Collectors Receive GPK Promo at Philly Non-Sport Dinner

Collectors attending tonight’s dinner at the Philly Non-Sports card show got an early Halloween Treat. All attendees received two officially licensed cards, one GPK and one Wacky Packages. The GPK card, Pumpkin Heddy, was painted by Joe Simko. The back is numbered 1 of 4. The back advertises collectors can complete their set at next year’s spring Philly Non-Sports show. The Wacky card was painted by Fred Wheaton. Collectors were also treated to a talk by artist Smokin Joe McWilliams during dinner. Thanks to Collector Dave O. for the images!

One Reply to “Collectors Receive GPK Promo at Philly Non-Sport Dinner”

  1. This was the first Philly Non-Sports Card Show I attended, and I could not have had a better time. I also attended the dinner and had a blast. Everyone was warm and personable. I connected with some friends, made some new ones, and walked away with some really cool stuff. It’s was a great time and I’ll definitely be returning this Spring!