Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Yearbook Available for Preorder

Insight Editions is back with their latest GPK offering. The Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Book is now available for preorder on Amazon. The book is created by paper crafter Matthew Reinhart, with all the GPK art by Joe Simko. The book is filled with dozens of pops, pulls, slides and other interactive features. This includes the first ever paper engineered cards. Each card is removable from the book and contains a pull tab that transforms the character from a dignified class photo into a GPK chaos. The book sells for $34.99 and is scheduled to be released on 10/17/23. Here is the book’s description from the publisher:

See the Garbage Pail Kids as you’ve never seen them before in the first official GPK pop-up book! Master paper crafter Matthew Reinhart brings foul, fan-favorite Garbage Pail Kids like Adam Bomb, Leaky Lindsay, and Bony Joanie to life in three-dimensional, gross-out glory with this 1980’s-style pop-up yearbook. Exclusive removable, interactive GPK cards make this a must-have for any GPK collector.

Garbage Pail Kids: The Pop-Up Yearbook showcases the grossest, most beloved characters including Patty Putty, Cranky Frankie, and Luke Puke in intricately designed pop-up scenes that burst, spew and ooze from the page. Pop-up legend Matthew Reinhart offers dozens of pops, pulls, slides and other interactive features in the wackiest yearbook ever. Including bonus removable, interactive GPK cards, this deluxe pop-up book is the ideal collector’s item for Garbage Pail Kids fans.

GET SCHOOLED WITH STINKY, SLIMY POP-UPS: Bring your favorite Garbage Pail Kids to life in 3D with vibrant, detailed pop-up spreads full of surprises—and snot—to discover. In this nostalgic 1980’s-style yearbook, you’ll see the Garbage Pail Kids get an education in wreaking havoc with vomit in the cafeteria, mucky experiments in science class, and stink bombs in the locker room!

EXCLUSIVE, INTERACTIVE GPK CARDS: Collect the first-ever paper-engineered GPK cards! Each of this book’s removable cards include a pull tab that transforms a dignified class photo into a scene of classic GPK chaos.

FUN FOR ADULTS AND (GARBAGE PAIL) KIDS ALIKE: This pop-up book is sure to delight GPK collectors of all ages.

DELIGHTFULLY DISGUSTING NEW ILLUSTRATIONS: Featuring original, spectacular artwork by fan-favorite GPK artist Joe Simko, this pop-up book captures the signature humor and over-the-top action of the Garbage Pail Kids.

MATTHEW REINHART’S LATEST AND GREATEST POP-UP BOOK: World renowned paper crafter Matthew Reinhart’s newest pop-up book joins best-selling titles including Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and BeyondStar Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up GalaxyStranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, and Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book.

Topps Teases Garbage Pail Kids Valentine’s Day is Canceled Online Set

In today’s sales email to collectors, Topps teased the launch of Garbage Pail Kids Valentine’s Day is Canceled online set. The set is scheduled to launch on Thursday, 2/9/23. According to the teaser picture, each set will include 28 cards along with either a sketch of foil card. Collector’s can feel the love later this week.

2021S2 Garbage Pail Kids Vacation Officially Gets Release Date, Updated to 2023

Our long national nightmare appears to be coming to a close. In today’s release date email to distributors, Topps officially gave 2021 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids GPK Goes on Vacation a release date. As had been rumored for weeks, the newest retail set is now scheduled for a 2/22/23 release date. The set was originally scheduled for a Sept. 2021 release, but saw numerous delays due to Covid and printer shortages. Additionally, Topps also updated the set to be titled 2023 Series 1. Topps had gone back and forth the last year on updating the year on the set, with various dates under consideration. This also marks a change from the 2023 internal sales calendar Topps had planned. This confirms what we’ve been hearing, that Topps would back off slightly on the retail releases in 2023. The newest plan is for Vacation to be 2023S1, with both 2023S2 and Chrome OS 6 coming later this year. It looks like Kids are finally ending the longest vacation ever!

Odds for 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire

Sapphire has become very popular in GPK collecting circles. Today’s release of 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire was a highlight for many collectors, and remains available to purchase from Topps website. Thanks to Fanatics/Topps, GPKNews was provided two boxes to bust live for collectors. Be sure to checkout the GPKNews Facebook page for the video of the box break! We now have the odds that are printed on the box for each parallel type:

Black 1:14
Yellow 1:18
Fuchsia 1:23
Green 1:34
Orange 1:68
Aqua 1:85
Gold 1:113
Purple 1:169
Red 1:337
Padparadscha 1:1,664

As with S2 Sapphire, the odds don’t come out exact for each parallel. Based strictly on the odds, there are anywhere between 20,800 (Pad) and 22,275 (Yellow) boxes made for this release. Most of the parallels math out to right around 21,250 boxes, which would be 2 hits per box. This puts the box production right around the same as S2 Sapphire. However, because of the smaller set size, base card production is increased. There are right around 6,375 of each base card in 2022 Sapphire. Check out the chart below for a comparison of the Sapphire series.

