Dynamite Announces Garbage Pail Kids Trashin Through Time Issue #2

The newest comic book saga featuring the Garbage Pail Kids is set to continue. Dynamite recently unveiled Garbage Pail Kids Trashin Theough Time Issue #2. The comic was written by Adam F Goldberg and Hans Rodionoff with artwork by Jeff Zapata and Chris Meeks. The description for this issue reads, “In this issue: Adam and his GPKommandos are Nasty Nick’s prisoners and there’s no way out! That is, until T.R.A.S.H. – Team of Rebels Assigned to Save Humankind – arrives on the scene! Now, our heroes must find a way back in time to stop Nasty Nick in the first place… what could go wrong!?!” As usual there will be a multitude of different covers and variations offered. Covers by Ray Lago, Jeff Zapata, Dustin Graham, and a forth classic card cover will all come ploybagged with an exclusive trading card. The comics will be available for preorder soon wherever comics are sold. GPK Trashin Through Time is set to hit shelves 11/8/23.