Topps Reveal Print Run for 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Valentine’s Day Disgusting Dating

Update 3/6/22: As we mentioned in the original article below, Topps oversold the set and had to find a solution. They decided to commission a second round of sketches from artists. The list of additional artists for the second round with the amount completed for the set are; Adam Dobrzeniecki (25), Justin Olson (25), Chad Scheres (50), Erik Muller (25), Robert Ball (25), Slippa Chervascus (25), Nik Muggli (25), Victor Moreno (50 more), Jasmine Contois (50 more), Andrew Artz (30 more), and Brandan Snyder (40 more), Nik Castaneda (50 more), Dan Contois (30 more). Artists were given an extremely aggressive deadline of just over a week to complete and return the sketches to Topps.  The second round of sketches at 450 added to the first round of 560, means there is now a total of 1010 sketches. This gives Topps extra for damage replacements. The good news for collectors is the odds for getting a sketch is now better given the new sketches. Topps will surely keep some combo of sketches and foil card behind for replacements, but using 904 as the sketch number, (difference between sets sold and foil cards), makes the new odds 1:2.74 sets, Much more favorable for collectors.

After ending yesterday, Topps has revealed the print run for 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Valentine’s Day Disgusting Dating. According to Topps, the set sold a total of 2,479 copies. The total sold is just under the last On Demand GPK set, Krashers. The set proved popular with collectors as it sold out Monday. Topps didn’t reveal the odds for sketches on this release, but did say each set would contain a foil card or sketch. Topps gave GPKNews a list of sketch artists on the set. Additionally, GPKNews contacted each artist to see how many sketches they completed. The artist list is; Greg Treize (40), Andrew Artz (30), Jasmine Contois (40), Barry Nygma (30), Brandhen Snyder (40), El Smetcho (40), GPK Nik Castaneda (40), Victor Moreno (40), Chris Meeks (40), Darrin Pepe (40), Chenduz (40), Bekki Jayne Sharp (40), Simone Arena (40), K Grimm (40) and Dan Contois (20). This is a total of 560 sketches for the set. If each of the base cards, including the header, has foil cards made the breakdown of foil cards is: Gold Foil /50 * 21 cards in set = 1050 Gold cards. Rainbow Foil /25 * 21 cards in set = 525 Rainbow Foil cards. When you add it all up you get 2,135. So how did Topps sell 2,479? What are the extra 344 cards that are unaccounted for? That’s a mystery. Maybe sketch artists did more sketches than previously reported to GPKNews? Maybe there are additional sketch artists that Topps didn’t report to GPKNews? Maybe the Topps sales number is wrong? Regardless the math doesn’t add up. So what are the odds a collector receives a sketch card? If there are 560 sketches then it’s 1:4.42 sets.