Dynamite Announces Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Slime Again Issue #2

The comic series that shows the world just how the Garbage Pail Kids met the Madballs continues with their second issue. Dynamite Entertainment has posted the preview for Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Slime Again Issue #2. The preview for this issue reads, “Arrrh, mateys!   Weigh anchor for horrible hijinks on the high seas as the Madballs set sail for a pirate adventure with Skullface on their flag and…well, never mind what’s on the poop deck.  Plus: Italy in the 16th Century: The Sistine Chapel needs a paint job…and the GPK and Madballs both want the gig!  There’s only one way to choose: a no-holds-barred paint-off!” The comic is written by Sholly Frisch with all the artwork by Jason Crosby. Covers for this issue are being done by Crosby, Joe Simko, and a fight poster done by Ken Haeser. There will be more variant and exclusive covers announced. The comics can be preordered now wherever comics are sold. Issue #2 is scheduled to hit comic stores on 3/15/23.