Sapphire Box Production

  • S1 Sapphire – 16,600 boxes
  • S2 Sapphire – 22,000 boxes
  • S3 Sapphire – 21,250 boxes

Topps Launches 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire

Are GPK collectors ready to support another Sapphire release? We’re about to find out. After delaying the release for a week, today Topps launched 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire. This release comes just four months after the previous Sapphire set, and one month since the release of Chrome OS 5. Topps is still playing catch-up as this release was originally planned for 2022. This also explains why, for the first time, a GPK Sapphire set wasn’t available to Montgomery Club members first. Topps went straight to the general public for this one. Topps advertised Club members will have access to the 2023 GPK Sapphire release. Topps also for the first time, is focusing on one original series instead of two. This set contains 100 cards, all 80 original OS 5 cards in addition to the 20 new cards that were included in Chrome OS 5. Each box comes with 8 four card packs for a total of 32 cards. One consistent for this new set is the possible parallels that can be pulled. Topps has changed the parallels available for this release. Possible parallels include; Black /125, Yellow /99, Fuchsia /75, Green /50, Orange /25, Aqua /20, Gold /15, Purple /10, Red /5, and Pad 1/1. Also as with the previous release, there is no information on the sales listing or box that states the number parallels guaranteed per box. Both previous releases guarenteed two parallels per box. No odds are available yet to determine print run information. Boxes first went live on the Topps UK website for £120.00. Boxes are now live on for $120 with a 10 box limit. There is no timer for the public sale. The sales listing states boxes will ship in 10-15 days. Time for collectors to get those shiny cards!

2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire Delayed

Update: Topps mentioned in today’s sales email that the release has been moved to next week.

According to a source at Topps, today’s 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire has been delayed. No reason was given for the delay. Topps is expected to announce the delay in today’s sales email to customers. It’s expected the release is being moved to next week. More info to come.

Topps Releases Checklist for 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire

We are just two days away from the scheduled release of the next GPK Sapphire set. Today, Topps released the checklist for 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire. This marks the second Sapphire release in the past four months, and allows Topps to continue to catch up on past planned sets. Topps is changing thIngs up with this new release. The checklist contains the same 100 cards from Chrome OS 5. The set features all original OS 5 cards plus the 10 new pieces (20 cards) done by current artists for the recently released Chrome OS 5 set. This is the first time a GPK Sapphire set is focused on one series. No other information has been released by Topps including pricing, parallels, or odds. Distribution could very well be changing for this release. Previously, Montgomery Club members received first crack at GPK Sapphire boxes. However, this time may be different. Topps is playing catch-up throughout January with multiple Sapphire brands. So far none have been offered to Montgomery Club members first. The 2022 Club has ended, and 2023 members were only promised 2023 labeled sets. So Topps has been going with just public releases so far this month with Sapphire sets. Collectors can view the checklist here. Expect a rush of buyers to be ready to go when 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire launches 1/27/23.

Dynamite Announces Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Slime Again Issue #3

The comic story of how Madballs and GPK met continues! Dynamite Comics has announced Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Slime Again Issue #3. The preview for this issue reads, “The Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs ride the range as cowpokes (hey, someone’s got to poke those cows). But their competition to see who can make their ghost town more ghastly soon means this town ain’t big enough for the both of them! Plus: In the world of 1950s drag-racing greasers, there’s nobody greasier than the Madballs and the Garbage Pail Kids! When they go head-to-disembodied head in a drag race of souped-up hot rods (powered by the high-octane of week-old cabbage soup), it’s winner take all!” The comic is written by Sholly Frisch with all the artwork done by Jason Crosby. Once again there are covers from Joe Simko, Crosby, and a special Vintage Foght Poster by Ken Haeser. There are sure to be a number of limited and exclusive cover variants also released. The comics should be available to preorder wherever comics are sold. Slime Again #3 is scheduled to hit comic store shelves on Apr. 12, 2023.

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids x MLB Series 2

Topps is back with a mashup only they can do. Today the company launched Garbage Pail Kids x MLB Series 2. All artwork in this set was done by popular Topps artist, Alex Pardee. Since first teasing the product a week ago, Topps has gone all out with the marketing for this set. Pardee and Topps have done a complete social media marketing campaign unlike anything seen to date for a GPK product. This is the second GPK x MLB series from Topps. The first series, with artwork from Keith Shore, launched last October and has yet to ship to collectors. The complete base set contains 30 cards, 15 subject with a/b versions. Once again, the set is being offered in packs and boxes. Each pack contains 5 base cards and 1 chase card. The chase cards are numbered parallels (silver, rainbow /250, baseball stitching /199, pink /99, green /75, orange /50, blue /25, purple /10, red /5, and gold 1/1), C name insert 1:16, No Name insert 1:10, Wrapper Art 1:40, Baseball Guy pencil 1:100, Alex Pardee portrait (1:5), or Alex Pardee auto (1:120). The packs are going to cost collectors more this time around. Each individual pack can be purchased for $24.99, or an 8 pack box for $194.99. Shipping is free when choosing the Economy/ SmartPost option. Like with the first series, there is no timer on the sale. Boxes sold out fast last time, with packs available a few days longer. Here is the checklist along with pictures of some cards.

New Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire Set Coming This Month

In what’s sure to be a shock to collectors, there is a new GPK Sapphire release coming in less than 3 weeks. In today’s release date email to distributors, Topps added a listing for 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire. Much like Chrome, this will be the second Sapphire release in 4 months. Previously GPK Sapphire sets released  towards the end of the year. With the set having the 2022 label, it appears this release was originally planned for last year. Last year’s Sapphire release had the 2021 label as it was scheduled for 2021. Topps Montgomery Club members should get first crack at purchasing, with a public sale shortly after. There is no information yet on what the set will consist of. Does Topps do OS 5 & OS 6? Just OS5? Something else? Let the speculation begin! 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire is scheduled for a 1/27/23 release date on