Topps Shares Box & Pack Art for 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 6

We are less than a week away from the next GPK Chrome release. Topps was nice enough to share the Blaster Box and Pack art for the upcoming 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 6 set. The wrapper and box feature a purple color scheme. This differs from the original series 6 red box. However, Topps did keep the original pack mascot as Potty Scotty is the main character on the boxes and pack. No other surprises on the box or packs are revealed. The Hobby box art looks much the same, as Blowout Cards updated their listings with the Hobby box image today. It won’t be long, GPKNews has confirmed cases begin shipping from Topps today. GPK Chrome OS 6 is set to officially release next Wednesday, 8/30/23.