Topps Launches the Not-Scars, Oscars Parody Set

setTopps today launched a new online exclusive card set, the Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars. This set is based off tonight’s Academy Of Motion Pictures awards ceremony, commonly referred to as the Oscars. Much like the Shammys set did with the Grammys, this set features 9 actors/actresses in brand new artwork. Each subject is offered in two card a/b sets for $9.99. Or you can purchased the entire 18 card set for $49.99. As with previous online sales this is a 24 hour only sale. Topps will announce the print run for the Not-Scars in their Blog tomorrow.

Here is the complete checklist, along with artwork of the cards.

  • 1a) “Splatt Matt”
  • 1b) “Disgusting Damon”
  • 2a) “Last Chance Leonardo”
  • 2b) “Desperate DiCaprio”
  • 3a) “Megalomanical Michael”
  • 3b) “Flipped Out Fassbender”
  • 4a) “Batty Bryan”
  • 4b) “Commie Cranston”
  • 5a) “Joyful Jennifer”
  • 5b) “Low Rinse Lawrence”
  • 6a) “Kate-Bit”
  • 6b) ” “Winning” Winslet”
  • 7a) “Confused Chris”
  • 7b) “Rattled Rock”
  • 8a) “Trapper Tom”
  • 8b) “Hot Rod Hardy”
  • 9a) “Crude Christian”
  • 9b) “Un-Christian Bale”

Topps Lanches Shammys & Presidential Candidate Posters

Earlier this week Topps launched exclusive posters via their website of both the Shammy and New Hampshire Presidential Candidate cards. Previously, this same artwork was offered as a special 24 hour sale in regular sized cards. Now you can own each piece as a 10 x 14 poster. Each base poster costs $19.99. Topps is also overing special 1 of 1 Gold versions of the posters for $99.99. Many which sold out right after the sale went love. To get your posters go here to Topps online store.

Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Shammys Cards

Kanye-214x300Kanye West didn’t win any awards at this year’s Grammys, but he’s proven to be the big winner of the Shammys! Topps today revealed the print run for their 24 hour+ sale of the special Garbage Pail Kids Shammys cards. The Shammys were not as successful as the previous Pesidential Candidate sets from Iowa and New Hampshire. However, the numbers are greater than sales from the recent 5×7 campaign posters, which are still for sale. The official numbers for each artist set released via the Topps Blog are:

Kanye West – 281
Adam Levine – 272
Justin Beiber – 262
Lady Gaga – 257
Nicki Minaj – 256
Glenn Frey – 256
Pink – 254
Kendrick Lamar – 252
Sia – 251

What else does Topps have up their sleeve for this extension of the Apple Pie set?

Topps Offers Online Exclusive GPK Grammy Themed Set

Topps is going to the Shammy’s! Fresh off two successful 24 hour online sales of Presidential Candidate sets, Topps today launched another online set this time based on tonight’s Grammy Awards. The Shammy’s is an 18 card set featuring 9 music artists each with a/b cards. The artists depicted are; Kendrick Lamar, Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj, Glenn Frey, Justin Bieber, Pink, Lady Gaga, Sia Furler, and Kanye West. Like the previous presidential candidate sets each two card artist set can be bought separately for $9.99 each, while the entire 18 card set is $49.99.

Once again Topps has stated this will be a 24 hour sale. They will announced the print runs for the set tomorrow via their Topps Blog.

Topps Launches Limited GPK Presidential Campaign Posters Online

The Presidential Candidate theme continues in a big way this weekend, as Topps launches a new line of Campaign Posters. Taking a book from past sports card and Garbage Pail Kids products Topps is going all out by offering 10 x 14 posters. Topps first off is offering posters based on the original artwork in the 2016 GPK Apple Pie set. All 10 cards (5 candidates with both a/b versions) can be purchases individually as a 10 x 14 poster for $19.99 each.

Next Topps is offering the new artwork from the New Hampshire online set reworked into a mock campaign poster for 6 of the presidential candidates, (poor Kasich and Christie were left out). Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Jed Bush 10 x 14 campaign posters can be purchased individually also for $19.99 each. There doesn’t appear to be a limit on the number of regular posters that can be purchased.

Topps is also taking those same 10 x 14 posters and producing a Gold version limited to 1/1 of each candidate. Right after the posters went up for sale the Trump, Clinton, and Sanders posters were snatched up.

Finally Topps has two 5 X 7 Poster sets listed for sale. A set limited to /199 is available for $14.99, while the Gold set limited to /49 will set you back $29.99.

Topps decided to full this President’s Day weekend with a full offering of presidential candidates. Are even more sets on their way?

Collectors Continue to Enjoy Presidential Candidates Sets

trumpnhTopps has shown they are all in on this year’s presidential race. Following a very successful Iowa Caucus online sale, Topps had another success with their 24 hour sale of the GPK New Hampshire Primart set. Upping the set size and price didn’t seem to dissuade many collectors. Buoyed by a new round of mainstream and social media press Topps made more money on the New Hampshire set than the Iowa one.

