Error Card Spotted in eBay x Garbage Pail Kids Set

Collectors begin receiving their eBay x Garbage Pail Kids sets in the mail this weekend. One collector, Christopher Lanberg, was surprised to see both the 2a and 2b cards have the same name, Messy Tessi. However, later another collector, James Westley, posted his set and his 2a card had the correct name, Leaky Lindsay. It’s still early, so it’s not known yet how wide spread the error card is. Topps has seen numerous printing issues with online sets the last year. They’ve had to reprint and ship a number of corrected cards. Topps tells GPKNews anyone who has the error and wants to request a replacement should contact the Topps Vault store via eBay. Thanks to Christopher and James for the pictures!

Some Garbage Pail Kids Gone Exotic Sets Printed Incorrectly

Collectors began receiving their Garbage Pail Kids Gone Exotic sets in the mail this week. However what they saw, wasn’t as expected. The first sets to be opened up had a set of cards with blank backs, and another set of cards with blank fronts. This odd error appears to only happen with sets that were shipped first. Collectors opening up sets later in the week confirmed their cards were printed correctly. GPKNews reached out to Topps for comment on the error. According to a Topps spokesperson, the problem was not wide spread. Collectors who didn’t receive the correct set can contact Topps customer service to request a  replacement. There is no word on exactly how many error sets were printed by Topps. Based on posts online it appears most of the error sets were shipped to European collectors. These error sets will surely fetch a premium price on the secondary market.

New York Comic Con Jumbo Error Cards Surface

Topps announced Thursday that they would be selling 5 new jumbo character card sets at the New York Comic Con this weekend. Just like that collectors begin showing up to purchase, and found something odd with both the Mean Gene and Boozin Bruce sets. Card #1 and #2 in those character sets are both from The Garbage Gang series in Australia. The front of the cards are identical. What is odd is the backs. Besides being numbered differently they also represent different years; 1987 and 1988. Thanks to GPK collector Ke We for pictures of the error cards below.


Collectors who purchased sets Thursday only received the error cards. Fast forward to Friday, collectors who purchased those sets were handed separately the correct missing Basuritas card from Argentina. So those collectors received both the error variation, and the corrected variation. Thanks to master Matt Oldweiler for the picture of the correct cards.


Customers at Topps booth were told they printed a total of 250 of each character set for the New York Comic Con. They also told customers that there were not that many corrected cards printed of Gene/Bruce so not all error sets would be able to receive the correct version. No word yet if customers that purchased on Thursday would be able to go back and claim the corrected cards. If you are going I would suggest to not delay if you want to get everything thats being offered.