Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Trumpocracy #48-#53

With the release of the Shammys and Jay Lynch Tribute sets, the presidential cards took a bit of a back seat last week. However, Topps was able to fit in one full offering of Trumpocracy cards last Thursday. Today Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy cards #48-#53. Sales were up a tick from the week’s earlier Network Spews release. The GPK card featuring Trump’s daughter, sold 219 copies, while the other two GPKs ended in the 180’s. The Wacky cards all sat right around 300 copies sold. It will be interesting to see what Topps offers next week as online exclusives, will there be a full load of Trump all week? Here is how the week ended for the online cards.

#48 – Reality TV Trump – 184
#49 – Penny-Pinching Puzder – 183
#50 – Ignored Ivanka – 219
#51 – Fruit of the Loon (Wacky) – 302
#52 – Trumpocracy Dominos (Wacky) – 298
#53 – No-Strom (Wacky) – 291


Topps Launches GPK Trumpocracy Cards #48-#53

After taking a day off from politics to offer a fantastic Jay Lynch tribute set, Topps is right back on that horse with the Trump cards today. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy cards #48-#53. Today’s offerings feature three GPK, and three Wacky packages. Trump takes a backseat, while the cards focus on his family and political partners. Each card can be purchased for $9.99 or in lots of 5 for $29.99, 10 for $49.99, or 20 for $79.99. A six card bundle featuring one of each card can be purchased for $39.99. Free shipping is being offered via the SmartPost option. The cards will be on sale on for 24 hours. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here are pictures of the new cards.


Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Network Spews #11-#16

Appearently collectors didn’t feel the love for Topps online release yesterday. Today Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Network Spews cards #11-#16 and Wacky Packages card, Trumpocracy #47. To partially celebrate Valentine’s Day, Topps released a number of cards, some with a valentine theme. Sales for the all cards were much lower than previous releases. In fact, three of the GPK cards broke the record for lowest online sales, with card #15 setting the record for lowest sales at 143 copies sold. The Wacky Packages cards, while not breaking 300, still had a couple sell in the high 200’s. While Topps has doubled down with the number of cards and frequency being offered, collectors are turning their backs on buying these online releases. It will be interesting to see if Topps adjusts how they offer online releases going forward. Here are the final numbers for this round.

Network Spews

#11 – Creeps (Wacky) – 233

#12 – Bowen Arrow – 148

#13 – Desperate Don – 147

#14 – Orange Ali Gator – 179

#15 – Aster-oid- 143

#16 – The Leggo Bootman Movie (Wacky) – 285


#47 – Dashing Donald’s Valentine (Wacky) – 283


Topps Launches Jay Lynch GPK Tribute Set

If there’s only one online set you purchase from Topps, ever, this is the one. Today Topps launched the Jay Lynch Garbage Pail Kids & Wacky Packages Tribute Set. This 11 card set features six GPK cards and five Wacky packages painted by 11 different artists. The set consists of former Lynch gags that have been repainted by these artists. On there website Topps says the profits from the sale of the sets will go to Lynch, who is dealing with some health issues. All the current GPK artists have a painting in the set, including the returns to Tom Bunk, James Warhola, and Jeff Zapata to GPK cards. The cards can only be purchased as a set for $64.99. Free shipping is being offered via the SmartPost option. The set will be available for 28 days on Topps said they will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist with artists names, and some pictures of the cards. Seriously, go out and buy this set.

Garbage Pail Kids:
#1: Jailhouse RICK by Tom Bunk
#2: Scrap BROOKE by James Warhola
#3: Toe Jam JAN by Brent Engstrom
#4: Rootin RUBEN by Layron DeJarnette
#5: Booger KEN by Joe Simko
#6: Birdbrain WAYNE by Jeff Zapata

Wacky Packages:
#7: Flunk by David Gross
#8: Shrunken Donuts by Smokin Joe
#9: Pupsi by Fred Wheaton
#10: Schnozmopolitan by JungHwa Im
#11: DeLinquent Spinach by Neil Camera


Topps Launches GPK Network Spews Cards #11-#16

Love is in the air today with Topps online exclusive GPK offers. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Network Spews cards #11-#16. The six cards consist of four GPK and two Wacky Packages cards. The cards focus on current events in the news as well as a few for Valentine’s Day. Topps also launched a new Wacky Packages Trumpocracy card, #47, and a Twister card. Each card can be purchased for $9.99 or in lots of 5 for $29.99, 10 for $49.99, or 20 for $79.99. An eight card bundle featuring one of each of today’s cards can be purchased for $54.99. Free shipping is being offered via the SmartPost option. The cards will be for sale on for 24 hours. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here are pictures of today’s cards.


Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Trumpocracy #38-#46

It took a couple of days longer than usual, but today Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy – The First 100 Days cards #38-#46. These cards were offered on two different days last week. Cards #38-#42 were offered last Wed., while cards #43-#46 were offered last Thurs. These were the 3rd and 4th straight days of online offers from Topps last week. Collectors once again did not show up for these cards, compared to previous releases. Only two of the GPK cards cracked 180, with most finishing in the 160’s and 170’s. The Wackys did better than the GPKs, but sales are also down on them. There appears to be no end in sight as we are only a quarter of the way into those first 100 days. Here are the final print run numbers.

#38 – Deserting Donald – 169
#39 – Together Trump – 175
#40 – Delete Donald – 168
#41 – Deal Breakers (Wacky) – 262
#42 – Pampered (Wacky) – 301
#43 – Disapproval Donald – 178
#44 – Dunce Devos – 187
#45 – Tramplin’ Trump – 189
#46 – My Way (Wacky) – 246


Topps Launches 2017 GPK The Shammys Online Set

David Bowie, George Michael, and Prince all highlight today’s exclusive online offer from Topps. Today Topps launched 2017 Garbage Pail Kids American as Apple Pie – The Shammys set. This is the second year in a row Topps has done a set based off of the Gammy awards. This large 19 card set, features eight new GPK and three new Wacky Packages cards. Each GPK card comes as an a/b pair for $9.99, each Wacky card can also be purchased for $9.99. The entire set can also be purchased for $49.99. The set will be available on for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale on their blog. Here is a checklist along with pictures of the new cards.

  • 1A: Decorated DAVID
  • 1B: Blackstar BOWIE
  • 2A: Purple PRINCE
  • 2B: Noble NELSON
  • 3A: Glorious GEORGE
  • 3B: Majestic MICHAEL
  • 4A: Guileful GAGA
  • 4B: Huffy HETFIELD
  • 5A: Angry ADELE
  • 5B: Agitated ADKINS
  • 6A: Beautiful BEYONCE
  • 6B: Noticeable KNOWLES
  • 7A: Cuckoo CEE-LO
  • 7B: Golden GREEN
  • 8A: Ailing ALEX
  • 8B: Declining Health DREW
  • 9: David Bowie Knife
  • 10: Purple Crayons
  • 11: Chance The Wrapper Wrapping Paper

Topps Launches GPK Trumpocracy Cards #43-#46

Topps not letting up in the pursuit of total GPK Trump domination. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy – The First 100 Days cards #43-#46. Today’s group, the third presidential release this week, and forth overall online release, brings together three GPK cards and one Wacky Packages card. Topps also released a new card in their Twister series. Each of today’s cards can be purchased for $9.99 or in lots of 5 for $29.99, 10 for $49.99, or 20 for $79.99. A five card bundle featuring one of each card is available for $34.99. Free shipping is available via the Smartest option. The cards will be available online for 24 hours at Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here are pictures of today’s new cards.


Mark Pingitore Leaving Topps to Focus on Magic Marker Art

Long time Topps Garbage Pail Kids artist Mark Pingitore has decided to leave his freelance job at Topps. As he first mentioned on the GPK Underground Message board a few days ago, Mark has left to focus on his own art and his company, Magic Marker Art. His last six paintings appeared in the recently released 2017 Garbage Pail Kids Adam-Geddon set. Mark was hired by former Topps Art Director, Jeff Zapata, and started with the GPK brand on the Flashback 1 set. Mark’s front card final paintings have appeared in every set since that Flashback 1 set. I conducted an e-mail interview with Mark this week. We discuss his reasons for leaving Topps, what he has planned with Magic Marker Art going forward, and we also get a little nostalgic with Mark and his time at Topps.

GPKNews – Mark, thanks for doing the interview with me. Say it isn’t so! Recent reports have you leaving Topps to focus on your own art and brands. Why the decision to leave Topps?

Mark Pingitore – Thanks for reaching out for an interview Jeff! Yes, Adam-geddon will be the last GPK release that I contribute to. It wasn’t a conscious decision per se, but more so just the direction my focus has gone. Over the years I have done my own GPKesque parody work on the side for conventions and art shows. Doing them, I’ve really enjoyed having complete creative control, deadlines that I plan, and a consistent overall look with the artwork that producing my own stuff allows. That coupled with a general dissatisfaction of the current direction of GPK with the political focus, not enjoying or following politics really, it has just become my preference to focus on my own work, which is a more rewarding creative outlet for me.

GPKNews – In October of last year Topps sent their lawyers out on a cease and desist mission to protect their intellectual property. Many GPK artists and websites were hit with notices, including yourself, right as your Horrible Kids set was launching. How much does that experience play into your decision?

MP – I will just say that how Topps handled themselves definitely played a part.

GPKNews – In our previous interview you talked about how you collected GPKs as a kid and into high school. How hard of a decision was it to leave Topps? Did the nostalgia and something you collected as a kid pull at the heart strings a little bit?

