This will be the third mashup with GPKs and MLB players. Not much information was revealed about the set. The box does show it as being a 3 pack box, previous series had 5 pack boxes. The box also says each pack comes with one insert and one numbered parallel. The announcement showed a cards featuring Aaron Judge, Ronald Acuna, and Julio Rodriguez. Longtime GPK artist David Gross did all the artwork for the set, after the previous two series were done by non-GPK artists Keith Shore and Alex Pardee. The email says the set will launch online tomorrow, 3/26 at 12:00 PM EST.