Topps Further Delays 2021S2 GPK Vacation & GPK Chrome 4

Topps updated distributors today with their latest product release date updates. Sadly for Garbage Pail Kids collectors, once again the sets that were scheduled to release last year, were moved back. Both 2021 Series 2 GPK Vacation and GPK Chrome OS 4 are now listed as “April TBD” on the official Topps calendar. The Topps calendar still shows 11 products from 2021 that haven’t been shipped yet. Topps has seen delays in printing due to demand and the Covid pandemic. Other licensed brands have taken priority over the Fanatics/Topps owned GPK brand. Collectors should not trust any dates from online box sellers or distributors as many of them add placeholder dates for the products that are TBD. GPKNews will have the latest updates when available.