Topps Changes Blaster/Release Date for 2021S1 Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight

Just over a week ago Topps announced the first set of 2021, Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight. New information sent to distributors today shows Topps is making changes to the info on the sell sheet. The retail sell sheet had information on it about collectible Refrigerator Tins that would be the packaging for Value “Blaster” Boxes. There will indeed be 4 different lids on these boxes. However, due to the special boxes, the configuration of the Value Box is different than what Topps originally sent to distributors. Value boxes for 2021S1 will contain double the packs of what collectors are use to. Value Boxes will come with 10 retail packs. The boxes will continue to contain only 1 pack of 3 Celebrity Chef insert cards. Despite the changes, Value Box cases remain at 40 boxes. Topps is also raising the MSRP of Value Boxes. The original price sheets had the MSRP for Value boxes at $10.99, the new configuration will be set at $22.00.

That’s not the only change. At some point during the release of the sell sheets Topps sent out mixed messages on the release date for the set. The Hobby price sheets had 1/20/21 as the release date, while the Retail price sheets had 2/24/21. GPKNews has confirmed with Topps that the release date is indeed 2/24/21. This should help as collectors were already looking at releases bunched together due to the delay of 2020S2.