As promised  Topps announced print run information just a few hours after the special 24 hour sale ended. Once again, Donald Trump led the way, but all candidates were popular. Here are the print runs for each card:

Donald Trump: 758
Hilary Clinton: 729
Bernie Sanders: 722
Ted Cruz: 712
Chris Christie: 703
John Kasich: 699
Ben Carson: 698
Marco Rubio: 697
Jeb Bush: 696

Despite over 300 less of each card Topps actually grossed more due to the higher price point. Does Topps go for round 3 with South Carolina and Nevada, or do they wait until Super Tuesday? Regardless due to their success there are sure to be more Presidential Candidate sets in our future.

Topps Releases New Hampshire Presidential Candidates Set

A new week, a new primary, a new Presidential Candidates Set. Coming off their very successful sale online sale last week of the Iowa Caucus parallel set, Topps begin offering today a set based off the New Hampshire Primary. This time Topps is changing things up, with the set no longer a parallel set. The 18 card set features brand new artwork for all candidates, and adds in 4 additional candidates. In addition to the hold overs from the last set, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, and Bernie Sanders, Topps decided to add Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich to the set. The cards sport the same Patriotic Nameplate, and have a stamp of New Hampshire on the card back. As before you can buy individual 2 card sets of each candidate for $9.99, or you can buy the entire 18 card set for $49.99.

Topps is once again getting a media push. Toyland a subsite of, has another article focusing on the new set. Also ESPN Financial Analyst Darren Rovell tweeted out information on the new set to his 1 million plus followers. Like the Iowa Caucus set Topps states this will be a 24 hour sale only, and they will release print run information tomorrow via their Topps Blog. See below of images of the new cards.

Topps to Release New Hampshire Primary Presidential Candidates Set Online

Just one week ago Topps released a special parallel set of the Iowa Caucus Presidential Candidates in a 24 hour online only sale. The sale did huge numbers for Topps with over 1000 of each card sold, and even crashing Topps website in the process. Topps is at it again as earlier today via their Twitter and Facebook page they announced there would be a new online offering this time based on the New Hampshire Primary happening on 2/9.


This time however, Topps did not go into much detailed on what will be offered, how long it will be sold, or who the subjects will be. Topps did mention there would be 4 new additions. If form holds to last week the cards will go on sale in the early afternoon. We will update with more information once we have it.


Collectors Flock to Purchase GPK Iowa Caucas Presidential Candidates Cards

imageCollectors came out in droves yesterday to purchase the special Iowa Caucas Presidential Candidate sets Topps offered online. Buoyed by mainstream media articles from and the NY Daily News, the 24 hour sale caused Topps website to crash and experience slowdowns for hours.

For the first time Topps ran this sale for 24 hours, saying that the print run of these cards would be determined by how many were sold. Early in the afternoon Topps released print run information on their Topps Blog. Here is the breakdown for print runs of the cards:

  • Jeb Bush – 1,061
  • Ben Carson – 1062
  • Bernie Sanders – 1082
  • Hillary Clinton – 1084
  • Donald Trump – 1174

There will be more than 1000 cards printed of this special parallel set, about 1/2 the print run of the Green Parallels found in the new 2016 set. If you missed out on the set copies have already started popping up on eBay.


Topps Releases 2016 Presidential Candidate Iowa Caucus Set, Media Reacts

trumpEarlier this afternoon Topps released for sale a Special Iowa Caucus Parallel of the 10 Presidential Candidate cards found in the 2016 Apple Pie set. In an e-mail sent this morning announcing the set was on sale, Topps announced that separate 2 card sets of each candidate could be purchased for $9.99 each, or the entire 10 card set can be purchased for $29.99. The cards feature a different name plate similar to the Classic Patriots Insert set, and a state stamp of Iowa on the back. In a twist Topps announced the print run will be determined based on the number of cards purchased. Topps said they would announce the print run Tuesday on their blog.

After the cards went live on Topps e-shop, they entire Topps website locked up. Customers were greeted with error messages or long loading times. At one point during the sale the Iowa Sets disappeared from Topps website. The cards however, did return with faster loading and purchasing times. Four hours after launching the sets Topps apologized for the website issues and announced the cards were back up for sale via their Twitter account.


It would appear demand for the set was sky high, especially when the cards launched. Topps received main stream media coverage this week from major websites discussing the Presidential Candidates subset within the 2016 Apple Pie Set. Popular Tech website published an article this morning on their website which was retweeted out numerous times and had the general public discussing the Iowa Caucus Parallel cards. This follows an article last week in the New York Daily News also discussing the Presidential Candidates subset. It remains to be seen if the extra mainstream exposure for these new Garbage Pail Kids will result in high sales for the Iowa Caucus set.

You can still purchase the Iowa Caucus Presidential Candidate Parallel set online until the 24 hour sale is over. We’ll update this article with production numbers once Topps posts the results.