Exclusive John Pound SDCC Promo Surfaces

With San Diego Comic Con in full gear, the second Garbage Pail Kids Promo card for the show has surfaced. Thanks to eBay a couple of sellers have posted the card, a reprint of Adam Bomb. The back of the card identifies it as a con promo with both a Topps and FYE logo. Pound is scheduled to sign autographs at the FYE booth Friday. Barring any other weekend surprises this looks to be the final SDCC GPK promo card.


Exclusive Simko SDCC Promo Card Surfaces

Thanks to eBay the first exclusive San Diego Comic Con Garbage Pail Kids promo card has surfaced. This one is a GPK Cereal Card named Barf Bit Betty. The art is the same art used on the 3f card from the FYE GPK cereal, but this time there is a character name. Joe Simko is being advertised to be signing promo cards at both the FYE store and the FYE booth at SDCC. I’m guessing this is one of the cards being given out. This of course brings up the question, do promos exist for all 4 cereal cards? There is also a John Pound promo card being advertised that hasn’t surfaced yet. I’ll update this post as more SDCC promo cards surface.


Super7 Adds Universal Monster x GPK T-Shirts to SDCC Pop-up Store

The San Diego Comic Con exclusives still keep coming. Today Super7 unveiled two Universal Monsters x Garbage Pail Kids T-shirt’s that will be part of their exclusive offerings. Both shirts will be available at their San Diego store outside of SDCC on Wed night and all day Thur. This will be in addition to the Universal Monsters x GPK card packs that will be on sale for $6 per pack. No pricing was released for the shirts. The artwork on the shirts features some of the same artwork Joe Simko did for the card sets. Those going to SDCC need to expand their budget!


Topps Reveals Print Run for 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink

It took just over 4 days for the latest online Garbage Pail Kids set to sell out. While this was the longest any of the recent online sets have taken to sell out, there is a reason. The print run is higher. Today, after the clock ran out, Topps revealed the print run for 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink. According to Topps a total of 1200 sets sold. This marks the high number for any of the recent online offerings. Topps planned for this with ordering additional sketches from artists. We are now able to figure out the print run information based on the sales regulars.

  • Green Parallels – 1200 Base sets * 2 greens per set = 2400 total greens / 20 cards in set = 120 of each Green parallel
  • Pink Parallels – 1200 Base sets * 1 pink per set = 1200 total pinks / 20 cards in set = 60 of each Pink parallel
  • Scratch & Stink Inserts – 1200 Base sets * 1 S&S per set = 1200 total S&S cards / 10 cards in set = 120 of each S&S card

The greens stay the same as the previous Valentine’s set because each set comes with one less green this time. Pinks and the Insert set print runs are higher this time around. We also know the majority of the sketch card artists on the set. After asking around the following 12 artists completed sketches for the set, (included are the number of sketches they completed). David Acevedo (62), Neil Camera (30), Brent Engstrom (30), Jon Gregory (72), David Gross (30), Lowell Isaac (60), Joe McWilliams (30), Rich Molinelli (30), Barry Nygma (31), Jay O’Leary (72), Chad Scheres (62), and Floyd Sumner (62). Since sketches come 1:2 sets we know there should be 600 sketches. The numbers above account for 571 of those sketches. So, there may be one additional artist that hasn’t come forward yet.


Topps Advertises All Garbage Pail Kids Exclusives at SDCC

Topps jumped on the San Diego Comic Con bandwagon today and released a flyer promoting all the Garbage Pail Kids offerings at this year’s con. The flyer reviews many of the items already announced, with new details.

John Pound

Jon Pound will be making a rare public appearance at this year’s con. He will be signing at the FYE booth (#1335) Friday from 3-4 and the Abrams booth (#1216) Saturday from 11-12. The flyer mentions he will be signing exclusive SDCC GPK promo cards.

Joe Simko

Joe will be signing autographs at the FYE booth Friday from 2-4, the FYE pop up store Saturday 6-8, and the Atomic Toybox booth (#3921) on Saturday 12-2. The flyer also mentions Joe will be signing exclusive SDCC GPK promo cards.


Super7 will have the previously announced Universal Monster x GPK cards for sale at their pop-up store Wed and Thur. Any leftovers will be sold at their booth during the weekend. The flyer shows packs of 6 cards so a min. Of four packs will be necessary to make a set.


FYE will be selling all their already released GPK edibles at their booth during the show.

Creepy Co.

Creepy Co. will be selling all their previously announced GPK merchandise at the Atomic Toybox booth during the show.


