Dynamite Comics Previews Garbage Pail Kids Origin Issue #3

The comic story behind the origins of GPKs is set to come to a dramatic conclusion. Dynamite Comics has released the preview for Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issie #3. This is the final issue in the short comic series that was the brain child of Jeff Zapata. Like the other issues, the comic was written by Zapata, Adam F. Goldberg, and Hans Rodionoff. Zapata and Chris Meeks did the artwork for the comic, while Dustin’s Graham worked on coloring in this issue. The preview for this issue reads, “The stunning conclusion to the most important Garbage Pail Kids comic book OF ALL TIME! This unprecedented “origin” series has an epic conclusion you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!” Covers being offers for this release were done by Zapata, Tom Bunk, Frank Kadar, and a trading card cover featuring Adam Boom. There are also virgin covers of all three being offered, along with many more to be announced in the coming weeks. Preorders will be available wherever comics are sold. The final GPK Origins Issue #3 is set to hit store shelves 12/14/22.

Dynamite Comics Reveals Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issue #2

The comic story behind the Garbage Pail Kids continues with Dynamite Comics’ Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issue #2. The preview for the next issue is out now and once again features the origins for GPK characters that artist Jeff Zapata dreamed up years ago. The comic is written by Zapata, Adam F Goldberg, and Hans Rodionoff. Zapata and Chris Meeks did the artwork for the comic, while Dustin Graham worked on coloring in this issue. The preview for issue #2 reads, “In issue #2, it’s a battle of brother vs. brother – Garbage Pail Kids style! No worries though, there’s only the fate of the world at stake! What could go wrong….?! Only everything!” There will be covers done by Bekki Sharp, Tom Bunk, Jeff Zapata, and a trading card cover featuring Nasty Nick. There are sure to be many additional variants announced soon. Preorders will be available soon wherever comics are sold. Issue #2 is set to hit comic book store shelves on 11/9/22.

Dynamite Comics Reveals Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Issue #4

The four issue comic series pitting two iconic 80’s brands is coming to a conclusion. Dynamite Comics has revealed the info for the final Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids issue #4. Like with previous issues, it is written by Sholly Fisch with art by Jason Crosby. There are covers once again from Jason Crosby, Joe Simko, and a trading card variant cover. There are sure to be a number of other variant covers revealed soon. The description for the final issue reads, “This issue: the momentous conclusion with a full-length story… don’t miss “Family Feud”!” The comic will be available soon to preorder wherever comics are sold. Issue #4 of Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids is set to hit store shelves on 10/19/22.

Dynamite Comics Reveals Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issue #1

The Garbage Pail Kids look to become superheroes in an upcoming comic book series from Dynamite Comics. As part of their 2022 SDCC announcements they announced Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issue #1. The series finally brings to life Jeff Zapata’s action GPK drawings he’s been working on and sharing with the community for years. Zapata is handling the art direction and assisting in developing the story for the series. Zapata and Chris Meeks will handle all the artwork for the comic. Artist Dan Contois helped with coloring on issue 1, with Dustin Graham on issues 2 & 3. The story will be written by longtime GPK super collector and Goldberg’s creator, Adam F. Goldberg, along with Hans Rodionoff. Issue #1 variant covers were shown from Zapata, Ray Lago, and Tom Bunk, all previous artists for GPKs through the years. An Adam Bomb trading card cover variant was also announced. The comics will tell the superhero backstory for many classic GPKs. Issue #1 tells the story of how Adam Bomb becomes a superhero and helps win WWII against the evil Nasty Nick. The comic is set to be released in October. It will be available for preorder wherever comic books are sold in early August.

More Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Comic Variants Coming Soon

As the release date for Dynamite’s Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids comic approaches, more and more variants of issue #1 are revealed. Dynamite is holding their first NTWRK show 7/7/22 at 3:00 PM EST. Among others comics, they will show off some of the new Madballs vs. GPK comic book series. The show can be viewed on the NTWRK mobile app. They are advertising two new variants, the Ashcan Retailer version, and the Ashcan NTWRK Premiere version. Both versions will be available for preordering on the NTWRK app during their show tomorrow.

There have also been a number of comic book store exclusive variants to surface the past couple of weeks. Variants can be ordered from; Gotham City Comics, Ken Salines Variant, Alan Quah Homage, Easton Hawk Variant, Juan Navarro Variant, Juan Navarro Virgin Variant, These are all in addition to the 16 various variants available wherever comics are sold. So far that makes a total of 24 different variants of issue #1 available for preorder!!! Notice any missing? Let me know!