MP – It’s always a difficult choice to commit to a big career decision, so it wasn’t without some weighing of pros and cons. I had 10+ years working on GPK though, and feel like I accomplished the original goal I had when I first started submitting ideas. It took a lot of work going from a concept artist to a final front artist. I was able to create some GPK that I’m really proud of, that I feel captured the original appeal and look of the OS sets. As I continue on in my own projects, I strive to make each one better than the last.

GPKNews – Let’s chat about the future and the Magic Marker Art brand you have. In the last year you’ve released three new sets, Disasters of the Universe 1 & 2, and Horrible Kids 1. Have those releases been successful for you?

MP – I’ve been very happy with the response to the work I’ve been releasing. I couldn’t do it without the support of those who buy the product and original art from me, so I can’t thank them enough. It was the artwork and writing that made the OS GPK so great, so making that quality and having everything flow together well is important to me.

GPKNews – What’s next for Magic Marker Art? I’ve seen you post previews for a GI Jokes set that you are working on. I’ve also seen some talk about a TMNT set in the pipeline? Any release timelines in mind?

MP – I’m working on finishing G.I. Jokes right now and am planning on a February 23rd release for those. After that will be a TMNT parody set, Mutagen Canister Kids, that I have the rough sketches for Series 1 finished for. I’m looking at a late March or early April release of those, depending on when the art is ready.

GPKNews – How about long term? Do you have plans for another Horrible Kids series? Or Disasters? Any other ideas floating around?

MP – I definitely have plans for a lot more in 2017. I’d like to get a set out every month or two, and have ideas for more Horrorible Kids and Disasters, as well as other directions to go in like a classic NES parody set, other fun 80s/90s toylines/cartoons, as well as movie and comic book parodies. There’s a lot of places to go. I have a bunch of unused GPK ideas from over the years that I’d like to finish up at some point too. I also want to release more shirts/phone cases/pins, etc.

GPKNews – Do you have any other upcoming freelance work for other companies we can keep an eye out for?

MP – I’m currently working on the first in a series of children’s book I’ve been commissioned to illustrate, and will also be getting back into larger scale work that is more in the realism vein.

GPKNews – Will you continue to attend some of the comic/art conventions? Any upcoming shows planned?

MP – Yup, I’m actually planning on increasing the number of conventions I set up at this year. Mostly in states surrounding the PA area, but also some others across the US. So far I’m scheduled for Greater Philadelphia Comic Con April 7-9th, East Coast Comicon April 29th & 30th, Harrisburg Comic Con May 20th & 21st, and Retro Con October 14th & 15th. I’m also looking into others including returning to Designer Con in November.

GPKNews – I commend you for taking the chance and going out on your own. What are your feelings on making this jump? Nervous at what lies ahead? Excited about new opportunities?

MP – Thank you. It is always a scary thing to make a big change, but I’ve done it before. I worked in animation for 5-6 years before I left to freelance on my own fulltime for Topps. That was a big change and somewhat of a risk, but it worked out, so I’m excited to see where this takes me. Social media and the direct interaction with the people interested in the product is a big thing for independent artists to self-produce.

GPKNews – I believe you have six final paintings in the latest GPK release, Adam-Geddon. Any idea on the total number of GPK finals you’ve painted over the years?

MP – I have a binder of all my published GPK cards, so my count is 121, not including subsets like Adam Bomb Thru History or the Locomotion cards.

GPKNews – From Garbage Pail Kids fans everywhere I want to thank you for all the art over the years we’ve been able to enjoy. You have a lot of fans, and I know you will be missed by collectors. I know you won’t miss some of the deadlines and procedures, but are you going to miss working on the Garbage Pail Kids brand? Or will your own brand fill that void for you?

MP – Thanks very much! I’ll miss the excitement of all of the GPK collectors seeing the new cards when a set is released, and seeing different reactions, but I’ll still get that with my own stuff too.

GPKNews – Finally, I know we touched on this a little bit last time, but there has been some new releases since then. What is your favorite Garbage Pail Kid you’ve painted over the years?

MP – My favorite GPK I did is still either Wade Shade from 2015 S1, or Rick Grimey from 2014 S2. Those are my two favorite sets of the new GPK too. Thanks Jeff!

Thanks Mark for the interview! Follow Mark and Magic Marker Art on Facebook. To purchase G.I. Jokes when it’s released on Feb. 23, or to buy any of Mark’s other sets, visit the Magic Marker Art website.


Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Trumpocracy #33-#37

The first presidential cards offered this week saw an uptick in sales compared to the cards last week. Today Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy cards #33-#37. While two of the GPK cards did finish below 200, the other two did creep up into the 220-230 range for sales. This is slightly higher than we’ve seen with the cards last week. The Wacky card did just down with under 300 in sales. Topps doesn’t appear to be letting up at all on the online exclusives. Here are the info print run numbers for the second online release this week.

#33 – Reality Show Schwarzenegger – 232
#34 – Down Under Donald – 225
#35 – Conway Chainsaw – 197
#36 – Trading Trump – 186
#37 – Q: Are We Unqualified? A: We Are Devos! (Wacky) – 292