The Loyal Subject Launches Garbage Pail Kids Figures & Krashers

GPK collectors got another dose of toy figures for the second day in a row with the preorder release of the next batch from The Loyal Subjects. Wal-Mart is once again the exclusive seller for this round of TLS toys. There are a total of 16 new toys available for preorder today at Walmart’s website. (As of press time 4 Krasher cars are not yet listed). The toy line has 8 new figures and 8 new Krasher pull back cars. Each toy also comes with a collector card. Pricing and release dates vary slightly on the website, most figures ship in mid-December with prices ranging from $14.88-$19.96 . The figures available include, Roy Bot, Hot Head Harvey, Joe Blow, Rod Wad, Tee Vee Stevie, Geeky Gary, Weird Wendy, and Haggy Maggie. Meanwhile the Krashers available include, Adam Bomb, Blasted Billy, Nasty Nick, Evil Eddie, Messie Tessie, Leaky Lindsay, New Wave Dave, and Graffiti Petey. Here are pictures for the toys and packaging.