Wax Packs Surface for GPK x Clash of Clans Set

Earlier today Topps launched a new online set working with Supercell on a license deal. Complete sets of Garbage Pail Kids x Clash of Clans is available now on Topps.com. However as pointed out by numerous people this afternoon, videos and websites started surfacing of 5-card wax packs for this set. Sadly, collectors won’t have easy access to those packs. GPKNews has confirmed with Topps the packs were created as a promotional giveaway for Supercell. It appears Supercell is mailing boxes of swag, including packs, to online influencers of Clash of Clans. The cards in the packs are different from the online sets. The base cards from the packs all have white borders, while the base cards in the online set are two toned. The parallels are also only found in the online sets. Unless you are a Clash influencer or best buddies with one, acquiring these packs will not be easy.