FYE NYCC Garbage Pail Kids Promo Surfaces

Not to be left out, FYE themselves issues yet another Garbage Pail Kids promo today at their booth. Using the art from their cereal boxes released earlier in the year, the promo features Crispy Christy. The back of the card identifies it as a NYCC 2019 promo card. The card is being handed out at the FYE booth today during Joe Simko’s autograph signing. There continues to be surprises at NYCC for GPK collectors.

One Reply to “FYE NYCC Garbage Pail Kids Promo Surfaces”

  1. You were supposed to buy a gpk item.. Either a pop or cereal box or tshirt and you would get a card that joe would sign. A few people didnt buy anything or grabbed a few cards. And the cashiers i think mistakenly handed out a 2nd card with gpk purchases unsigned. Hard to guess number printed. Maybe 200 total.. Maybe 75 signed.. They had about 50 left over when he was done. They had a really cool huge cereal box display.