Greenlight Releases Pictures of Packaging for GPK Die-Cast Cars

Images have begun surfacing online of the package samples for the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 die-cast cars from Greenlight Collectibles. As expected the packaging features Junky Jeff as the mascot. Each package comes with a die-cast car and GPK sticker. Clutch Kyle is a brand new painting, while the others are previous characters. This also makes the first time images of the monster truck have been released. Previously Greenlight hadn’t released those images. All six cars are expected to launch in Aug. 2019.


Creepy Co. Debuting New Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise at SDCC

Update: 7/1 – More merchandise from Creepy Co. was announced on the SDCC Atomic Toybox page. The Garbage Pail Kids Mystery Bags will be exclusive to SDCC. For $50 collectors will get $75 worth of GPK merchandise. Every bag will contain one of Creepy’s GPK t-shirts, an exclusive GPK print, GPK socks, an oversized sticker, and a random assortment of other GPK merchandise. The bags will be available in one of three different Classic looking oversized wrappers measuring 13 x 10.

It’s been a while since Creepy Co. has launched any Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise. That’s about to change at this years San Diego Comic Con. As announced on the SDCC website, the Atomic Toybox booth will once again feature GPK goods from Creepy Co. The first item being offered is Garbage Pail Kids Bop Bags. These mini versions able to be displayed easily on a desk or cabinet. They measure 8″ x 4.5″ and will come in their own box. The four characters being offered are Adam Bomb, Joe Blow, Bony Jonie and New Wave Dave. They will sell for $10 each at the show. Anyone purchasing all four will receive an oversized GPK die-cut sticker.

Just like last year, they will also be offering a new lanyard and pin combo. This year’s pin features the Bruce Pain character from 2014 Series 2. The lanyard/pin combo will be available for $15, with a limit of 3 per customer. This adds to the already growing amount of new merchandise for collectors at this year’s SDCC.


Topps Launches 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink

Update: I heard back from Topps. Each order comes with:

  • 20 card base set (10 a/b)
  • 2 Green parallels
  • 1 Pink Parallel
  • 1 Scratch & Sniff Card (Not a sticker)
  • 1:2 chance at a sketch

Topps says they will be updating their listing online.

Original article…

Its time to smell your Garbage Pail Kids! Today Topps launched 2019 On Demand Set #11 – Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink. The brand new online set appears to come with 10 new pieces of art available in a/b names for a 20 card base set. The listing from Topps is very confusing, so its not clear what cards come with an order. They show the checklist as being 1-20. However, the cards pictured show 2a, 3a, etc. Based on the actual names listed it appears #11 is really card 1b, #12 is card 2b, etc. I believe the set is 20 base cards. The artwork for the set was completed by Joe Simko, David Gross, Brent Engstrom, Joe McWilliams, and Neil Camera. The cards themselves are all numbered on the front and have brand new back artwork with awards.

The listing says the set comes with 23 cards, 1 Scratch & Stink card, and a 1:2 chance at a sketch. There is no explanation for what the other 3 cards you get in an order is. The example pictures show a green and pink parallel. Topps doesn’t state how many of each come with an order. There is also no information on the scarcity of the green and pink parallels like previous sets. The Scratch & Stink cards, which should actually smell, look to be replacing the previous “C” cards in the recent online sets. The picture of the example one shows they are numbered with an “s” after the number, and the set has 10 total cards. There is no checklist listed for the sketch artists, it is currently unknown how many artists were invited to do sketches for the online set. I’ve reached out to Topps for clarification, if they respond the article will be updated.

Each set is available for $40. Free shipping is available if you choose the SmartPost option at checkout. The set is available on topps.com for 7 days. Topps is limiting purchases to 50 per customer this time, up from 20 the previous set. Topps should reveal the print run at the completion of the sale. Here is the checklist list as listed and some picture examples.

  1. Dorian Fruit (1a) – Artist: Joe Simko
  2. Moth Bill (2a) – Artist: Joe Simko
  3. Milly Dew (3a) – Artist: David Gross
  4. Wet Doug (4a) – Artist: David Gross
  5. Harrison Fire (5a) – Artist: Joe McWilliams
  6. Trashy Candy (6a) – Artist: Joe McWilliams
  7. Death Breath Seth (7a) – Artist: Brent Engstrom
  8. Farmin’ Francis (8a) – Artist: Brent Engstrom
  9. Tear-Jerk Kirk (9a) – Artist: Neil Camera
  10. Chummy Chad (10a) – Artist: Neil Camera
  11. Durian Ian (1b)
  12. Martha Ball (2b)
  13. Musty Maddie (3b)
  14. Phil-thy Animal (4b)
  15. Meltin’ Milton (5b)
  16. Darlene Dump (6b)
  17. Garlic Garth (7b)
  18. Maynard Manure (8b)
  19. Reeky Ricky (9b)
  20. Funky Fin (10b)