Dynamite Comics Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Issue #3 Available for Preorder

Dynamite Comics has released information for issue #3 of the Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids comic. The comic is written by Sholly Fisch and illustrated by Jason Crosby. Like the previous issues, there are three cover variations, one by Joe Simko, another by Crosby, and a third trading card team up cover. Also like the first two issues, there will be a number of variations of those covers available. So far all three covers are available in a virgin variant, while the Simko and Crosby covers are available in B&W variants. This issue is advertised to have, “This issue: ”Block Busted”- ”Disorder in the Court-” and two (!) Puzzle Pages!” The comics are available to preorder, or will be soon, wherever you purchase comics. Issue #3 is set to hit the shelves on 9/14/22.

Dynamite Comics Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Issue #2 Available for Preorder

The battle continues! Issue #2 of the Dynamite Comics Madballs vs GPK series is now available to preorder from wherever you get your comics. Once again there are three different cover variants one done by Joe Simko, one by Jason Crosby, and another trading card variant featuring Oculus Orbus and Starrin’ Darren. There also seems to be a virgin Joe Simko cover versions available to sale as well. The issue was written by Sholly Fisch and illustrated by Jason Crosby. This issue is advertised as having, “This issue: “”BAND SLAMMED””, “”PYRAMID SCHEME”” (a Puzzle page!), “”MAD(BALL) SCIENCE””, and “”MAKE YOUR OWN MADBALL”” (an activity page!)” The comics is set to be released August 17, 2022.

Garbage Pail Kids Origins Comic Teased at Licensing Expo

Topps is once again attending this week’s Global Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Their focus is completely on Garbage Pail Kids, trying to lure new companies to produce licensed GPK products. On this year’s booth are cover images for a new upcoming GPK comic. Garbage Pail Kids Origins is the brainchild of artist Jeff Zapata. Jeff was the art director over GPK during the ANS days. For years Jeff has shared artwork and story ideas online for origin stories from many popular Garbage Pail Kids. His dream is finally becoming reality in this new comic series from Dynamite comics. Jeff teased on his Facebook account that the comic would be released this November. No other information is available yet on the comic.

Dynamite Announces Garbage Pail Kids vs. Madballs Comicbook Series

Dynamite Comics today announced a new comic book series based on the Garbage Pail Kids vs. Madballs crossover. The series will tell the story how these two franchises battle it out. The comic will be written by veteran author Sholly Fisch, and illustrated by longtime GPK sketch artist Jason Crosby. There will be collectible variant covers created by Crosby, GPK artist Joe Simko, and Madballs artist James Gorman. Issue #1 is scheduled to launch July 2022. Collectors will want to preorder through their favorite comic book store. Here is the press release from Dynamite.

The Madballs™ & Garbage Pail Kids Clash in
All-Out War Historic Multimedia Crossover!

April 21, Mt. Laurel, NJ: 
Dynamite announces a historic summer crossover of epic proportions, as two beloved brands smash together in all their gross-out glory in Madballs™ vs. Garbage Pail Kids!

The two legendary franchises have been captivating audiences young and old for over three decades, co-ruling a corner of counterculture with their pun-heavy names, subversive humor, and inventive art and design. Now, as part of an exciting merchandising blitz, Dynamite is proud to publish an ambitious comic book series showing just how these misfits might get along – or destroy everything around them!

The story is written by Sholly Fisch, experienced across a deep bibliography with franchises like Superman, Star Wars, Scooby-Doo, Mighty Mouse, and Looney Tunes. His award-nominated work has always balanced appealing to all ages and seamlessly adapting franchises with passionate fanbases. Though, he holds his tongue on spoiling which side might win in this battle.

“Let’s just say that, no matter which side you’re on, you’ll find stuff to make you laugh. And, if you’re not careful, you may get splattered with slime or toxic waste, too,” said writer Sholly Fisch.

Fisch is joined by artist, Jason Crosby, known for drawing the Garbage Pail Kids already for Topps’ latest trading card and sketch card sets. Now, he’s dove headfirst into research to equally hone his Madballs.

“I try to have my work full of energy, movement, and splattered goop, so honestly, drawing these two franchises is right up my alley,” said artist Jason Crosby. “My work isn’t subtle, and I hope it explodes off the page.”

In addition to Jason’s action and gross-packed artwork in the story, the comic series will feature collectible variant covers by him and others. A project like this would be incomplete without the contributions of legendary GPK artist, Joe Simko, who contributes both an epic main cover and a trading card inspired one. Alongside collaborator, James Groman, Simko also crafted a mind-bursting wraparound cover!

Garbage Pail Kids kicked off its reign of irreverence in 1985 when Topps launched the first of many trading card series featuring their trademark hilariously revolting characters – all with clever names to match. The grossest kids you know have since translated to animation and a continuing full slate of globally-licensed consumer products.

“The Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs share much of the same ‘twisted’ DNA; an irreverent 80’s sensibility, outrageous artwork and loyal fan bases that remain passionate to this day.” says Ira Friedman, who oversees GPK licensing at Topps. “It comes as no surprise that the anticipation and excitement for this comics crossover is off the charts.”