Topps Announces WAX x Garbage Pail Kids Crash Gordon Digital Set

During today’s Topps DigiCon twitch broadcast Topps announced the next WAX x Garbage Pail Kids release. In a surprise move, Topps is launching today Garbage Pail Kids Crash Gordon digital set on the WAX Blockchain. This release helps support the Topps DigiCon event being held this week. This launch will be different from previous WAX GPK launches. Collectors will be able to purchase packs beginning at 3:00 Eastern time on at the Atomic Hub website. Collectors can log in with their WAX wallets to purchase. The packs can only be purchased using WAX, the crypto currency. Collectors can purchase WAX by logging into their WAX wallet. Packs will cost 220 WAX, approximately $10 each. Topps and Atomic began giving away the first 500 packs at 1:00 Eastern on the Atomic Hub website, 1 per account. Collectors attending the Topps DigiCon broadcast were first told of the giveaway. There will be 3000 packs going on sale at 3:00. There are still an additional 1500 packs scheduled to be minted, but there is no word when those will go live. With 5000 total packs, there will be 25,000 total cards minted. Packs can not be opened until 3:00 Eastern.

Each pack will contain 5 GPK Crash Gordon digital cards. There are only 3 types of cards this release, base, Prism, and Gold. Each pack has the following chances to pull cards:

  • 50% B Name Base
  • 25% A Name Prism
  • 10% B Name Prism
  • 1% A Name Gold
  • 0.5% B Name Gold