Super7 Announces GPK x Universal Monsters SDCC Set

With this year’s San Diego Comic Con only a few weeks away, companies are busy announcing all their goodies launching during the show. Super7 today announced on their Facebook page today a new card set Garbage Pail Kids x Universal Monsters. Super7 owns the license to the Universal Monsters, and now also has a deal with Topps for the Garbage Pail Kids license. The artwork for the set was done by GPK artist Joe Simko. The set looks to have 24 characters to collect according to one of the pictures. The cards appear to be numbered a/b. According to Super7 the set will be available on 7/17 & 7/18 at their San Diego store which is a short walk from SDCC. That means collectors in the area won’t need a SDCC badge to purchase. GPKNews has contacted Super7 to see if these will be available after the show, if they respond we will update the article. For now start making friends with some collectors living in San Diego!


Artists Begin Work on 2019S2 Revenge of Oh the Horror-ible Sketches

Topps sketch artists have begun receiving their sketch blanks for 2019 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh the Horror-ible. Artists will be hard at work over the next few weeks completing the sketches for the next retail set. Topps has given artists a 8/5/19 due date for sketches giving artists just over 6 weeks to get them completed. While that’s not a ton of time, it is more than the artists got the the previous set, We Hate the 90’s. Each artist being asked to complete 37 Regular, 5 Loaded, 12 Shaped, 3 Panoramic, and 3 Tryptych sketches. Those numbers pretty much fall in line with the previous set. The number of shaped sketches is double what was asked for on the previous set. Does this mean production on Collector cases will be way up with this set? The number of regular sketches is up slightly, but it appears the number of artists is slightly down for this set.

In a bit of a disappointing move, Topps is keeping the green colors used on the 2019S1 set for the sketches. The fronts of the sketches appear to be exactly the same as the We Hate the 90’s set. Both the Garbage Pail Kids banner and nameplate are green. Just like with the 2018S2 Oh the Horror-ible set there will be two different shaped sketches. Artists were given half of their die-cuts in the regular garbage can version, while the other half are a tombstone die-cut. 2018S2 had coffins as the additional die-cut. The backs of the sketches feature some familiar OS characters. Dead Ted, Weird Wendy and Tommy Tomb.

The confirmed sketch lineup appears to be down from the previous set. 2019S1 We Hate the 90’s had 56 artists complete sketches. So far 50 of the 56 have confirmed they will be completing sketches for 2019S2 Revenge of Oh the Horror-ible. The returning artists are: David Acevedo, Simone Arena, Ro Garcia Astorga, Quinton Baker, Michael Barnard, Bobby Blakey, John Brewer, Neil Camera, Pat Chaimuang, Daniel Contois, Jasmine Contois, Sobot Cortez, Jason Crosby, Shawn Cruz, Dave Dabila, Vincenzo D’Ippolito, Joe Dobbins, Joey Fitchett, Shane Garvey, Patrick Giles, Daniel Goodroad, Dennis Gortakowski, Kelly Greider, Jason Heil, Lowell Isaac, Robert Jimenez, Rickey Kipfer, Mike McHugh, Rory McQueen, Chris Meeks, Lily Mercado, Ryan Moffett, Rich Molinelli, JM Monserrat, Victor Moreno, Barry Nygma, Jay O’Leary, Darrin Pepe, Steve Potter, Todd Rayner, Chad Scheres, Brent Scotchmer, Anthony Skubis, Matt Steffens, Mike Stephens, Floyd Sumner, Gregory Tilson, Dan Burn Webster, Gavin Williams and Clinton Yeager. Emma Burges, David Gacey, Paul Mangione, Joe McWilliams, Cathy Razim, and Magnus VonRobotsson for various reasons will not be completing sketches on this set. Once again, for the second set in a row, there have been no new sketch artists identified. However, there are 3 artists returning to GPK sketches cards after a break; Simon Jacobsohn, Jon Gregory, and Bryan Abson. This brings the current total of sketch artists to 53. This article will be updated as new artists are confirmed.

As the release date gets closer in Aug/Sept previews of some of the sketches should start popping up. 2019 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh the Horror-ible is set to release in stores on Sept. 25, 2019.