Topps Launches 2023 MLB x Garbage Pail Kids Series 3

Baseball season kicks off for most teams this week. As part of that celebration, Topps today launched 2023 MLB x Garbage Pail Kids Series 3. This, now yearly, mashup of GPK with MLB players is the third series with all artwork for the set done by longtime GPK artist David Gross. The first two series were done by GPK first timers, Keith Shore and Alex Pardee. The large base set contains 50 cards, 25 new pieces with a/b versions. Each 7-card pack contains one insert card and one parallel card. Parallels for the set include Baseball stitching /199, Pink /99, Green /75, Orange /50, Blue /25, Purple /10, Red /5, Gold 1/1 . While inserts can be C Name (25), Wrapper cards 1:4 (25), artist card a/b 1:3, or Artist auto a/b 1:30. Three pack boxes are available for $54.99 or as a 10 box case for $524.99. Shipping is free when choosing the economy option. There is no time limit on the sale. The checklist can be found here. Here are pictures of some of the cards.

Topps Teases 2023 MLB x Garbage Pail Kids

Now batting third…David Gross. Topps today teased the next online release featuring MLB players turned into Garbage Pail Kids. In an email to collectors Topps announced 2023 MLB x Garbage Pail Kids Series 3. This will be the third mashup with GPKs and MLB players. Not much information was revealed about the set. The box does show it as being a 3 pack box, previous series had 5 pack boxes. The box also says each pack comes with one insert and one numbered parallel. The announcement showed a cards featuring Aaron Judge, Ronald Acuna, and Julio Rodriguez. Longtime GPK artist David Gross did all the artwork for the set, after the previous two series were done by non-GPK artists Keith Shore and Alex Pardee. The email says the set will launch online tomorrow, 3/26 at 12:00 PM EST.

Topps Reveals Print Run for 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars

After ending last week, Topps has revealed the print run for 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars. The set celebrating everything Oscars sold a total of 1,364 copies. Those numbers are right in line with recent regular online set sales. However, the sales fell just over 700 short of last year’s set. Collectors shouldn’t have to wait long for the next online release.

Topps Launches 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars

And the Oscar goes to…it’s that time of year again. The annual Academy Awards show, honoring the best movies of the past year is this  Sunday, and as is the tradition, GPKs are right there to make fun of them! Topps today launched 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars online set. The set contains 10 cards, 5 new pieces in a/b versions. Each set purchased also comes with one parallel card, either a film border, or /25 gold foil. Artwork for the set was done by Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, David Gross, and Neil Camera. Each set can be purchased for $19.99 or in a lot of 10 for 179.99. Shipping is free when choosing the Economy option. The set will be available on for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run after the sale ends. Here is the checklist and pictures from the set.

1A OWEN Oppenheimer
1B Rocket ROBERT
2A Maligned MARGOT
2B Riveting RYAN
3A Loogie LENNY
4A Walleyed PAUL
4B Holdover GROVER
5B Unearnest ERNEST

Topps Teases 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars

It’s awards season, and the yearly tradition will continue: In today’s sales email to collectors Topps teased 2024 Topps GPK: Not-Scars online set. With the Ocasrs awards ceremony this Sunday, it’s time for the yearly tradition of cards based on last year’s top movies. No information about the set was revealed by Topps, except for an image with an Adam Bomb gag based on the movie Oppenheimer. The set is expected to be launched tomorrow via

Topps Launches 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Putrid Poetry

Love is in the air! Topps today launched their first online set of the year, 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Putrid Poetry. This year’s set contains 21 base cards, 10 new pieces with a/b versions, and a checklist card. Each set purchased comes with 29 cards. In addition to the base set, collectors will receive 3 Red Heart parallels (Die-Cut), 1 Chocolate Fingerprint parallel, 2 Putrid Poem inserts, 1 C Name, and either 1 Foil or 1 Sketch or 1 Relic. The Foils are available in Rainbow /25 (1:6) and Gold /50 (1:3). There are three total relic cards (1:10), and also a card by Ermsy limited to 1:5. Sketch odds are listed as 1:2.5 boxes. There are a total of 26 artists that did sketches for the set. Included are three artists making their GPK debut. Here is the list of artists with the number of sketches they completed. Eric Lassen (50), Cesar Lopez (New Artist) (70), Steve Crockett (60), Kimber Grobman (60), Barry Nibert (50), Eric Medina (70), Neil Camera, Carmen Santa Ferrara (New Artist) (50), Darrin Pepe (60), Jasmine Contois (70), Brandhen Snyder (60), Aaron Laurich (50), Barry Nygma (40), David Acevedo (70), Nik Castaneda (50), Eric Muller (50), Chad Scheres (60), Victor Moreno (70), Tim Clinton (50), Marion Miller (70), Albert Collado (40), Roobeeo (50), Kasey O’Rourke (New Artist) (15), Chenduz (70), Greg Trieze (60), and Simone Arena (60). This article will be updated as more information becomes available. Topps is raising the price this year of the set. Each set can be purchased for $44.99. Shipping is free when choosing the economy option. There is no time limit on the sale. Here are pictures of some of the cards from the set.

Topps Teases 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Putrid Poetry

Topps yearly dedication to love is upon us. Today via their social platforms, Topps started teasing this year’s Valentine’s set, 2024 Garbage Pail Kids Putrid Poetry. Nothing is revealed about the set except for a new card of Ashley Can eating her box of chocolates fresh from the garbage. As is tradition, collectors can expect sketch cards to be randomly inserted into sets. Putrid Poetry is scheduled to launch on this Thursday, 2/8/24.

Topps Launches 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire

It’s a Christmas miracle for GPK collectors who like their shiny cards! Today Topps launched 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire. Surprisingly, the set is not being offered to Montgomery Club members first, despite being promised that when the club was sold. Collectors are being limited to 6 boxes purchased per account. The box advertises 32 cards per box, which equates to the usual 8 4-card pack boxes. The new set comes with 100 base cards, matching the Chrome OS 6 checklist from earlier this year. Of course there are parallels. In fact, the top of the box shown advertises 4 parallels per box. Topps did release the official odds for the parallels. The list of parallels and odds is:

  • Black /150 – 1:6
  • Aqua /99 – 1:9
  • Fuchsia /75 – 1:12
  • Green /50 – 1:18
  • Orange /25 – 1:35
  • Gold /15 – 1:57
  • Purple /10 – 1:86
  • Red /5 – 1:171
  • Padparadsha 1/1 – 842

Based on the odds given and the statement that there are 4 parallels per box, the print run of this year’s Sapphire set is the lowest yet. Based off some quick math here’s where the set stacks up against previous releases.

  • S1 Sapphire – 16,600 boxes
  • S2 Sapphire – 22,000 boxes
  • S3 Sapphire – 21,250 boxes
  • S4 Sapphire – 11,250 boxes

Here are links to the checklist and odds supplied by Topps. Each box can be purchased for $109.99. Shipping is free when choosing the Economy option. Go get those shiny cards now!

Topps Reveals Print Run for 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Was the Worst

After launching cards daily last week, Topps has finished revealing the print runs for each card in the Garbage Pail Kids 2023 was the Worst set. Here is how each card finished in sales:

  • 1- Noah Writing – 432
  • 2 – Grimm Ace – 623
  • 3 – Outer Stacy – 447
  • 4 – Ridiculous Nicholas – 456
  • 5 – Menacing Margot – 704
  • 6 – Emergency Emilio – 450
  • 7 – Heatwave Dave – 435
  • 8 – Adam Sphere – 530
  • 9 – Clearin’ Sheeran – 560
  • 10 – Unsavory Avery – 460
  • 11 – Past Time Pat – 530

Sadly for Topps, this year’s Worst set saw the worst online GPK sales of the year. Sales for this year were very underwhelming for Topps. 2022’s set sold many multiple times in sales for each card compared to this year’s set. Collectors didn’t seem to gravitate towards the gags chosen for this year’s set. Collectors also didn’t care for the individual card sales used for the worst set. 2024 is set to bring another year full of a variety of online GPK offers.